Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look Who’s In The Newspaper!

I was in the office and working on an article, when I heard my cello beeped. It was a text from my friend which informed me to check Berita Harian out. I was bursting with excitement and drove to the nearest newsstand to get the paper. Talk about being jakun. :P

And guess who's in the paper?

(Click on picture for larger view)

Hehe. If you've been following my blog closely, you would know that this picture was taken during my family day out with Nuffnang and Friso, thanks to my winning entry. Yes I know I look retarded in there, but hold your thoughts to yourself and keep your lips zipped ok! Ngehe. :P

Okay, off to get a frame! :P

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sad Mama

This is not good. Not good at all.

If a few weeks back I was gloating with happiness for getting a good 5oz of milk (which is, btw, is very rare for me) to bring home for Aydein, unfortunately that is no more the case nowadays.

Since I came back to work after 2 months of maternity leave, I made sure that I pump once at work every day, and I could basically get 3 - 4oz per session. And now, it's tough to even get 2oz at 4pm, my normal pumping time. Believe it or not, lately, I can only get 1oz out of me when I pump. So everyday, I would go back and add the expressed milk to the milk expressed before, and feed Aydein only when the accumulated expressed milk reaches at least 3 - 4oz.

Is it because I've been trying to eat less to lose weight? I don't know.
Is it because lack of stimulation? I don't know.

My cousin offered to bring me to see this makcik urut that she claims to be good at massaging the uknowwhats, because her uknowwhats were producing milk like pipes after she saw her. But she saw that makcik when she was still in confinement period so that's understandable. As for me, it's been more than 7 months. And Aydein has started with formula, hence the less stimulation. Should I still give it a try?

Poor Aydein, mama's milk is slowly and surely diminishing. And it also makes me sad that Aydein would be fed with more formula than breastmilk now. :(

I have not given up, though. I am still breastfeeding Aydein with whatever milk I still have and will still pump everyday to get the little 1 oz of milk everyday. But it makes me all teary at the thought that Aydein might stop latching on me one day, before he reaches 2 years of age. Sighs.

PS : I did manage to shed off 1 kg from the dieting though. But if this is the cost I have to pay to get back in shape, not sure if I should continue doing it. . . :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Last Straw

I've tried to be discreet, so many times. I've tried containing my anger and kept it to myself. But what happened a few weeks back was more than I could take.

She lied to me again.

You see, I have told her not to feed Aydein straight from the containers, and that each time, she should scoop half of the dish from the containers into the feeding bowl. If the Aydein wants more, she can always scoop more dish using a different spoon into the feeding bowl. Never to scoop the entire dish into the feeding bowl, because if Aydein does not finish it, it would all go down the drain as we will have introduced bacteria from Aydein’s mouth into the leftover food.

But when I caught her cheating and saying that she only scooped half of the dish into the feeding bowl when the container which was initially FULL was already EMPTY, that was the final blow. Enough is enough. It was that day or never.

So I called her into a room, just the 2 of us. I spoke to her nicely but firmly. I pointed out her mistakes one by one. I recalled ALL the lies she fed me which I pretended not to know and kept quiet, out of respect to her. There were times when she (as expected) tried to deny and twist the story, which I managed to counter-back intelligently, it even surprised myself.

I told her that I liked her; that she's done great job so far and that I knew she loved Aydein. But this could not continue. If she was going to stay with me for another 2 years, I would have to trust her. We needed to feel easy about each other in order to live under the same roof. But if she kept being this way, I didn’t think it was possible. I even asked her the reason for her change in behavior because she was not like this before.

She remained quiet.

I continued again (because I couldn't seem to stop!) and repeated that this could not continue. She has to stop with the lies. And if she did anything wrong, anything at all, she needed to confess the truth and tell me. I reassured her that I will neverbe mad at her as long as she tells me the truth. In fact, I asked her, "The whole 5 months you've been working with me, have I ever scolded you once? Have I ever raised my voice at you once?" She said no. I continued "Yes, because it's not my style to scold anyone unless I caught them lying. I just can’t stand liars,"

Just in case there was something wrong with US, I asked to confirm with her if there was anything that she was not happy about, living with us. Was the food provided enough? Was the workload too much for her? Was she happy working with us?

