Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miss Busy.

Okay. Here’s the deal.

I have been getting an insane deal of msgs, SMSs and IMs requesting me to upload my wedding pictures. So I figured that I’d save everyone some time & credit and post a short update on the absence of my long-awaited wedding pictures and why.

Honestly, I have got insanely huge amount of pictures to share with all of you and for maximum pleasure (heehee), I really need you to be patient! :P I have separated my wedding pictures to 6 albums (yes I told you they are massive!) and will upload them gradually either in my Friendster page, my wedding website, or just.. here! There will even be one surprise exclusively for you who have been following my blog write-up, so keep checking my 3 official pages yea! ;)

And as for my update, well, life has been very, very hectic ever since I got married and even before I got married (with the preparation, wedding website and all). Anyway. After the reception at my side, a week after, was the reception at Johor. Then a week after that was my honeymoon trip to Tioman Island. A few days after that, I had to start working and had tons of work piled up just waiting to get my hands on them. Besides, since my *ehems* husband (gotta get used to using this title! :P) and I are weekend-husband-and-wife for the time being, we had to rotate and see each other on weekends until I get myself transferred to KL after Raya. That’s right people! Yours truly will be moving to KL for good this time! :D So yeah, life has been very hectic with even more responsibilities to cope up but very exciting altogether for me!

However, I do pray that I do have the time to update and catch up with you despite the busyness in my daily life routine, but until then, I wish you a very blessed Ramadhan and a month full of grace, peace and patience.

Happy fasting, everybody! :)

Next update: Tioman Honeymoon Trip!