Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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The Little Family & Raya

Raya was extra fun this year!

Of course it has got to do with the additional member in the family, my charming little Aydein, to spice things up this year.

I had fun playing dress-up with him! :D Now that he has gained quite a weight, it's really nice to see him in his new, nicely-fitted Raya outfits!

rugged and handsome - my personal favorite

heart breaker - haha. tak lah, baby kan? :P
collared white romper - for first raya

mr milkman - haha love this!

long sleeve & jeans - his first jeans!

Oh so fun! I cant even imagine what I would buy, and do, if I were to have a daughter! :P Anyways, I wanted so much to see him in his one and only silver baju melayu that we bought earlier to match with our silver theme for first raya, but as all of you might have guessed, the baju melayu is still a wee-bit too big for him! Ish. Really, they should have those with size 0! But anyhu, we are keeping it for next raya, hoping that he wont outgrow his baju melayu by that time. Slim chance I know, but we'll see how it goes anyway. :)

Believe it or not, later that night, we rushed off to Johor. Imagine the journey from Penang all the way to Johor. Utara-Selatan ok! Penat macam nak mati, gua cakap sama lu. I mean you know, dah penat-penat beraya sana sini, makan itu ini, packing-packing, kena lari ke Johor pulak – on the same day!

But we are lucky, well, in a way, to have an F1 driver in the family. So regardless the "Biar Lambat Asal Selamat" campaign thrown by the government, my husband who has a need for speed drove *ready or not* . . . 220km/h, sometimes pushing it to even 240km/h all the bloody way! We were VERY lucky we reached Johor safely in one piece! So instead of the usual 7-8 hours drive that my dad usually take (haha), we reached Johor in just 4 hours – record! Banyak la kau punye record.

Raya at Johor was very tiring, but enjoyable nonetheless. We went as a big family in my sister in law's Alphard, so you can imagine how hectic and "ribut" the MPV was, with 2 babies, 3 kids, and 7 adults in it! Poor Aydein, who is quite a traveler, even went quite berserk at the end of the day. Mana tak nya. We started beraya at about 11am in the morning, and we only came back at about 1am the next morning! Yes, we were out on the road, visiting Aien’s relatives and close families for more than 12 hours that day! Sorry boy, blame it on papa okay. Hehe.

This is taken on our way to raya visits - before he went berserk. :P

Happy betol dia nak pi beraya. For the first few hours, that is. :P

Anyway, although I know this has been delayed, on behalf of Aien and Aydein, I would still like to wish all of you out there, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin to you and family. Please forgive our wrongdoings to you, and may your Eid be filled with lots of celebrations and festivities. Have a joyous and sparkling Eid, everybody!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aydein's Toothless Smile

Aydein wanted to share his happiness with the world last night so he flashed his big, BIG smile and asked me to have it recorded with my camera phone.

Oh yes, don't mind the background sound, though. It's annoying, I know. Hehe.

Now who can resist that precious smile? :) :)

Elya, my friend, was one of the firsts to see the video and she said...

Haha. Aydein, Aydein jangan kawan dengan Auntie Elya tau. :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too!

Dear Diary,

I am slowly getting adjusted to this world. In fact, I find it beautiful, now that I can see. I can even now appreciate the colorful lullaby musical mobile at my cot that mama and papa have long hung them even before my arrival.

I can even now see the bright "Dancing Tiger" (as papa would call it) dangling at the back seat of our car! I find them very amusing! :)

When sitting with support or propped up against sofa or something, I can hold my head steady and erect! It's so much fun, because this way, I can enjoy TV with mama and papa! Yes, this is also my new-found hobby – watching TV. I can stare at the vibrant TV screen for quite some time as though I understand it. But really, I find it fascinating, the TV. My doctor told me to limit the TV-time to only an hour a day, though. Ish doctor ni. Tak sporting lah.

When lying on my tummy, I can now lift my chest and head up steady to about 45 degrees for several moments too. Mama said it's good for my neck muscle.

Oh and did I mention that I can now smile and laugh too? And it's so funny, because everytime I do, mama laughs too, and we'll just sit there and crack up together. :) Mama, I want to hear you make that funny noise again! :D

And I don't demand as frequent feeds as I used to anymore. I can sleep longer and take in much more milk (as much as 5ozs per feed now!) than before. :D

But lately I have been very grumpy. I have been drooling quite a lot too. I heard mama and papa said they saw something white at the sides of my gum last few days, so it may be that I am teething. Mama finds it quite amusing that I'm teething at 3 months. But it seems that it's quite normal, so I'm looking forward to biting you, and you, and you in a few months time! Teehee.

I cant wait to tell you what I can do next! Until the next milestone from me!

- Aydein

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From The Diary of Ahmad Aydein

Dear Diary,

I am sure by now you must already know who I am. But in case you’ve forgotten, yes, I am Ahmad Aydein, proud son of mummy Thara and daddy Aien. I was born on the 31st of May at 3.03pm and am now 3 months 16 days! Lets do some flash back now, shall we?

Here's how I look like as a newborn :

During this time, I remember being latched on mama almost all the time! I remember mama being quite depressed during this time as I kept waking her up, almost every hour, (sometimes less) for feeds. I heard Opah suggesting to my mama how she should pump so that Opah or papa can help feeding me, but again she could not, because I did not sleep much, and all I wanted was to be in the comfort of my mama’s warm embrace.

