Sunday, January 30, 2011

Have You Tabung Haji-ed Yet?

My sister, Aien and I were in the car not too long ago, when she suddenly asked, "Have you guys registered for hajj yet?" And when we said no, she went on and on on how important it is to register now before the queue gets even longer, etc.

She even told us how her friend Riena actually saved up even when she was still in secondary school for this very purpose. Everybody was making fun of Kak Riena then, but who's laughing now, when Kak Riena recently came back from Mecca, happy that she's performed one of her duties as a Muslim even before she reaches 30?

What my sister said really knocked us hard on the head. We've been too busy saving up for other things, we forgot how important it is to also save for hajj. Mind you, the waiting list is not short. It can take more than 20 years for your turn to arrive!

Bearing this in mind, we quickly went to the nearest Tabung Haji branch in Shah Alam to register ourselves for hajj recently.

In order to register for hajj, one needs to open an account with Tabung Haji with a minimum amount of RM1300. We were asked to fill up a few forms, and after handing over the required amount of cash, we were each given a hajj book with our names written on it.

As expected, our turn isn't going to be anywhere near soon. In fact, our turn will only arrive in year 2037! We were doing calculations in our head, and we realized that we would only be able to perform our hajj only when we reach.. oh my, 52!

That's us all wrinkled and old! Realizing how long the queue is, we felt asthough it was our responsibility to avoid the same thing from happening to Aydein. Hence, we brought Aydein's birth certificate and registered Aydein for hajj on the same day as well.

In 26 years, Aydein would be 27 years. By that time, insyaallah, he would be old enough to come together with us for hajj! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your son together with you when you perform your hajj? :)

With that said, I urge all of my friends, married or not, to set aside some of your money and save up for the fifth pillar of Islam. You want to perform your ibadah while you're still able to do it. Not when you're too old and too weak to do anything. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nuffnang, Here I Come!

If you do follow my Twitter updates, you would know that I have been actively seeking for new jobs and attending interviews for the past 1 week.

It saddens me to have to leave Loveclients and the fact that I won't be working under the same company as my husband any longer, but given the company's current circumstances, I believe this is the right move, and that I am clearly better off with a new position in a new company.

I knew that I made the best decision by leaving Loveclients, because less than 24 hours from the point that I was interviewed with this company I've been dreaming about, I got a call from them telling me that I am accepted in their team! I was dizzy with happiness. I landed the job!

Okay, so here comes the news. Some of you may already knew about my new company from my tweets, but as for those of you that don't already know, well, ladies and gentleman, there's no secret there -- as you can see from my blog title, you're looking at the new Blogger Relations Executive at Nuffnang (MY) Sdn Bhd! :) :) :)

Yes lovelies, I will be working with Nuffnang the leading blog advertising company! Basically, my job scope requires me to communicate with bloggers, write anddd plan events! I love writing, I love blogging and I love planning events! So you can imagine the joy that I felt when I actually received the offer! This job and I are like match-made in heaven and I was practically flying without wings! :) :) :)

Today marked my first day working with the team and so far, so good. I love the working environment, the team and the company's policies, but most of all, I love that I was given a personal, brand new laptop to do my work! :) :)

With that said, I can't wait to see what tomorrow and the future has in store for me in Nuffnang! I have successfully achieved resolution #4 and I can't wait to achieve more! Here's to the brand new year, brand new me with the brand new job! Here's to 2011! ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Topshop Makeup Makeover

When I was a kid, I used to sneak into my mother's room and tried out her lipsticks and eyeshadows. I would try out all the different colors and get super pissed when my mother found out and asked me to wash them all off, all because she said I was too young for all that.

So imagine the joy that I felt when I am finally "old enough" to have a little color to my face. It's as though I finally receive the golden ticket to the Makeup Factory! I love how even a little dash of makeup could do wonders on one's looks. For example, these chic and adorable ones from Topshop.

To be honest, Topshop makeup is new to me, and thanks to ThePinkStilettos who first introduced them in her blog, I must say, after one try, I just immediately fall in love with them. Let's find out why.

1. Topshop Solid Gel Eyeliner in Etch

+ I like how the dark pitch-black color accentuate my eyes. It is precisely what I need because I like to go for simple makeup that concentrates more on the eyes, and less on the lips/cheek. Compared to pencil/crayon eyeliners that I usually use, this gel eyeliner makes a thick, dark line easily. Your eyes are guaranteed to pop up immediately.

- However, the thing that I don't like about this gel eyeliner is the fact that I need to apply it many times before I can get the look I desired because it tends to get out of "gel" halfway, being the gel eyeliner that it is. Sometimes, it can also smudge if you're not careful. So if you're new at applying makeup to your eyes, I'd suggest that you stick to pencil/crayon eyeliners because this one can get pretty messy easily if you're not careful.

* Anyhow, this gel eyeliner comes in 4 different colors ; Etch black, Facet pink, Steely blue & Ravine green. Check them out here.

2. Topshop Lip Polish in Rhubarb

+ I love, love, LOVE this one! It's actually my favorite! Not only that it smells good (it has fruity smell to it), it also has the perfect color to my skin tone! I also love that it has a little sheer effect to it, so your lips actually glitter under the sunlight, just like diamonds! So cantik, I tell you!

- However, the only thing that turns me off is the fact that it does not come with any applicator/brush. So I will need to use either my finger or the cotton bud each time I want to apply the lip polish to my lips. Such a bummer.

