Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Mr Nebulizer, We Meet Again.

I am not sure if you knew, but recently, papa was admitted to Tropicana Medical Centre for upper respiratory system infection. He was coughing badly and was in a bad state of health that we had no choice but to admit him to the hospital for close monitoring and care.

About the same time, I was coughing badly myself. Mama suspected I might have gotten the bug from papa so she took me to the clinic nearby and I got better after a few sessions of nebulizer treatment.

However, after 2 weeks, the attack came again. I started coughing badly again and it got so severe that even a few sessions of nebulizer treatment weren't doing any good to me. I was still coughing badly, my breathing was harsh and chesty, and I had a lot of phlegm in my lungs. Suspecting that it is acute bronchiolitis infection, the doctor immediately wrote a referral letter and I was admitted to Sime Darby Medical Centre.

Here, I am monitored very closely. Believe it or not, I have to take the nebulizer treatment every 3 hourly! I used to hate Mr Nebulizer so much. But now, we are so buddy-buddy, I can even smile and giggle during the session. Heck, sometimes I even sleep during the session!

I do miss home, though. Although the friendly nurses here keep bringing me delicious food, I hardly eat them. I miss home cooked food! Luckily mama brought me something from home to keep me company. They're my friends Cookie Pot, Choo Choo Train and Speedy Car!

Not only that, I also received a surprise get-well-soon gift from my cousin Farah. Look what she got for me!

Sweet, isn't she? :) Oh, good news! The doctor swung by this morning and she said that I am getting much, much better. Although the phlegm is still there (it takes 2-3 weeks to clear off) but at least the wheezing is gone. The best thing is, she said I can go home today!

Thanks all for all your prayers and support! I love yous!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keeping The Spirit Up!

Can you believe it? In less than a week, we will be embracing another new year, Year 2011! It may be just another year for some of you as it has been for many years for me before, but this year, I am adamant to make some changes in my life.

This year, I have a lot to change. I have got so much to do, so much to achieve, I am bursting with excitement! This is my 2011 resolutions, and this is what I am going to achieve! (Ok, what I PLAN to achieve, that is. :D)

1. I am going to LOSE WEIGHT.

It SUCKS (SO BAD!) not being able to fit into the nice tops and outfits like I could last time. It sucks even MORE when you see there are MANY HOT MOMS out there that could still strut glamorously in their stylish stilettos and clothes while carrying their baby in one hand without losing their glamour.

I WANT to be THAT kind of a mom, not just because it will boost my confidence, but it is also a healthy lifestyle that EVERYONE should live with. That is why, I am going to make myself lose that darn 10kgs and get back my pre-pregnancy weight, if that's the last thing I would do! I am aiming to lose 1-2 kgs every month and I am giving myself 6 months to achieve it. I have actually already started working on it, and it's showing a really good progress so far. Let's just hope it stays that way for a very long time! :D

2. I am going to have an EXTERIOR MAKEOVER.

I love fashion & beauty. Truly. But ever since I had Aydein in my life, I just couldn't be bothered. Heck, I don't even care going out without a single dash of makeup on! But that's going to change. Although makeup is not necessary because my husband likes me "natural" the way I am, I still want to be more presentable, more in touch with my feminine side.

3 things I want to do :

1. Get my hair done.
It's been a long time since I did anything to my hair, so that's going to change.

2. Get colored lenses.
Simply because your eyes will look bigger, and more cantik when you have contact lenses on! I am going for either hazel brown or grey, whichever suits me better. Maybe even both! :D

3. Get new tops, shoes and outfits.
I am sick of wearing the same baju over and over so I am going to get some new tops (and shoes, and outfits) to go with the new me!

3. I am going to have an INTERIOR MAKEOVER.

Praise to Allah, I am blessed to have the family that I have now, at such young age. I am only 25 (26 next year), and already I am blessed with an understanding husband, a smart son, and 2 supportive families.

3 things I want to do :

1. Better wife to Aien

Unfortunately, I am a very opinionated person (since I was little!) so I tend to argue at anything that doesn't seem right to me. However insyaallah, I will try my best to listen more, and give in more. O Allah, please grant me all the strength and patience in the world to do just this!

2. Better mother to Aydein

I try, but somehow I have a feeling that I haven't given Aydein enough. Being a working mom that I am, I don't get to spend that much of quality time with him that a mom should. I need to find time, I must find time.