She said alhamdulillah, she was more than happy to work with us.

So I went on. I said, "I've been good to you, but at the same time, I need your cooperation too. I'm not asking much, I just need you to always be honest with me. Even if you make mistakes, just let me know, I won't be mad at you. After all, we're just humans. We’re not perfect. We're bound to make mistakes,"

That's when I saw tears welled up in her eyes, and she cried. She repeatedly asked for forgiveness from me.

So I told her, "It's okay. I'm not even mad at you. We're all humans, bik. Like I said, we're bound to make mistakes. Just remember what I said, and everything will be fine,"

And no, we did not hug after that. :P But we said our peace to each other and I left the room, feeling strangely like a superwoman. Haha. No lah. Honestly, it felt good to let it all out. It felt so much better once you pour your heart out and say what you had to say, you know?

And well, it's been 2 weeks now from the last episode and so far, she's been keeping to her words. And hopefully, just hopefully, she will turn a new leaf and stay that way forever. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Post Event - Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out

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  1. Not too long ago, there was a baby named Aydein who wished upon the stars for a chance to win invites to Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out. He must have been a very good baby because his wish came true when he received an invitation from Nuffnang (the first and leading online blog advertising community) to attend a family day out event with Nuffnang and Friso Gold. He was so happy that he shrieked with joy!

  2. He arrived as early as 9.30am at Kizsports & Gym, One Utama with his parents, thinking that they would be one of the early birds to reach there. But much to his surprise, what he saw when he first laid his eyes at the venue, was a long queue of excited-looking moms, dads, babies and toddlers everywhere!

  3. Upon registration, he was given a sticker which has his name on it and an oversized t-shirt that looked like a dress on him. But being a baby as he is, Aydein just could not care less. He was more interested looking at the elder kids zooming in and out the playland and jumping up and down from joy. He too was getting really excited by the minute, thus signaling his parents to bring him in and join in the fun!

  4. Before entering the playland, they were greeted with a notice that notifies all the guests (both adults and children – and babies!) to wear socks before entering the playland to ensure the hygiene level of the venue is at top notch.

  5. As soon as they put their socks on, and stepped their feet into the playland (which felt like a heaven for Aydein), they saw a stretch of beautifully arranged strollers from different colors, sizes and brands. "Wow!", exclaimed Aydein. "Look at this place, ma! So colorful, so beautiful!" He looked excitedly around and tugged on his mom's shirt. "Quick, ma, the lady is giving a talk! Let's join the crowd, quick!"

  6. They listened attentively while the speakers gave their welcoming speeches. And then, the real fun started – play time! Aydein was brought into a special baby-room accompanied by his parents.

  7. By this time, Aydein could not contain his joy any longer and started jumping up & down and shrieking with happiness at the sight of the many, many babies around his age.

    Seeing how excited Aydein was, a friendly lady ushered all the other babies to make a circle while she played a tape recorder to double the fun. She played the Hockey Pockey song and asked them to sing along and danced with her.

  8. Aydein loved the beat and danced away!

    You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out, you put your left hand in, and you shake it all about, you do the hockey pockey and you turn yourself around, that's what it’s all about!

  9. The fun activities in the baby-room continued as Aydein glided down the soft rubber slides..

  10. Rolled over the mats..

  11. Jumped over the ladder rails..

  12. Popped some bubbles.. (This was fun!)

  13. And spun with the giant blue ball!

  14. And as though that was not fun enough, Aydein went to explore the place a little further and spotted a place which looked very, very tempting to play. The curiosity in him kicked in, so he sped off to the playland outside of the baby-room.

  15. He was right! In there, there was even more exciting things to play and try! "Look, ma! It's the slides that we saw in the baby-room just now! But this one looks a little higher, can you help lift me up?" Once his mom lifted him up in the air and put him onto the slides, Aydein shrieked with delight. He loved the slide and glided down smoothly and fearlessly with the help of his mom.

