Thursday, July 29, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 7)

Hello! It is 31st July 2010 and today marks my 14-Month birthday! Happy birthday to me! :)

I have progressed so much since my first birthday, alhamdulillah. If previously I can only cruise around by holding onto something, now, I can walk a few steps and stand without support for a few seconds before toppling over. I can also make people laugh by making lotsa different facial expressions. I like to squint my eyes really small and stick my tongue out whenever I feel cheeky!

And since I can already drink from the straw, I now drink plain water from a very fancy cup! Look! It has Elmo and Grover on it! :D

Besides understanding simple instructions like getting the ball when prompted "mana ball?" or getting the purple stuffed toy when prompted "mana Barney?" or bring my head close to someone when prompted "kiss kiss?", I can also now say simple words, like mama ("ma-mah"), papa ("baba"), bye, bird ("beh"), ball ("boh"), and last but not leat, Allahuakbar ("waaaba!")! :D

Weighing 9.5 kgs (it dropped when I fell sick recently :( )and standing at 75cm now, I will bounce up and down whenever I hear any music with tempo.

And besides being good at going down from elevated surface skillfully by getting my butt down first, I can also climb up so many things, from as low as sofas to as high as staircases!

I am beginning to be able to express my feelings out clearly too. I like to throw tantrums when I don't get what I want. I'll throw things given to me and cry really really loud and sometimes even hit the person I am frustrated at really really hard! So please don't make me cry. You won't like me when I cry!

If I used to be a really big eater last time and swallowing each and every thing given to me, nowadays I like to be in control of what goes inside my system. Yes, I am a very fussy eater nowadays, it drives mama crazy! Poor her, she keeps trying all sorts of things to make me eat like before.

But don't you know, mama? Babies this age tend to act this way. And because we tend to grow more slowly at this age, we do not need as much food. So chill, okay? I will eat when and what I want, and you can't force-feed me! Heehehehe. Peace, mama!

I am also starting to become really observant and try to imitate the things that adult do, like combing my hair. And although it drives mama up the walls, I just love making a mess about the room and explore everything and anything, from purses, to wallets, to toy containers, to tupperwares to.. yes, closets!

On top of all these, one thing for sure, if there's anything I am good at, it is growing my teeth! Hehe. My teeth grows rapidly that I now have 14 gleaming white teeth (6 at the top, 8 at the bottom) altogether! And the best thing is, I can now chew easily too because I now have 2 pre-molars at the bottom of my gum! LOOK! :)

Now how many teeth do you have? :P

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stick It Out!

The old wives tale says that when a baby falls sick, it is a sign that the baby is about to master a new skill. So when Aydein fell sick a couple of days back, many assumed that he would be walking soon.

And although he can already stand without support for a few seconds and walk a few steps before toppling over, mind you, he has yet to master the walking skill.

However, nothing prepared us for this funny surprise. He mastered a new skill, alright. He mastered the art of ...

sticking out his tongue! :P

Not sure when he learnt it from, probably from his elder cousins, but this always happens each time he tries to be cheeky!

And the more you say "Aydein, no. It isn't nice!", the more he does it! :P

In the end, you'll surrender to his adorableness and stick your tongue back out at him, which he will gladly imitate by sticking out his tongue back at you! :P

Sighs. This little sweetheart never fails to crack us up! :P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sickly Boy

I used to wonder how it would be like if Aydein were to really fall sick. As far as I can recall, Aydein hardly got hit by the temperature since the day he was born. The only time he experienced a mild temperature was when he was really young, about 3 or 4 months, due to the jab. Even the recent MMRV jab that he got last month did not cause any fever on him. That is why, when he fell sick since the past 2 days, I got worried sick!

Aien and I were in the car on our way back from the office when I received a call from home at about 8.30pm. We were informed that Aydein has a mild temperature since morning. Aien drove as fast as he could, and reached home to find Aydein temperature hitting 38.5°! We were also informed that Aydein has been vomiting twice since morning. Without hesitating, we went to the Menara Clinic. Dr. Alan mentioned that it was just viral infection and prescribed some medicines for Aydein to take.

The next day, I worked from home just to monitor Aydein's temperature. His fever come and go. At times it's 38.5°, at times it's 38°. But last night, when it hit 39°, I had no choice but to wake Aien up, and with his help, inserted the Voren medicine from Aydein's back, stripped Aydein off his clothes, took him into the shower and bathe him with the cold pipe water at 3am in the morning! Aydein cried, and cried, and shivered the whole time! And although it broke my heart to see him like that, I knew it was just the right thing to do to bring his temperature down as to avoid him from getting fit.

After drying him up and leaving him bare with just the diaper on, I asked Aien to go back to sleep. Then, I tried to put Aydein back to sleep by letting him to suckle on me. The moment his tongue touched my you-know-what, I could feel the heat from his body. I could not fall back to sleep, worrying if the temperature would fluctuate again. So I got up back again, looked for a fresh clean handkerchief, and started "sponging" him. Yes, I know now what tepid-sponging is! Or at least, I think that is what it is!

