Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr Nebulizer and Aydein

The one thing about kids socializing with each other is that, they tend to pick up a lot of things from each other. They learned new skill from each other, they try to copy or imitate each other, and for Aydein's case, they also pickup bugs or viruses from each other.

It feels just like yesterday since the last time Aydein fell sick. And recently, he seemed to have caught one of those bad bugs that caused him to cough badly. He's been coughing so bad, that phlegm started to block his airways and there's even wheezing sound coming out from inside his body, like an asthmatic person.

I initially thought that it would go away. But after a few days, it got even worse that I had to ask my sister doctor to come over and examine him. My sister told me Aydein's condition is pretty worrying and that he needed medical attention asap. And since she didn't have with her all the right equipments then, we were once again forced to bring him to the nearest hospital, so the first thing that came to mind was, SJMC.

Just after subuh yesterday, we went straight to the doctor and Aydein was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis, not Asthma. More about Bronchiolitis here. He said that the only way Aydein could have gotten this is from other kids around his age. It seems that it is rare for adults to transmit this virus so I'm guessing that he caught this from one of his cousins that he saw recently.

Poor baby had to be on nebulizer in order to get his airways cleared. He cried very badly. Very, very badly like I've never heard before. He was so very upset that he was forced to wear the mask and inhale the gas. He tried to struggle out of it, but we managed to hold him back. He cried and cried, and paid no interest even when we played his favorite Barney clip from his dad's phone.

Later that night, we brought him to see another doctor again the very same night, because he was not getting any better. This time, we went to Menara Clinic to see our regular Dr Alan instead, because we weren't very happy with the service given by the doctor we saw earlier in SJMC. Aydein was given another dose of nebulizer gas. That was when we know, how strong -- really strong, this boy is.

He pushed his body forward, wriggled left to right, just to free himself from the mask while crying out really, really loud. He was really strong, that he even managed to get out from Aien's grip and snatched the mask off his face. And when Aien held him back and I put the mask back on his face, he cried on top of his lungs and looked at me with that pleading look at his eyes. I felt really sorry for him, but I had to pull myself together, knowing that this is the best for him.

And this morning, we went to Menara Clinic again to follow up. Aydein has gotten much, much better since last night. There was very little wheezes, that the doctor felt that it was not necessary to put him on nebulizer anymore.

Aydein tired from crying

He advised that we come again tonight for checkup though just in case, because it tends to get cold at night and that's when the attack usually happens. Let's pray that Aydein recovers fast so there is no need for him to see Mr Nebulizer no more -- and save his tears.


RuZaNNa said...

This reminds me back to what imran had during his first year.. masa imran kat nursery dulu, mmg slalu kena cough and flu very badly.. 3 kali imran kena admitted at DSH due to this.. coughing badly sampai whizzing.. siap beraya kat Pantai Medical Center Penang tau we all last year sbb imran admitted for 5 days..
Alhamdulillah, since we got a maid, die dah tak teruk sgt.. imran's paed diagnosed the same thing as aydein, Bronchiolitis.. tp since the reocccurance were not really close.. so his paed ckp it's not athma..
So whenever imran start coughing.. i jadi paranoid sbb takut to go through the same thing again.. last month he had one again, nasib die tak sampai whizzing.. thus no need for nebulizers.. kalau dulu.. every 4 hours tau kena.. but since imran was still a baby.. die tak put that much resistance sgt..

Anyway babe.. don't worry, it's part of parcel of growing up, and thank god that he's in the recovery mood already.. eventhough it breaks our hearts to see the young ones crying out loud, but it's for their best.. so stay strong mommy! bulan ramadhan ni banyak dugaan tau,for us mommies.. :)

To Aydein, get well soon honey! we want to see you back up and running with the cheeky smile you always have :)


Owh Owh Owh.. pity Aydein!! Get Well Soon, good boy.

Thara, How Aydein reacted towards the Mr Nebulizer is 100%ly same as how Oman did when he experienced that 3 times before. It really broke my heart. But, i just didn't know where i got all the strength, that i could allow myself to force him to wear that mask until the gas's finished..even he was crying out of his lung until he's voiceless, even he called my name seeking for help.. gosh!! i exactly know how you feel during that time, dear.

Hopefully after this, they will never see Mr Nebuliser again. Aamin.

