Friday, January 15, 2010

Post Event - Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

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  1. Not too long ago, there was a baby named Aydein who wished upon the stars for a chance to win invites to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out. He must have been a very good baby because his wish came true when he received an invitation from Nuffnang (the first and leading online blog advertising community) to attend a family day out event with Nuffnang and Friso Gold. He was so happy that he shrieked with joy!

  2. He arrived as early as 9.30am at Kizsports & Gym, One Utama with his parents, thinking that they would be one of the early birds to reach there. But much to his surprise, what he saw when he first laid his eyes at the venue, was a long queue of excited-looking moms, dads, babies and toddlers everywhere!

  3. Upon registration, he was given a sticker which has his name on it and an oversized t-shirt that looked like a dress on him. But being a baby as he is, Aydein just could not care less. He was more interested looking at the elder kids zooming in and out the playland and jumping up and down from joy. He too was getting really excited by the minute, thus signaling his parents to bring him in and join in the fun!

  4. Before entering the playland, they were greeted with a notice that notifies all the guests (both adults and children – and babies!) to wear socks before entering the playland to ensure the hygiene level of the venue is at top notch.

  5. As soon as they put their socks on, and stepped their feet into the playland (which felt like a heaven for Aydein), they saw a stretch of beautifully arranged strollers from different colors, sizes and brands. "Wow!", exclaimed Aydein. "Look at this place, ma! So colorful, so beautiful!" He looked excitedly around and tugged on his mom's shirt. "Quick, ma, the lady is giving a talk! Let's join the crowd, quick!"

  6. They listened attentively while the speakers gave their welcoming speeches. And then, the real fun started – play time! Aydein was brought into a special baby-room accompanied by his parents.

  7. By this time, Aydein could not contain his joy any longer and started jumping up & down and shrieking with happiness at the sight of the many, many babies around his age.

    Seeing how excited Aydein was, a friendly lady ushered all the other babies to make a circle while she played a tape recorder to double the fun. She played the Hockey Pockey song and asked them to sing along and danced with her.

  8. Aydein loved the beat and danced away!

    You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out, you put your left hand in, and you shake it all about, you do the hockey pockey and you turn yourself around, that's what it’s all about!

  9. The fun activities in the baby-room continued as Aydein glided down the soft rubber slides..

  10. Rolled over the mats..

  11. Jumped over the ladder rails..

  12. Popped some bubbles.. (This was fun!)

  13. And spun with the giant blue ball!

  14. And as though that was not fun enough, Aydein went to explore the place a little further and spotted a place which looked very, very tempting to play. The curiosity in him kicked in, so he sped off to the playland outside of the baby-room.

  15. He was right! In there, there was even more exciting things to play and try! "Look, ma! It's the slides that we saw in the baby-room just now! But this one looks a little higher, can you help lift me up?" Once his mom lifted him up in the air and put him onto the slides, Aydein shrieked with delight. He loved the slide and glided down smoothly and fearlessly with the help of his mom.

  16. And then something really fascinating caught his eyes. "Papa, look! I can see a pool of colorful balls! Can I "dive" in there, pa? Can I, please please please?" he asked his dad excitedly, and pointing towards a pool of colorful balls. It did look that much exciting, so they both ended up in the pool of balls – both Aydein and his dad!

  17. While Aydein was busy having fun playing with the colorful balls with his dad, on the other side of the room, some kids were seen making beautiful sand art craft on cards.

  18. But after a while, all play and no milk makes Aydein a hungry baby! That was when he got a little cranky which urged his mom to find a suitable spot to "refill" him.

  19. Since Aydein is still a baby and was not ready to take in anything other than semi-liquid food, all he could do was watch and envy as the other toddlers and kids helped themselves into a helping of pasta, fruits and fruity drink. Soon, he thought to himself. Soon!

  20. The kids had their exclusive dining area too! Colorful, isn't it? Yes, the kids were treated as VIPs on this day, as the moms and dads fussed around about the mess the kids made on the table! It was a very chaotic and fun moment!

  21. While all the kids were indulging themselves in their food, Aydein's parents had a good time indulging themselves with the delicious lunch prepared for them too. The menu for that day was Marmite Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish, Garlic Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetable, and Fried Beehon.