Anyway, Aydein HATED the sponging course! He cried the moment I put the wet cloth on his body. In order to comfort him, I did the only thing that I could think of. I let him suckle on me while I sponge him. After a while, it got so tiresome to fight, so he dozed off anyways. His temperature was much better after that, 36.4° to be exact, that I was confident to go back to sleep again, only at 5am.

The sickly boy who lost weight rapidly only after 2 consecutive days of fever :(

Earlier today, Aydein's temperature got back up again. But since it was just a mild one, I just gave him a shot of PCM and continued to sponge him. As expected, he cried his lungs out again!

But after a few coaxing, he was back to his normal smiley self again, and allowed me to gently sponge him with the occasional "ehek ehek". I believe that's just him being manja. :P

I thank Allah though, Aydein is such a good boy. Although I find him slightly clingy on me during this time, however, I can hardly find him whining or crying unnecessarily. He eats and drinks normally and still try to smile and laugh and make his funny faces asthough trying to tell me, don't worry mama, i'll be alright. :)

Aydein wrapped in a wet towel to bring down the temperature

I shall pray that you will be alright soon, dear. I love you too much!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Favorite Spot In The World!

I was having trouble sleeping last night, you see.

So I tossed and turned, tossed and turned, and finally, landed on my favorite spot that made me dozed off immediately!

Guess where it was?

Yeap, none other than on mama's comfy armpit! :D

Err, does this look like the classic malay saying, "di bawah ketiak mak" to you? You tell me! But one thing for sure, I know I'm such a mama's boy! :P

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got Smokey Eyes?

Okay. This is a really delayed entry. I have been wanting to make an entry on this since way back but never got the chance to get my hands on it (sorry Anne!). Now that I have the time, I'm just gonna do it! :)

So you're flipping through the magazines and you see the celebrities' dark smudgy eyes and you're wondering, how the hell did they do that? Are they hard to do? Can I do it myself?

The answer is, yes! You can totally do it yourself! Sure, there are many ways to do it, but this is one of the easiest techniques ever and it worked fine on me! And because it is so easy, I can do it in the car and it really would just take me 5 minutes (or a little bit more) to get the whole look!

Many have approached me and asked me how I actually did it. So one day, I tried taking pictures of me applying the makeup with the step by step guide, but the pictures weren't so clear. So I thought that it's best that I share this video with all of you; it is exactly how I get my smokey eyes done really, and the fact that it is in motion would enable you to see it even more clearly. :)

This is one of my favorite daily makeups to the office. Once you've gotten the hang of this, you can start playing around with the colors. Just make sure you have the necessary makeup kit in hand, though! ;)

Oh and, if you love makeup and looking for more tips on them, here's a very good website for a start ; Makeup Geek. I can't get enough of Marlena! She's really good and she explains everything really well! Check out this very basic of applying eye makeup from her on YouTube! You're totally gonna love it :)

She also posted a video on how she does her smokey eyes, but I prefer Sandy's version of smokey eyes better somehow. :) Check this video out!

So have fun being pretty and happy trying, ladies! ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Colorful Weekend

My weekends are never dull. Mama and papa will always make sure that my weekends are filled with fun activities, even if it means spending some time splashing around in the mini pool we have at home.

Two weeks ago, we all went to Rebung to celebrate Tok Ayah's birthday.

Does that place ring a bell to you? Yes, it is our celebrity Chef Ismail's restaurant!

We were very lucky that Chef Ismail was around at that time. Because he made us a special Rendang Tok upon the special request from the "Birthday Boy"! Tok Ayah was also given a free Pulut Durian -- on the house!

The good food coupled with the nice ambiance completed the luncheon. They serve local food there -- from various types of lauks, through to various types of desserts.

Needless to say, Tok Ayah was one happy "Birthday Boy" on that day!

And then, recently mama and papa took me to my second boat ride. The first time was at Mines. This time around we went on a cruise at Putrajaya! Although it was an enjoyable ride, I still feel the one at Mines was way better because I could see beautiful fishes swimming around! This time around however, I saw many monumental architectures surrounding me.

Oh did I tell you that Tok Ayah, Tok Mak and my cousins also came along? This is Mummy Na. She's literally my "mummy" because she is my milk mom (ibu susuan). You see, when papa fell sick last year, mama had to stay with papa in the hospital to look after him. So Mummy Na offered to look after me and fed me with her milk when I got hungry at night.

Mummy Na and my parents are very close, you see. We go to many places and do a lot of things together. Last time, when papa was a bachelor, he used to stay with Mummy Na in Bukit Jelutong because Tok Ayah & Tok Mak were still in Johor then. Even when I first got to this world, Mummy Na helped us a lot and threw in a lot of helpful advices as to how to handle me as a baby. She's a mom of four but still look like a bachelorette!

Anyway, all the the basking under the hot sun was making me tired and thirsty.

That was when mama tried to make me drink plain water using a straw. I didn't manage to get the water up to my mouth at first, but after a few tries, I got the hang of it and started slurping the water from the straw for the very first time!