RieNa said...

alaa aydein..kesiannya kamu..
tau tak, masa kamu nangis2 tak nak kat nebuliser tu, mama kamu pun rasa mcm nak menangis mcm kamu.

achik tau lah.

Nawal pun pernah kena masa 5 bulan. mcm mendera pulak masa paksa dia sedut tu. tp kita tau itu utk kebaikan dia.

get well soon Aydein. sementara nak besar, mcm ni lah.luckily u have mom n dad like yours. ;)

worryfather said...

Poor aydein..

hope he recovers soon..

And you two take care too.

Nadine said...

Alahai sedihnya baca entry ni Thara. Bila tgk gamba Aydein tu lagi la bergenang air mata ni. Mcm boleh bayang je esp part dia tgk kat you tu..huwaaaa, sedihnya!! :'(

You, Bronchitis antara yg paling I takut skali tau. Since Faaz lahir mmg I doa sgt2 smoga dia tak kena ni. Sbb masa I preggy dulu, nephew Fadzil kena, Bronchitis, I think lebih kurang Bronchiolitis jugak sbb I ingat lagi biras I ckp kalau prolog bleh kena asma. Sampai admitted 5 hari dia kat SJMC and pakai nebulizer ni.Sedih I tgk dia. Trauma terus.

I tak sure the correct way to prevent it, yg I tau slalu kena elakkan our babies from adults/kids yg selsema atau batukla. Tp mama Fadzil slalu pesan, kalau Faaz selsema/batuk, jgn tunggu lama2. By the 3rd day kalau ade wpun sket2 terus bagi ubat/jumpa Dr. Dia kata baby tak reti buang kahak, so kalau tunggu lama2 possibility dia dh telan kahak tu tinggi, then bleh sekat air flow to lung. Jadi probability nak dpt Bronchiolitis or Bronchitis tu ade.

Anyway, I hope the result tonight is much,much better. Lets hope Aydein will recover fast. You and Aein take care ok..

life songs said...

thara, i hope aydein is better now? it my be heartbreaking to see him like this, cos it breaks my heart reading your post. by the way, just to share with you, babies who have the good nutritional shake added into their milk formula, are generally less likely to fall sick. i hope it will be a better solution for aydein and your family. xoxo

p!nkerton said...

huhu mmg kesian tgk baby kena nebulizer. athirah pun dah penah kena 3 kali. but good for her coz usually after tu dia akan muntah kahak. get well soon aydein!

irradhil said...

Ya Allah...kesiannyer aydein.get well soon dear!!!!

samala ngn esya.die start 4mths dh kena neb.mmg meraung camtu gak.tp paed ckp xper biarkan die meraung.lg luas lung die so nnti cptla ubt tu masuk.irra pn mmg menitis airmata ms riba die sbb sgt2 sedey.so far lps 3@4 times kena neb....esya dh recover.sbb paed ckp kena pantaula mkn minum die.banana,grapes mmg xleh mkn.kalau esya mkn jer....msti batuk then kena pegi neb lagi.huhuhu.

n u r rite....mmg biasa attack tu pd wktu mlm.esya smpaikan tertidu ats bahu abi die.irra plk mmg jahil la mstu.xtrus pegi ER.paed ckp kalu kena mlm pn trus bwk pegi ER.jgn tunggu2.huhu.

Hopefully aydein will recover soon.n u 2 mummy....do take care also.

Thara said...

anne :
oh no, that sounds really bad! itu lah, my sister ada ckp jugak, kalau dah terok sgt, mmg the baby will be admitted bcoz they will need the neb every 4 hourly kan. aydein skarang pon dah start kene 4 hourly dah nampak gayanya, tapi the clinic doctor ckp there is no need for admission yet, psl the clinic pon ada neb so kalau pi hosp pon, they'll just do the same -- kasik sedut neb je. so kitorang ulang alik lah from house to clinic every 4 hourly. penat ok, tapi takpe, i tak gemar aydein kene admit pon. so far, the doctor pon mentioned this is not asthma, but it is leading to asthma. i just hope that aydein's lungs will be cleared soon b4 it becomes so serious, it becomes asthma! :(

thanks for the support anne. really appreciate it. u tau tak, i tak sangka all of u pon ada experience with bronchiolitis. bila dgr all of u punye experience, somehow it helps to keep me more in control and calm. :)

nuurill :
another momma with experience! seriously, mcm i ckp dkt anne tadi, i tak sangka all of u pon ada experience with bronchiolitis. and nampaknya our babies all go thru the same episode of temporary hysteria eh? kesian derang kan. sighs. :( betol babe, i pon taktau mcm mana i bole find the strength to let aydein habeskan gas tu. masa tu, i cuma pikir, "be strong thara, be strong. it's for his own good." thats what held me back from taking the mask off his face.