Everytime I finished feeding, she would put me down, and I would start crying again, and she would pick me up over again to comfort me. Forgive me, mama. I did not quite like this new world that you have just introduced me. I felt so vulnerable and tiny. But I also remember you telling me when I was still in your tummy that I needed to grow strong and healthy, and that is why I needed all the nourishments from you, that is why I kept on asking feeds from you – to become just that!

But look what I have become, mama! All thanks to you and the Almighty, I am now a chubby, healthy baby!

I remember being just as little as 2.75kgs when I was born, but at 6.8kgs now, even 10 minutes of feeding me would make your arms numb eh? Heee. But now that I am a tad bit older, I think I look a lot like you, lah mama. I heard many people commenting the same thing, and I could not agree more! I know now where I got my handsome features from! Heee. Oh, here’s a picture to prove it.

(click on picture for larger view)

Can you tell which and which? :D

Anyways. This blogging stuff is really fun, no? But I think I should stop now or I might get hungry again and pester my mama for more milk. Hehe. I will write again soon!

- Aydein.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Durians and Labor

I was never a fan of durian. However, my likings for durians got better once I got pregnant, thanks to my husband who IS a big, BIG fan of durian and kept introducing the fruit to me bit by bit until, well, I grow fond of it. :P

And one fateful night, it happened. I asked my husband if he wanted to have a go at the durians hut near Uptown foodcourt. Of course he didn't say no, and we walloped quite a bit of durians that night ; I think I had about 10 cloves or more that night!

On the way back, I felt this uneasy feeling in my tummy. I felt like doing my big business and, well, I did! Teehee. However, my tummy still felt uneasy then. And I felt my unborn baby tossed and turned every now and then. Call it mother's instinct, but somehow I knew something was up. Afraid that the durians I ate were making my baby "panas", immediately I asked Aien to bring me to the nearest clinic for a scan just to see if my baby is okay and that no umbilical cord is around his neck.

However while searching for the clinic, I was also monitoring my contractions. I remember from the Lamaze class I went, that periodic contraction is one of the signs for labor and well, the contractions I felt then was indeed every 10 mins. I was not due until another week, so I was quite unsure if the contractions I felt was really labor contractions or merely another Braxton Hicks contractions.

But we decided to go for a check in SJMC anyway just to see if everything is okay since the clinics were all closed (it was already 3AM then!). After registering, the midwife told me to lay down and make myself comfortable while she examined me. And sure enough, it was time – I was already 3cm dilated!

I got admitted at about 3.30am and waited until after Subuh at about 5.30am to break the good news to both of our families. :) In the meantime, my contractions were getting stronger and longer. By 1.30PM, I could not stand it any longer as the pain got unbearable and asked for an epidural. The midwife told me to hang in there while she examined me, and guess what? It was too late! I was already 7cm dilated, so no epidural or any form of drugs to help me! Goodness!

All I could do was hang on for dear life as she provided me with the gas to inhale that honestly, did not work half as helpful as I thought it would be! But anything at this moment that could help alleviate the pain even one bit worked for me, so yes I used it anyways. And then, it was time!

I was ready to deliver! I pushed. and I pushed. and I pushed with all my heart. At one point I heard Aien said "Sayang, I can see the baby's head! Push lagi sayang!" and after a few pushes, exactly at 3.03pm on the 31st May 2009 , I heard my baby's first cry! It was one of the best moments ever! Whatever pain I was feeling, completely dissapeared. And when I held him for the first time in my arms, tears of happiness welled up at my eyes and I cant help but praise the Almighty for blessing me with this beautiful prince. :)

It's been 9 months, Ahmad Aydein, and you're finally here. :)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yours Truly Returns!

Oh wow.

Oh wow, oh wow.

It has truly been quite some time since I last scribbled something here. Wait no, it has almost been A YEAR since I last scribbled something here. Not that my disappearance bothers anyone of you kannn :P but anyhow I've decided to start blogging again and well, lets just hope that I wont start getting malas all over again and abandon this blog like project rumah terbengkalai dkt blakang rumah I tu okay. hee :D Anyways. This entry is going to be a bit long, so bare with me yea.

Well, truth to be told, many things happened while I was "away".

One of the "many things" was the fact that I got pregnant. Unlike many pregnant mums out there, I was keeping my pregnancy very low. Not that I was not proud of being pregnant, but honestly, I was afraid. I was afraid of the sick, horrible news I keep hearing from people around me.

“I lost my baby at 2 months,”
“I don’t know what happened but suddenly I could not feel my baby moving anymore,”
“I woke up one morning and I bled excessively. Next thing I knew, my baby is gone,”

Everytime I hear this kind of news, I get chills to my bone. I can imagine how heartbreaking it must be for those expectant mums posting joyous entries about their little gift from God, only to have to post another entry telling their readers how they have lost them.

That is why, I have decided to keep it low and embrace the happy days only with my husband, family and close friends.

Anyhow, now that my little precious is safely brought into this world, like many other mums out there, I am now proud to announce him to the world! And since I've been getting a lot of hows labor like for you? and how long were you in labor? and hows baby now? and hows life being a new mum? and everything as such, I have decided to save all of you the troubles and post my labor experience and baby updates here from now onwards instead. :)

So, until you hear from me again! xoxo.