3. Better daughter to my parents and PILs

My parents have been complaining that I haven't been calling them much. Again, it all comes back to time. But that shouldn't be an excuse. Everybody is busy, but they still find time to call their parents every once a week, no? Again, I need to find time, I must find time.

4. I am going to work on getting my income raised

Easier said than done, but seriously, I am going to make sure I earn more than I did this year, no matter what it takes. How to live a comfortable life without that extra $$ kan?

5. I am going to start my own business

I have been dreaming to set up my own business for some time now. There are 2, 3 ideas that's playing in my mind, but now isn't the right time for me to execute it. When and if I finally launch it, you will be the first to know!

So those are my 5 resolutions for the year 2011 that I hope to achieve. Some say you shouldn't have resolutions, because resolutions are bullpoop. But I say it's better to have resolutions and fail after trying, than not having any and fail without even trying!

As George Bernard Shaw said "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything". :)

Have a brilliant start to the year, everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Maclaren Baby

Aydein has been a Maclaren baby ever since he was.. well, a baby. I could still remember how excited I was the first time I pushed him on his stroller. He was a few months old, and the first place we took him of all places was to the PC Fair at PWTC.

Although there are many other brands available in the market, we chose Maclaren for it's simplicity, practicality, and most importantly, it's light weight.

The stroller was one of the closest things we had to us when it comes to baby-stuff besides diapers and milk. Everywhere we go, it goes with us.

We had it when we went shopping,

When we went traveling,

When we meet our friends,

Or simply when we go out visiting places.

That's why, when it was taken away from us the night we got robbed (it was at the back, in the car trunk), we felt the loss. We even had to borrow a family's stroller when we went out recently -- which also happen to be, a Maclaren!

It sucks not having a stroller, you know. Jalan-jalan without a stroller is definitely not as convenient. So we started scouring for a new stroller, and after a lot of scouring, look what just arrived for us recently. Introducing, Aydein's new ride!

The new and dashing Maclaren Black/Champagne Quest Sport! Now that we've got the ride, who wants to go jalan-jalan with us? :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stylish = Louis Vuitton?

Ever since I became a mom, somehow I like to check out hot moms with a sense of style rather than those trendy, single ladies. I mean, it's easy to look like a million dollar chic when you're not married, but for moms, even applying em makeup could be a challenge, especially when you have a toddler who constantly tugs on your skirt or arm, just to crave for attention! You'd be a champion if you manage to pull off clean smokey eyes without looking like a crazy panda. Not to mention, those moms who could still maintain their slim figure even after they've put on more than 10kgs! Seriously, you ladies definitely have my respect!

However, I can't help but to notice that more often that not, these hot, stylish moms usually have the same things in common.

1. They carry Louis Vuitton handbag

2. They use Allerhand diaper bag (if not the designer ones)

3. They push MacLaren stroller.

Okay, I could understand MacLaren stroller for its light weight and practicality. Also for Allerhand diaper bag for its many compartments, but Louis Vuitton? Why Louis Vuitton? Why ALWAYS Louis Vuitton?

Now, it is very important for everybody to know that I have nothing against LV bags or those wearing them. In fact, kalau sape-sape yang bermurah hati nak hadiahkan I satu, kecik tapak tangan, nyiru I tadahkan! Hee.

It's just that, I just don't understand why it always has to be LV?

Why not this killer, sexy one by Prada?

Or this chic, elegant one by Gucci?

Or this drop-dead-gorgeous, glamorous one by Chanel?

I don't know why, but every time I turn to look at a stylish lady (married with kids or not) and look at her handbag, it always has to be LV. It's so cliche!

Hmm. If I am rich one day, I want to make a difference lah. I want to strut in boots and carry Chanel handbag here and there. Or Prada. Or Gucci.

LV? Perhaps, but maybe the last one on the list.

Heh. Berangan!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's Go To The Zoo!

By now, you probably know my love for animals after watching the video that mama posted. I get super excited when I see cats, dogs, even cows that Mak Long, mama and papa thought it would be great to bring me to the National Zoo now that I appreciate animals better! I was so pumped up and ready to go, I even volunteered to walk alllll the way!

When I was at the zoo, I saw many animals along the way. Monkeys, birds, hippos, even crocodiles! But you know, among all, this particular one interests me the most! Guess what it is!

Hehe yes, the goats! Don't ask me why, though, mama thinks it may be because I smell like them! Ape lah mama ni..

I also went to the reptiles section to see all sorts of snakes! Mama told me they are poisonous, that's why they are kept in tanks. Did you know that there are also "albino" snakes? If you look closely, you can see an albino burmese python in the tank. Wicked!