  16. And then something really fascinating caught his eyes. "Papa, look! I can see a pool of colorful balls! Can I "dive" in there, pa? Can I, please please please?" he asked his dad excitedly, and pointing towards a pool of colorful balls. It did look that much exciting, so they both ended up in the pool of balls – both Aydein and his dad!

  17. While Aydein was busy having fun playing with the colorful balls with his dad, on the other side of the room, some kids were seen making beautiful sand art craft on cards.

  18. But after a while, all play and no milk makes Aydein a hungry baby! That was when he got a little cranky which urged his mom to find a suitable spot to "refill" him.

  19. Since Aydein is still a baby and was not ready to take in anything other than semi-liquid food, all he could do was watch and envy as the other toddlers and kids helped themselves into a helping of pasta, fruits and fruity drink. Soon, he thought to himself. Soon!

  20. The kids had their exclusive dining area too! Colorful, isn't it? Yes, the kids were treated as VIPs on this day, as the moms and dads fussed around about the mess the kids made on the table! It was a very chaotic and fun moment!

  21. While all the kids were indulging themselves in their food, Aydein's parents had a good time indulging themselves with the delicious lunch prepared for them too. The menu for that day was Marmite Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish, Garlic Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetable, and Fried Beehon.

  22. Desert was also served for the moms and dads, which ranged from Mixed Fruits, Potato Chicken Pies, and Banana Cake. Yum!

  23. In the mean time, Ruth Liew, a renowned child expert who authored several parenting books was giving a talk on parenting to the moms and dads who have had their lunch.

  24. Once everybody was full and refilled, the activity continued as Aydein and the rest of the crowd were again entertained with a Magic Show, conducted by a very creative, entertaining, and truly magical gentleman – Hafidz the Magician. He kept them entertained with different magic tricks right before their very eyes with silks, rings, ropes, and disappearing objects!

  25. The event must have been a little overwhelming for the 7-month-young baby Aydein, because he knocked out in the middle of the Magic Show! Poor Aydein. He must be exhausted from having too much of fun! :)

  26. Not long after that, the winner was announced. The Grand Prize went to Mrs Nor Rosmini (from mombloggersplanet.com) who won a 3D 2N trip for 4 to Hong Kong Disneyland! Congratulations to all the winners! :) Although Aydein and his little family did not win anything from the event, it was nonetheless a fun day out, thanks to Nuffnang and Friso Gold, and definitely something to remember!

  27. However, Aydein and his little family did not leave empty handed from the event as all guests were given free goodie bags before they headed home.

  28. Aydein and his little family left Kizsport Centre with big smiles on their faces and looked forward to join more fun events like this by Nuffnang in the future once again!

    Thank you Nuffnang!

    ; The End.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Just a short update, because I'm currently very busy.

However last night, I was upstairs, helping Aien to disassemble the bed. Yes, we decided to sleep on the floor since that awful incident last month.

Anyway, I was upstairs and Aydein was with bibik downstairs. I heard him whining so I called out to him from upstairs, I said.. "Aydeinnnnn. Nape tu?"

And then he was silent for a while. After a few seconds, he cried even louder and said, "Mmmmmah!" "Mmmmmah!"

He was calling out for me!

I couldnt bare to leave him waiting for me like that, so I stopped what I was doing, went downstairs and took him from bibik and brought him back upstairs. :)

But really, it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 3)

Hi everybody! It's Aydein again.

Time really does fly, and before you knew it, it's 2010 already! It felt like yesterday that I first screamed my lungs out in the bright labor room, and now, at 7 months young, I am beginning to see the beauty of this world which is now not very new to me anymore, although I still have a lot to explore!

At 7 months, I can now sit unsupported for a few minutes before I topple over. Hehe. Mama said it would take some time for me to really master this sitting skill skillfully, so until then I'm going to keep trying to balance myself until I get it right!

I heard mama conveyed her concern over to papa the other day about me not being able to crawl or even push myself forward just yet. Gees, mama. Take it easy lah. Don't you know that all babies are unique and develop at different pace? Pelan pelan kayuh la mama. I also heard she mentioned to papa that she would start picking me up less whenever I cry to stimulate my crawling skills from today onwards! *gasps* Don't lah mama. Sampai hati you. I gigit you lagi kuat nanti baru tau!

