Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raya Heat

I know all of you are (probably) still talking about the heat of the haze, but all I can think of (and feel) right now is the Raya heat! :D I mean, how can I not? All the newsletters I get reminds me of Raya shopping!

Usually, my little family would just buy ready made kurung & baju melayu for Raya (usually because all the tailors would not take any more orders lah haha). This time however, we wanted to look our best on our first Syawal morning, so we started scouting around for materials to send for tailoring as early as this month!

Adeena also gets to get her baju custom made this year! I can't wait to see how Adeena's little kurung would turn out to be like once it's ready. Misti. Cute. Gilaaaaa. :) :) :)

For those of you who have not sent your baju for tailoring yet, you'd better send them now, now, NOW! You'd be surprised to know that some tailors have even closed orders for Raya already! Crazy-mazy right?

If you're wondering where did we send our baju for tailoring, basically, Aien and Aydein get their baju tailored at Jakel, thinking that the tailoring would be cheaper since we got the material from there. It turns out that, Aien's baju melayu costs RM220 and Aydein's baju RM180 (tailoring ONLY!). Yes, tailoring ONLY; not inclusive of material charges! Super expensive for me ok; I definitely won't recommend this place for tailoring. *Tailoring are for men's attire only.

As for me and Adeena, we got our baju tailored at Sharifah Norizan Butik, at Medan Mara.

I have had one of my baju's tailored with Kak Sharifah, and I'm happy with her workmanship. Her price's a wee bit pricey though, but I find every dollar spent quite worth it. :)

So, what will our Raya theme be this year? You'll see! ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

People Magnet

You know how magnet can pull metals to it, right? That's the same thing with Adeena, only she can pull people to her instead!

The first time it happened, we were at a kenduri at my husband's kampung when suddenly a lady came up to me and asked if she could carry Adeena.

I was in 2 minds; nak kasik ke tak? My first thought was NO, but then the other part of me felt like it would be a bit rude to do so, so cautiously, I handed Adeena to her, my eyes watching her like a hawk. And then, more and more people started to crowd her. She was handed from one person to another. They were even taking pictures with her! Mmmkay.

The second time it happened, I went to a clinic and carried her with me. Again, one of the nurses there suddenly asked to carry her and told me she would return Adeena to me when I wanted to make payment later. The moment I handed Adeena to the nurse (eyes watching the nurse like a hawk again), a couple more nurses came to crowd and hold her. Hmm, I thought. This girl is something.

And then one day, I went to a foodcourt in Giant. I was going to have my meal, so I put Adeena in her stroller, facing me. Then a Chinese uncle said to me from across the table, "Pusing sama dia, I mau tengok dia," I was like, errr ok bro. So I turned her stroller around to face the uncle. He said "Haa like that! Ok!" and continued to eat. Oooookay.


See that little legs that's facing the uncle now? :P Then suddenly, as soon as he finished eating, he came towards us and pat Adeena on the head. Then, after chit chatting with me a bit more, he bent down to even give Adeena...

an ang-pow! Goodness, I'm telling ya, this girl's got superpowers! O.O

After that episode, smiles, pats and pinches thrown at Adeena at random places have become a norm.

I still get paranoid about people touching her though. I'll tell you why in a different entry.

But.. sigh, Adeena. You're barely 5 months and already getting treatment like a superstar! I don't blame them for getting pulled to you, though. Somehow, I keep finding myself getting pulled to you and staring into those beautiful eyes of yours too. :)

Ok that's it. Definitely putting you on a curfew when you grow up, young lady. And no boys until you're 18, okay? I'm serious, Adeena! Ahem.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh Brother!

Before Adeena came into this world, I was a bit worried on how Aydein would react once his little sister finally joins this Little Family. Would he be jealous? Would he feel second? What if he goes under depression?

Okay, depression may be pushing it a bit too far lah hehe, but I really was concerned of how he would feel once his little sister comes out. That's why, I got him used to the idea of the new member of the family, ever since Adeena was still in the tummy. Surprisingly, he took the idea quite well. Very well, in fact. He'd talk to the unborn baby, give salaam, even kissed my tummy every now and then!

And alhamdulillah, this continued on almost immediately after Adeena was brought into this world. :) The first thing he asked when the baby was brought into the room was, "Pa, nak pegang baby?" :)

And this continues on till this very day! He would play with Adeena, ...

Pat Adeena if she starts to cry, ...

 Talk to Adeena eventhough she would only stare back at him in return,... :P

Shower Adeena with loads and loads of kisses...,

Request to hold Adeena every now and then...,

Sometimes, he would even lie beside Adeena just to watch her, while smiling tenderly at his little sister. :)

He looks so in love right? He's in love, alright; in love with his own baby sister! :)

Oh and he's also veryyyy protective of his baby sister. No one can take her away from him! One time, his Tok Ayah wanted to tease him and told him he was going to take his baby sister away while holding Adeena in his (Tok Ayah's) arms. Aydein actually leaped, stood in front of his Tok Ayah, and with arms wide open, shouted (while crying) at Tok Ayah and stopped Tok Ayah from moving an inch further! Hehe so cute!

Aydein sayang,

If you're reading this, I hope and pray that this bond between you two lasts forever. Should there be one day where mama and papa are no longer in this world to look after the both of you, be sure to be the big brother that you are, and protect your sister from any harm's way okay? :) Mama love both of you with all my heart. *feels a lump in throat*

I love you, my AA's! :')