Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Little Family’s Day Out

Aydein sweetheart,

I hope you had a wonderful time last weekend, because I definitely did! :D

I am sorry I could not take you out earlier before this. You see, about a few weeks before you were born, our country was alarmed with the H1N1 cases that got everybody scared of going out from their own house. Actually baby, H1N1 is a kind of virus that can cause anyone to be very, very ill. And although the case is still reported to be active, it is much milder now compared to before. That is why I was more confident taking you out over the last weekend (for 2 days in a row!) compared to last time.

Oh and I finally had a reason to officiate your brand new stroller too! It has been with us for quite some time now, but we never used it because we felt it was not time for you to explore the world yet, with the H1N1 cases increasing last time. But now that you are, look what we've been keeping for you, Aydein!

Yes, your very own "car"! :D I personally love this stroller for its light weight , and you know, baby? I was so excited about taking you out on your new "car" last weekend that I insisted to be the one to push it around all the way. Even when papa offered to take the stroller from me, I would quickly refuse the offer and continued pushing you around happily. Talk about being jakun. Haha.

But don't get me wrong. I have helped bringing your cousins around in their strollers when they were little for many times last time. But somehow it's different with you, you know? It's probably because you're my own son, my own flesh and blood. And I can't help but feel really proud and happy bringing you out and about that day. :) Eh come to think of it, I am finally one of those mums with baby strollers in the mall lah! Haha. :D

But it seems that I was not the only one excited on that day! Those months of being "imprisoned" at home must have been quite awful for you. That is why you were at your best behavior and so in-the-mood when we took you out on a stroll in the mall then. You were very quiet and relaxed in your seat observing your whole new world, as though trying to take it all in. And occasionally, we would also hear you cooing then flinging your arms excitedly. :)

Oh but I forgot to warn you that once mama and papa go out for shopping, it would usually take quite a long time. I guess it was longer than you expected because you got sleepy and fell asleep while we were still excitedly shopping. Hehe.

I can't wait till you're a little older so I can pamper you with toys from the Toys 'R Us. I'm sure you are so going to love it! :D Until then, I look forward for our next day out together again!

hugs & kisses,


princess J said...

wow, happy family...

bintiegen said...

"seat belt" sgt sporty!
klu i, i ske tolak supermarket trolley... :p
personally, i lg ske tgk aydein bile duduk or melangkup, dr baring. x best!

Thara said...

jay :
:) :)

bintie :
haha. mcm2 la u ni bintie. mungkin kalau amik gamba masa baring tu, that means misti aydein tgh tido kot. jadik tak nampak mata besa dia tu. :P

amirahazmi said...

aydein sgt handsome lah!!rasa nak picit2 pipi dia..hehe..u're a good example of a well-prepared young mother..best ek ada baby nieh..:-)

Thara said...

mirah! surprise to see u here! thanks for dropping by! :D and hey, uve got a blog too! nanti i link kan ur blog to my blog ok :)

and thanks for ur compliment haha. mcm klaka je hang ckp im a "good example of a well-prepared young mother" hehe. i still have a lot to learn tho but i sure hope to become a supermama to aydein! :)

amirahazmi said...

haha..mine is just like a diary..maybe u can catch up with my latest updates from the land down under thru my blog..
btw,goodluck supermama!!!
aydein, u're soo lucky!!!

nad said...

aydein mcm mat salleh ohh!! ble na blk png? na jmpe aydeinnnnnn! =))