Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello, No.3!

Okay. I know that I was supposed to be continuing the next part of our trip to Melbourne, but I figured that I’d better document this part of my pregnancy before I pop! #8monthslate #butbetterlatethannever

If you’ve been following my Instagram/Facebook, you’d know by now that I’m currently pregnant with baby #3. People who knew me well enough would know that I’m contented enough with just having 2 kids (at least at this moment), so when the news broke, they asked – was this an accident?

Well………….. no.


The thing is, Aien has always liked the idea of having a big family, and seeing how big his own family is, I kind of understand. So, soon after Adeena turned 2 and weaned off the boobs, we started our mission on baby #3.

Although we were trying, we agreed not to push it – if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I mean, we already have 2 amazing kids, a pair even, so let’s just take it easy and let nature work its way.

In case you didn’t know, at this time, I was actively trying to lose weight – low carbs intake, detox juice, gym training, zumba classes and all that jazz.

Basically, just going about my life as normal. Takde langsung la nak stop from doing any strenuous activities or eating “special food” to encourage pregnancy ke, nothing like that. Tak makan lagi ade la hehe. But God is great – when He wants to give something to you, He will give it to you, and there’s nothing in the world that can stop Him from doing just that. That's rizq.

So one day, just about 7 months after Adeena turned 2, I suddenly felt a sharp, abnormal pang at the right side of my abdomen while I was jumping for this one dance move in Zumba class. Instantly I thought, "Whoa, what was that? Could it be that I'm... conceiving?" Instantly I slowed down the movements and quickly rushed to the Pharmacy after the class to get the UPT strip to get it confirmed.

As soon as I get home, the first thing I did was pee on the stick, while convincing myself that whatever the result may be, I was to take it with arms. Sure enough, as soon as I was done, 2 bright red lines appeared.

I wish I could tell I was ecstatic, but I actually felt… neutral. I mean, how do you get excited when you know you’re gonna lose sleep (and hair!), have someone (if not some device) latching on you all day errrrrday, and get fat all over againnnnn! Sighssss. But I’ve seen supermoms with 3-4 kids looking as hot (maybe hotter) as ever, so maybe there’s still hope for me. :P I just need to… relax. And.. rest. A lot. #totallygonnahandthebabyovertoaientoraiseassoonasipop #heaskedforit #okjustkidding #mamalovesyoubaby #prayforthara

I probably stayed in the toilet for a little too long, because just when I thought of doing something to surprise Aien with the news, I heard his car’s engine just outside the gate. Without thinking much, I grabbed the nearest post-it note, scribbled something on it, and placed it on the sink in the toilet.

As soon as Aien came back home, I salam-ed him as usual and waited for him to go into the toilet, all the while keeping a sardine-face, acting like nothing’s up. #thetortureohgodthetorture

After what seems like eternity, he finally went into the toilet, only to come out 10 secs later, with a wide smile plastered on his face. I can never forget that look on his face – happiness. Pure happiness. That look that made all the anxiousness I felt inside fade away – for a while, at least :P He walked towards me, opened his arms, and without saying a word, wrapped me in an embrace. I can’t help but to smile, and right there and then, I know I just made my husband the happiest man in the world. :) #achievementunlocked #imsogettinganewbagsoon

Time flies, and whaddayaknow - it’s been 8 months! Oh in case you’re wondering, we didn’t tell the world about this news (aside from close friends and families) until I was at least 25 weeks, due to something that happened and will be revealed on a different post.

I swear I’m not doing this on purpose, guys! So many things happened but I just couldn’t find time to update! Soon okay? Promise!

Last but not least, baby darling -- mama, papa, abang and kakak are eagerly waiting for your arrival soon! 22 May 2016, it’s a date! Don’t make us wait okay? :)