btw, hes been on Mr Neb for the fourth time now, later this evening it's going to be the 5th time. hes getting better, tapi the wheezing is still there. but its ok. insyaallah he'll be alright. pray for us ok! thanks for the concern, nuurill. really appreciate it :)

kak riena :
oh no, really? at 5 months? itu lah, tiqah baca, bronchiolitis are prone to happen to babies between the age of 4 - 6 months. and from other mommies experience ni pon, babies derang kene during the first year. ntah nape tetibe aydein nak terkene skarang pulak.. sighs. :( takpelah. dugaan utk kami sekeluarga. ada lah hikmahnya tu kan. :) but thanks for the concern kak riena, really appreciate it. :)

Thara said...

worryfather :
aww thanks for the concern. aydein is getting better, but hasnt fully recovered. pls pray for his speedy recovery!

nadine :
yeah, it's really heartbreaking. ooh faaz tak penah kena ye? alhamdulillah, u should really be grateful! and do avoid all the things that could lead him to getting it, because it's really not a pleasant thing to get! :( rupanya citrus fruits, mango, cold water, too-cold room, carpet, sick toddlers could all contribute to this problem! so take note of this and do look after faaz well ok! thanks for the concern, nadine. really appreciate it. :)

lifesongs :
hey jay, aydein is getting better, but the wheezing is still there. :( and thanks for sharing, ive taken that into consideration! :)

pinkerton :
yes betol, smlm pon aydein dok batuk batuk batuk, pastu muntah kahak. bile bitau doctor, doctor kata it's good bcoz dia muntahkan kahak tu keluar. lega sket dgr mcm tu. mula2 risau jugak aydein ni dah start muntah2 pulak kan. haihs. but thanks for the concern babe, really appreciate it!

irradhil :
seriously, i baru sedar betapa ramainya mommies with the same problem that i have now. sblm ni i dok ingat, i sorang2 je anak bermasalah dgn bronchiolitis. rupanya most of us had have shares of mr nebulizer jugak eh? :P aydein dah 4 kali kene nebulizer dah ni, irra. but still belom baik. hes getting better, but the wheezing is still there, so ptg ni and malam ni nak kene pi lagi. and ure right, the doctor pon bitau i tadi, byk rupanya benda2 yang bole trigger bronchiolitis or worse, asthma ni. citrus fruits, mango, cold water, too-cold room, carpet, sick toddlers could all contribute to this problem! btw, i pon tau kene pi ER psl my sister yang advice kan. kalau dia tak bitau, i pon takkan tau. anyways, thanks for the concern babe, really appreciate it :)

semut-terbersin said...

alah kesiannye aydein! i pernah kene bronchitis, slalu kene serang sesak nafas tgh2 malam bute..terpaksa rush to clinic amik nebulizer..my standby puff mmg tak jalan..kene nebulizer baru lega..kita yg besar ni pon tak tahan ngan neb tu inikan plak budak kecik..sian kan bebudak kecik ni..
a'a derang ni kalo meronta kuat gila..i aritu[masa aariz kene H1N1] mmg tak larat nak pegang aariz..tak terpegang..daddy dia yg pegang everytime kasik neb kat dia..
masa kat hosp arituh lepas nebulizer, kitorg diajar buat physio kat aariz..so everytime after neb, wat physio kat dia, lung die cepat je clear..

get well soon aydein!


owh pity lil Aydein..
Get well soon dear..

Adam pun once pernah having bad flu and need to take the nebulizer..
3 times I kn pergi DEMC that time..
nak boleh abiskan 1 shot tu sgt susah..menangis aje..

thats y now, kalau Adam flu lama sket, I terus bwk jumpe doc, takut at the end dah ke paru2 nak kena use nebulizer lagik..

u too take care dear..
dah bnyk kn dgn a bad experience at SJMC lately..;(