  22. Desert was also served for the moms and dads, which ranged from Mixed Fruits, Potato Chicken Pies, and Banana Cake. Yum!

  23. In the mean time, Ruth Liew, a renowned child expert who authored several parenting books was giving a talk on parenting to the moms and dads who have had their lunch.

  24. Once everybody was full and refilled, the activity continued as Aydein and the rest of the crowd were again entertained with a Magic Show, conducted by a very creative, entertaining, and truly magical gentleman – Hafidz the Magician. He kept them entertained with different magic tricks right before their very eyes with silks, rings, ropes, and disappearing objects!

  25. The event must have been a little overwhelming for the 7-month-young baby Aydein, because he knocked out in the middle of the Magic Show! Poor Aydein. He must be exhausted from having too much of fun! :)

  26. Not long after that, the winner was announced. The Grand Prize went to Mrs Nor Rosmini (from who won a 3D 2N trip for 4 to Hong Kong Disneyland! Congratulations to all the winners! :) Although Aydein and his little family did not win anything from the event, it was nonetheless a fun day out, thanks to Nuffnang and Friso Gold, and definitely something to remember!

  27. However, Aydein and his little family did not leave empty handed from the event as all guests were given free goodie bags before they headed home.

  28. Aydein and his little family left Kizsport Centre with big smiles on their faces and looked forward to join more fun events like this by Nuffnang in the future once again!

    Thank you Nuffnang!

    ; The End.



nice entry dear..:)well so u did that?..(mommy buta it:(..huhu...
neway the gathering looked so fab!kidz sport centre tu luas ek thara..?nk g jengah sane jgak..since Anne pun ckp the environm sane best jgak!..


Your baby mesti enjoy sangat2.
The parents too kan? hehehe

Aahla..entry kali ni canggih sungguh. Ajar sket. hehe

sarah sofian said...

wow..hi tech nye blog u nih...siap ada arrow sana sini lagi...haha...i nak upload gambar kambing tu pun berejam...hehe

RuZaNNa said...

Stoller was nicely parked.. cute!
The room where all the babie swere sitting in circle is the room imran has his weekly class.. best kan main around the obstacles..
A ah la.. canggih entry you kali ni..kena turunkan ilmu ni.. something different :)

Thara said...

nadia :
the gathering was indeed very fab! mmg best. rasa mcm nak pegi every weekend bwk aydein maen2 dkt situ hehe. and yes, its very luas! adam is so gonna love it there, especially now that he can walk and run! really, u should give it a try! ;)

and actually, the "hi-tech" entry kalini, my husband yang tolong buatkan hahaha. he's a web developer come programmer come designer, so tadah! :P i buat bab content je :P

nuurill :
yeah, we all had a great time there! hehe.

nak blaja buat ni kene dtg my house lah. i open table, kita blaja sama2 dgn my hubs, jom! :P

ayun :
haha u memang. but this one aien yang buat kan. i buat content je ngehe :D

anne :
kan! lawa gila the stretch of strollers tu! and yes, best main dalam tu. aydein was happy although he couldnt do much! haha. i yang banyak tolong die pusing2, lompat2 and all.

bole bole. like said, in order to turunkan ilmu, u guys have to bertapa at my house dulu. kasik crash course, bergurukan aien. :P

maniscinta said...

thara..u really can write very well!!..i wish i can write better..hahaha.. n why me cannot turn the page using the arrow2 tuu...mcm biaser je die kuarr...huhuhu

the gathering looked so much so jealous..but i couldn't make it since im in kedah...i will post the picture for this nuffnang thingy..purposely for u, dear..hihiihi

Thara said...

aimy :
haha tade lah. merepek je u ni. i write cincai boncai je lah ;)

haa ye ke? nanti i tanye my husband. pasal die yang buat arrow2 thing tu. tapi jap. nape i try at my end, ok je? nape u tak bole eh?

Thara said...

aimy :
my husband ckp, maybe u tak enable ur javascript dkt ur browser kot? check this tutorial out as to how to enable ur javascript :

hope it helps! ;)

Matjoe said...

nice entry. luv the picture slideshow

Thara said...

matjoe :
hello there. thanks for the compliment and thanks for dropping by ;)