* Anyhow, this one comes in 5 different colors ; Rhubarb, Truffle, Poetic, Lavender & Iced Coffee. Check them out here.

3. Topshop Powder Foundation

+ I love that this foundation suits my skin tone perfectly and personally, it works fine on me as of now. It is pretty long lasting and senang cerita, tak over. I've tried other brands and I always get the same comment from my husband, "Yang, macam hantu," or "Yang, too much lah," or "Yang, macam opera cina,". #_#. Now, I am not sure if he's just simply dah tak kuasa nak layan anymore or what, but never once did he complain about my makeup ever since the first time I applied this Topshop foundation to my face. So it should be good right? :)

- The only thing that's a little alaaaa is the fact that the casing is white as like most powder foundations, so it tends to get dirty easily!

* Anyhow, this one comes in 3 different shades ; Nude 1, Nude 2 & Nude 3. In the picture above, I was wearing Nude 2. Check them out here.

So if you're interested, you can find these and more only at Topshop KLCC. Other outlets takde okay, so kalau tangan tu dah menggatal nak try Topshop's latest makeup collection ni, sila lah terjah Topshop KLCC hari ini. I promise you, misti rasa macam nak beli the whole rack! :P

Speaking of which, the next time I go there, I'm thinking of getting their Skin Tint, Powder Blush and Cream Eyeshadow. Sumpah sangat tempting ok!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Got Ride?

Aydein has a thing for rides since before. I am sure you knew from the entry I posted earlier.

We first noticed his interest in rides when he couldn't take his hands off his cousin's toy car during our Raya visit to my BIL's house. That's when we knew we just had to get one of his own!

Not long after that, we saw a hot red fire engine at a toy store near our office. It was too cute to ignore so we grabbed it right there and then. As expected, Aydein loved it! He kept going back and forth, back and forth around the house!

Of course, a kid can never have too many rides. That's why, toy or not, he would still get onto his toy train, get his little bum-bum on it, and ride it! :P

Oh, don't forget, his toy car too! :D

Knowing how obsessed he is with rides, we decided to surprise him with a gift right after he got out of the hospital. It is also a gift for him for behaving so well during his stay in the hospital. :) Lo and behold, Aydein's new ride! :D

Sighs, kids nowadays. I don't remember having any of these when I was a little kid!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hijabi Girl

I never paid much attention to fashion & beauty ever since I conceived Aydein, despite my love for them. That changed however, when I wrote my resolutions for year 2011. Now I am friends again with my makeup, heels and shawls.

I have always wanted to wear shawls. I loved how they are soft, colorful, and can be styled in many stylish ways. In fact, I wore it for a while when I was pregnant, but when Aydein came along, it was just too troublesome that I just had to switch to instant hijabs.

Instant hijabs are very practical especially for a mom like me but I wanted a little oomph, a little spice in the way I look. That's why, come 2011, I was all for shawls and colorful colors. I was also bored of the same way that most ladies tie their scarves, so I tried something different, something that looks like this.

Although not everyone fancy this style, however to me, it is different, casual and trendy. It softens the whole look somehow and I just totally dig it! But of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some people dig it, some people don't. BUT I'm glad to know that many seem to dig it, from the response I got from my FB! :D

Heee thanks people, you guys rawk my sawks! :D What about you, do you dig it or ditch it? :P

Anyway, as you might have noticed, I don't usually put up vain pictures of me much on my blog. Eversince Aydein came along, he's been stealing all the limelight from me all to himself! Not that I mind anyway, he is ten times better looking than me :P But just for this one time, here's another piece of me with another shawl that I bought recently. Look at the embellishments, I love how they sway with me when I walk!

And then, as it happens, the country is suddenly shaken by this fashion icon in the muslimah fashion industry, the chic and the none other, Hana Tajima Simpson. I actually knew about her even way before she made her appearance during the recent Live Fashion/Love Music event. However, again, I couldn't care less about beauty & fashion then because the only thing that revolves around me then was my baby.

That's why, when she made her appearance in Malaysia recently, it just doubled my spirit! I am so inspired by her, I even purchased her infamous chiffon scarf snood, from her Maysaa label. I am telling you, the quality of the material is so top notch that it was worth the RM104 (including delivery fees) spent on this! Just look at the parcel. Have you ever received a parcel nicely wrapped like this? :D

And when I put it on, I instantly feel like a supermodel! Okay, I'm exaggerating hehe. But really, just like its website says, with one simple zip fastening at the back, it's the quickest way to a high fashion look!

It may just look like any ordinary hijabs with chiffon lining out there to you, but honestly, they are nothing quite like this. You will only feel the difference when you put it on. And the best thing is, you can style it in many different ways.

Another quick style that I like to do when wearing this Maysaa snood is by bringing the chiffon layer to the front (refer Hana's picture above). I find it classy in the effortless sort of way :D Of course, there are tons of other styles you can do with this scarf -- you just have to be creative about it! For example, I don't know this girl (I found out that her name is Yanny) but I was bloghopping and I like how she wears her Maysaa snood. Simple, neat and simply cantik! :)

Oh and this Maysaa chiffon snood also both covers the neck and part of the chest/back, so it makes styling even easier! :)

So for those of you who haven't got it yet, get it now and I promise you, it will be worth every penny spent! For any faulties, you can even have it returned and get a replacement for FREE. On top of that, you would also be getting 10% off the next purchase! BEST KANNNN! Jangan sengaja rosakkan tudung tu udah la ye.. :P

Until then, happy melawa-lawa, ladies! ;)