Too much of walking was making all of us tired. Thank goodness for us, there was an animal show happening nearby. We took this chance to give our feet a little break while being entertained by the smart, well trained animals. Look! The sea lion jumped so high!

I had a good time at the animal show but it seems that the fun never stops at this zoo! We then stopped by at the "petting zoo" where I got to feed the goats, calf, and donkeys! It was so fun, I tell you!

Oh you know, when mama first gave the carrot to me, I thought it was for me hehee. So when mama asked me to feed the donkey, I refused and protested! Sorry donkey, I thought the carrot was for me! :P

After that, we went to say hello to the tallest animal in the zoo -- the giraffe! The giraffes aren't just tall to me, they are also very pretty! Look at the beautiful patterns on their body! Cantik tau!

We also did not forget to swing by and greet Mr Elephant! They're so huge, I wonder how much this one weigh?

All the walking and sight seeing was making me tired. I saw too many animals in one day, it was giving me a headache! I wonder if there are still many more to see? Help!

But before I knew it, I was already dozing away in lalaland.

It's such a bummer, because I didn't get to see the king of the jungle "in person"! Luckily papa was kind enough to take a few shots of them as well as the tiger and shared them with me! Both are my favorites, and I actually missed them! Grrr!

It's okay though, I'll make sure I'll catch them again next time! Thanks Ma, Pa, Mak Long, Pak Long and those who were there with me on this zoo trip. I had a great time! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Girl's Night Out

As much as I love spending time with my two superboys, somehow there's just something about chilling out with my girlfriends that makes me feel so young and carefree again.

So when my friend suggested that we throw a small bachelorette party for our colleague Fareeza not too long ago, I was all for it!

This is Fareeza, the celebrated one. Don't we just look like sisters? :D

Anyway, before heading to KLCC, being the "girl" that we are, we stopped by the Ladies for a quick refreshment. Biasalah, dah kata perempuan kan. :P

Once we were ready, we headed down to KLCC to hunt for our best-est friend in the world that never fails to let us down even at the crappiest time -- ice cream!

For once I didn't have to worry about milk, diapers or foods flying on the table! All that matters were the delicious Haagen Dazs's fondue that we finished in less than 15 mins! It was THAT sedap ok!

Once our tummies were filled with the sinfully delicious ice cream, we went to Nail Parlor to get our nails done.

That's right, it was mani-padi time! I can't remember the last time I actually had this luxury to pamper myself, so after a long and stressful week, a little me-time was just what I needed!

My nails were neatly trimmed, buffed and polished, it was honestly heartbreaking to see them getting smeared with the nasty turmeric powder from cooking! But it's okay. Melawa-melawa jugak, responsibility kene buat jugak kan! ;)

Shortly after the manicure session, my friend and I had quite a blast singing out hearts out at a karaoke centre nearby. After belting out a few songs, we said our goodnights to each other and headed home with a satisfied smile plastered on our faces. It was definitely a great night out! :)

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Adam's 2nd Birthday Party

If you think that only adults know how to party, then you have yet to meet my friends and I!

You see, my friend Adam just turned 2 a few weeks back and we were invited to his birthday bash. Unlike many birthday parties I attended earlier, the best thing about this party is it was held at Kizsport Centre, OU.

Wait. Hey, I remember this place! I followed mama to this place a couple of months back for Nuffnang's bloggers event. No wonder everything looked so familiar then! :P

My family and I arrived quite late that day because we were busy looking for the perfect gift for my buddy. In the end, we bought a train set for him. Hope you liked it, buddy!

As soon as we arrived, I joined my buddies at the play area. It was so much fun, I wish I could keep the rides to myself!

Shortly after that we were brought to a private room where the birthday was held. The moment I stepped into the room, I was overjoyed! There were balloons everywhere! But before I knew it, my tummy was growling. Lucky for me, they had kids' food served on the table. Mmm yummy!

When it was time for cake cutting ceremony, as usual, all of us gathered around the birthday boy and sang a birthday song to him. Oh, did I tell you the cake was delicious? I couldn't get enough!

After that, we all gathered to take group photo together. Introducing, your future football stars, ladies and gentlemen! :D

Of course, what's a party without fun and games? Once I was refilled, I wasted no time and dived into the pool of balls! The pool was just like what I had on my party, only bigger, with more balls!

Before we went back, we took along with us a little gift from Adam's mummy.

Thanks again Adam and family for having us. We had tons of fun! Until we meet again! ;)

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