Thank God the boat ride was just for 45 mins. After that, we were off to Floria Festival!

I have three words to describe this event : Beautiful girls flowers everywhere! Everywhere you go, you see colorful bed of flowers everywhere.

Some are designed into shapes of numbers, cartoon characters, animals, princess dresses, and a whole load more.

I definitely had a good time feasting my eyes there, that by the end of the day, Tok Mak even called me "Mat Bunga"! Heehee!

The day was filled with so much excitement that as soon as we got into the car, I knocked out straight away. It was nevertheless, a beautiful day out with my big family. :)

For those of you who have yet to visit Floria Festival in Putrajaya, you may still do so by this weekend! The festival is open to public till 18th July 2010, so don't forget to bring your camera and snap loads and loads of pictures! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Away From My Desk

Mummies, darlings, friends, stalkers, & readers,

Just a short update to tell you that I might not be able to update my blog (or check out your blogs) as frequently for this week as I am loaded with work and more work -- blame it on the work!

I have got so much to tell, though. And that's coming right up as soon as I got the time okay!

As for now, stay glued to your screen and keep on checking out for more updates from me!

Until then, xoxo! ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Heart Cameron!

It's been a while since my little family took me out on a trip. And since mama and papa have been to Cameron Highlands for a couple of times, they thought it would be a great idea to take me out to my first ever trip to Cameron Highlands last week, in order to get me closer to nature and get away from the busy city life.

It was so much fun because I got to visit so many places and learn so many new things! I was so happy, I kept laughing and smiling all the way!

One of the places that I can never forget was the "BOH" Tea Centre.

Oh the trouble that we had to go through just to get to that place! You see, to get to that place, we had to drive on a very, veryyy steep and narrow road that only allows one car to pass through each time.

See how small the road is? It was even challenging since we were in a big Alphard so you can imagine how our hearts thump each time we see a car coming towards us! Lucky for us, papa is such a good driver! So we passed each car smoothly without any trouble, alhamdulillah.

Nevertheless, all the obstacles and troubles that we went through were all worth it once we set our eyes on one of the most magnificent views ever. It is the beautiful "BOH" Tea Centre!

It is located at the peak of the hill and the place is surrounded with beautiful tea plantation scenery that totally took my breath away! I have never seen anything so beautiful, it made me wiggle with joy!

And from up here too, you can see the panoramic view of the tea plantation while enjoying a cup of hot tea and slices of cakes!

And since I am a big boy now, mama thought I could get a little taste of the famous BOH tea! I am not sure if it was the cool breeze up there or it was my thirst for water at that time, but the tea I tasted on that day was really, really yummy!

Before we left that beautiful place, mama grabbed a few boxes of flavored teas and I posed for the camera as a handsome Orang Utan! :D

The next day, we went to the Strawberry Farm. Did you know that strawberries are rich with Vitamin C? I didn't -- until mama told me that on that day. I learnt that strawberries are not only lovely, they are also able to prevent cancer!

My Mak Long who is a doctor didn't recommend mama to feed me with a lot of strawberries though. Because strawberries are citrus fruits and citrus fruits are quite acidic, so she suggested mama to go easy with the strawberries before my tummy gets upset. What a bummer -- because I liked it! Especially the chocolate dipped ones! Yum!

Mama went crazy with strawberries and bought everything-strawberries, from a whole load of fresh strawberries through to the strawberry jam, strawberry juice, strawberry fridge magnet, and strawberry stroller pads! Here are some!

Then, we also went to the Bee Farm! I saw a huge swarm of bees securely locked up in a huge box with a transparent screen. I think the bees can be harmful because the box says "Yes, can see! But do not touch the box and bee!"

But I was feeling adventurous and wanted to touch the bees because they were so fascinating but mama stopped me before I even got the chance to lay a finger on the screen. Sighs. No fun lah you, mama.

Can you see the honey comb at the top there? Did you know that we can actually eat the honey as well as the comb? It's true! Atok and Pak Lang told us about that fact when we there there on that day. See, I told you I learnt a lot during this trip! ;)

Before we went back, again we dropped by another tea plantation for another round of snack. This time, we went to Bharat tea plantation. It also has a great view and equally nice teas :)

One of mama's friends told us not to leave Cameron without tasting the scones which seem to be one of Cameron's famous delicacies, so we ordered some and I instantly fell in love with it!

Before we left Bharat tea plantation, mama went down to personally feel and touch the tea leaves. I could not join because it was already drizzling then, so I stayed with Atok and Opah upstairs while mama and papa did some Hindustani poses in the tea field!

Papa promised to bring me here again because we did not get the chance to visit many more places like the Cactus Farm, the Butterfly Park, the Flower Farm, and a whole lot more to explore due to the rainy weather while we were there. But one thing for sure, I definitely enjoyed my stay there and I can't wait for more trips like this in the future!

Oh and if you haven't already visited Cameron, you really should! Until then, hugs and kisses from me and mama! ;)