Speaking of which, I now have 2 sparkling new teeth at the top of my gum! See my beautiful new choppers?

Which makes a total of 4 sharp choppers altogether!

Yes. Sharp enough to make mama scream even louder than before everytime she nurses me. Hehe. It's funny though 'cause everytime she yells "No!" and glare at me, I would return her glare with a big smile. And when she says, "No, not funny", I would return her frown with an even bigger smile. She would then surrender to my adorable smile and ended up kissing me on the cheek and hugging me closer to her instead. :) Yes, I am a very cheeky boy indeed. :D

I also have a newfound habit lately. Everytime someone says something to me, I would make this very weird look on my face.

Mama told me to quit doing it. She said it looks ugly. Ugly ke?

Okay okay fine. I got the idea, I'll stop. Heeee.

Oh and lately, I have started to recognize my name. So everytime someone calls my name, I will turn to look at the person. Sometimes when that person duck and hide, I will turn my head left and right frantically to look for the voice. Tak baik la buli Aydein macam tu. Pening kepala Aydein tau :(

Until the next milestone from me!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom Bloggers Unite!

A big smile crept onto my face as I made my way to Ruzanna's (also known as Anne) house last Friday to celebrate her son's first birthday. Finally!, I thought excitedly. Finally today will be the day where I get to meet the 3 beautiful mums I have known only by pictures and blog entries for the past few months!

As though reading my thoughts, as soon as I took off my shoes, a pretty host lady in white & green came to welcome me into her house with a beaming smile. It was Anne! And as soon as I stepped into her house, a pleasant surprise washed over me again as I was greeted by another familiar looking lady with a very chubby baby. It was Nadia!

Please ignore the two big "tree trunks" of mine. Thank you.

As predicted, Nadia was as friendly in person as she is in the virtual world. (Virtual world? Haha. Bunyik klaka la pulak. :P) I spent most of the time chatting away with her and playing with her very cute and very chubby baby boy, Adam.

Geram kan? Rasa macam nak penyek2 je! Believe it or not, Adam is a fully breastfed baby! Lucky Adam to have a committed mummy like Nadia!

Something was amiss though. Where was Nuurill? And the famous Imran – the birthday boy?

My question was answered a few minutes later when Nuurill (looking as pretty as usual) came down, accompanied by Anne with a cake in their hands. It turned out that there was another baby who just turned 1 that very same day, so we sang another round of birthday song to the adorable baby!

But even after all that, I still could not see the famous Imran anywhere in sight. It turned out that Imran was actually upstairs, taking his nap, so Aien and I decided to help ourselves with the yummy food served on the table while waiting for the celebrated one to come down. The food was good, although I could not take much. Yes. Sadly, I'm still struggling to lose my pregnancy weight, so food becomes my #1 enemy lately. Sedeh ok!

Not long after that, the awaited one came down and I spared no time to say hello to him! He is such an adorable baby okay. Look at those big round eyes!

Imran - the Birthday Boy!

The day was filled with loads of fun, laughter, babies and .. saliva.

Aydein licking the goodie bag.

Aydein licking the knick-knack toy.

Aydein licking his fingers.

Yes. That's what Aydein is good at lately - licking everything and anything. Anyhow, it definitely was a good gathering and a memorable one, indeed! I went back with smiles on my face and new 2010 resolutions with me!

To be SLIM like ANNE.
To look HAWT like NUURILL.

No, seriously! :D Needless to say, I definitely had a good time meeting up with the mums, Aien had a good time knowing the dads and Aydein had a good time playing with Adam, Oman and Imran! It's amazing how a simple comment left in blog entry could blossom into a beautiful friendship like this! :)

From left : Nadia (with Adam), Nuurill (with Oman), Yours Truly (with Aydein), Anne (with Imran)

To all the mummies, we should really do this again sometime soon! To the birthday boy Imran, may these moments of smiles and joys grow year after year! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, Imran! :)