Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Mr Nebulizer, We Meet Again.

I am not sure if you knew, but recently, papa was admitted to Tropicana Medical Centre for upper respiratory system infection. He was coughing badly and was in a bad state of health that we had no choice but to admit him to the hospital for close monitoring and care.

About the same time, I was coughing badly myself. Mama suspected I might have gotten the bug from papa so she took me to the clinic nearby and I got better after a few sessions of nebulizer treatment.

However, after 2 weeks, the attack came again. I started coughing badly again and it got so severe that even a few sessions of nebulizer treatment weren't doing any good to me. I was still coughing badly, my breathing was harsh and chesty, and I had a lot of phlegm in my lungs. Suspecting that it is acute bronchiolitis infection, the doctor immediately wrote a referral letter and I was admitted to Sime Darby Medical Centre.

Here, I am monitored very closely. Believe it or not, I have to take the nebulizer treatment every 3 hourly! I used to hate Mr Nebulizer so much. But now, we are so buddy-buddy, I can even smile and giggle during the session. Heck, sometimes I even sleep during the session!

I do miss home, though. Although the friendly nurses here keep bringing me delicious food, I hardly eat them. I miss home cooked food! Luckily mama brought me something from home to keep me company. They're my friends Cookie Pot, Choo Choo Train and Speedy Car!

Not only that, I also received a surprise get-well-soon gift from my cousin Farah. Look what she got for me!

Sweet, isn't she? :) Oh, good news! The doctor swung by this morning and she said that I am getting much, much better. Although the phlegm is still there (it takes 2-3 weeks to clear off) but at least the wheezing is gone. The best thing is, she said I can go home today!

Thanks all for all your prayers and support! I love yous!

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amirah said...

Good to hear that he's doing alrite.. siap boleh sengih2 masa pakai benda alah tu yg tak tahan tu.hehe..

RuZaNNa said...

Glad to hear that you're getting wayyy much better Aydien.. to make you feel better, imran used to be in your shoes as young as 6 months.. i bet you'll be out of the hospital soon :)
And tell your mommy not to worry much too and she's a supermommy as well.. taking care both of you while your papa and you are sick.. hope God will keep her healthy and away from any of the harmful viruses... remind her to take a break once in a while as she need to take care of herself as well..
Keep us updated and take care!


babe,Aydein now still at SDMC ek?
pity Aydein..
hopefully Aydein cepat2 recover..

u too take care..mesti hectic life these few days..risau kan bila anak tak sihat..

Aydein dearie..aunty doa Aydein hv a fast recovery..
nanti minta momma beli hadiah bnyk2 lagi..
mmuuuaahhhsss Aydein!!

Nadine said...

Yay! Aydein dh boleh balik rumah. Good for you! :) Aunty was hoping the same, unfortunately the Dr. said Aunty had to spend one more night here *sob*

Take care Aydein, enjoy playing at home but dont forget to have enough rest. Have a pleasant year end weekend!


RuZaNNa said...

Nadine.. you're in the hospital? why? what's wrong?

Fain said...

Wish Aydein get well soon...
Tak seronoknya kalo yang paling kecil tu tak sihat kan Thara?

RieNa said...

kesian sgt kalau tgk budak kecik kat katil hosp. kalau kita yg besaq ni pun tak larat,apatah lg depa yg kecik.

alahai aydein. alhamdulillah, kamu dah sihat. papa jgk dah sihat. mama jg diri k.

welcome home dear!

Nadine said...

Anne: Hihi, a'ah. I admitted since yesterday. Sempat Thara lawat I (thanks babe :) I dehydrated. Now recovering, hopefully esok discharge..insyaAllah. I takmo spend public holiday kat ward plis..hihi

mommaholicSURI said...

glad to hear that aydein is getiting better. :) Aunty know you're strong boy. Hopefully after this Aydein sihat selalu k. Send regard to your mom k.

eh nadine, u must be very tired after the wedding thingy kan? sampai dehydrated ni. huhu.get a lot of rest k dear. Get well soon! :)

Thara said...

amirah :
alhamdulillah, hes doing much better now :) itu lah pasal, masa tu dia dok main-main mata dgn nurse tau! tu sengih gatal la tu. haih sabo je la anak bujang sorang ni. kecik2 dah pandai! hehe :P

anne :
oh no, it must be very traumatizing for you auntie anne to have to go through that episode when imran was as young as 6 months old! i am alhamdulillah already out from hospital and feeling much, much better. mama sends her regards to u too!

Thara said...

nadia :
aydein baru je discharged from hospital babe. we were there for 2 nights and very happy to be home! sangap gila dudok dkt hospital, taktau nak buat apa. every night misti keluar skejap pi dinner dkt luar hehe.

yeah it was very worrying masa aydein susah nak bernafas masa tu. u shud see him masa tu. his breathing was so bad, sampai perot dia turun naik. :( kesian sgt! glad hes all better now. oooh, speaking about gifts, he got it right after keluar dari hospital tau! nanti i cerita dkt entry akan dtg :) u too take care babe!

nadine :
alhamdulillah, im all recovered now, thanks auntie! it was nice meeting u smlm! we all pray that you'll recover soon too! take loads and loadsa rest so you get better and can see faaz and uncle fadzil soon!

u too have a great weekend ahead! xoxo! :D

Thara said...

fain :
thanks babe, aydein's much better now. yeah it was so very worrying! pecah hati bila malam2 dia nak tido, tapi takleh tido, sebab dia takleh nak bernafas comfortably kan. bila dia nafas je, bole dgr bunyik kahak so loud, it really breaks anyone's heart that hears it! alhamdulillah, hes much better now. still on medication though! thanks for dropping by! ;)

k riena :
tu la kak riena. tapi alhamdulillah, surprisingly aydein behave sangat the whole time dkt hospital. tak byk karenah. mula2 tiqah risau juge nak buat apa je dkt hospital for 2 nights dgn aydein dkt situ kan. but it turns out that he really did behave, makan tido main2 pusing2 dlm bilik tu je. :) alhamdulillah hes much better now. thanks for the warm welcome acik riena! :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
alhamdulillah auntie, aydein is much, much better now. first time experience for all of us little family bermalam di hospital hehe :P it was a new experience but we hope not to experience it again! :P insyaallah, auntie doakan aydein sihat selalu ok. nanti bole main ball dgn oman! :D oh, mama pon kirim salam balik pada auntie :)

worryfather said...


Glad to hear Aydein is ok now.
Wish you all a Healthier and Happier 2011.

Cherie said...

oh poor you. both heroes were down! I think you should invest in an air purifier. I got one and mashallah nunu's skin condition has improved tremendously and he is rarely ill. It benefits the whole family, really :) I see the difference every time balik msia. He'd get all rashed up all over again. I know polluted air can contribute to bronchitis. Anyway, just a suggestion. Take care, babe!

Thara said...

worryfather :
thanks! u have a healthier and happier 2011 urself too! :)

actually i used to have one dulu. used it when aydein was a baby. tapi ntah mcm mana, rosak pulak. since then, tak beli2 yang baru. but thanks for reminding babe! true, i kena invest sikit and beli yg baru kan! another new item to go on the to-buy list! :P

hushuss said...

Thara, how is Aydein now? Hopefully, he is recovering. Risau tul klu selalu guna nebulizer. You take care of yourself too ya Thara. Klu heroes kita sakit, kita la kena jadi penyelamat...hihihi. Insyallah!