Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Because I Miss Blogging

If you have me in your Twitter account, you would know how much I miss blogging.

However I have been swamped with too much work that I simply do not have time to update my blog as regularly as before! Mind you, I have tons to tell, but I just can't find the time, thanks to the new job scope I am on now :(

The only thing that gets updated regularly is my Twitter account, because it allows me to give out (and receive) short, timely messages, just like SMS. I would love for every one of you to have an account too, because then we can share tweets (and updates) with each other, frequently! :)

So this is my short, timely update to all of you, just because I miss blogging so much. Until then, stay glued for a new entry from me (though I don't know when!).


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's funny how babies would crack up like crazy at a simple joke or funny sounds. Like 2 nights ago, Aydein was on the bed playing with my phone and I was on my way to the washroom when I thought I heard him say "Hello?".

I replied a "Helloo!" back in a funny voice, which got him laughing even more! And it went on and on that I quickly grabbed Aien's phone and have it recorded while Aien continued to amuse him. :P

He must have laughed a bit too much and a bit too hard that it drained the energy out of him, because he slept soundly and easily after that! :P

Oh, I am sorry if the video shakes at some parts. His laugh was so contagious, I had to hold myself back from bursting into hysterical laugh myself! ;)