Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Private or Government Hospital?

Lately, somehow I have come across a few of this debate. Usually this would not interest me, but recently, one of my sister's good friend (whom I have considered as my own sister), referred her readers to a blog containing this debate, or rather, the writer's point of view on this matter. And I must say, I was rather intrigued to what the writer had to tell and say in her entry. I applaud the writer's stand and point of view in her entry. Very well spoken and I agree 100% to everything she said in her entry.

All you ladies (and men too!) out there should read the entry, written by Chika. It's a very good entry, and it makes you realize, to always think before you speak (or type). She highlighted 2 things there and I highly recommend that you read, just to remind ourselves things that we may forget, sometimes.

Reading all the comments thrown by other readers, I cant help but to chip in my two cents on one of the issues as well. Since I gave birth to Aydein in a private hospital, this is what I had to say :


chika, well said. saya setuju 100% dgn apa yang chika luahkan di atas.

memang tak dinafikan, tidak patut sama sekali bagi sesiapa untuk mempertikaikan decision seorang ibu untuk melahirkan anak di govt atau private.

namun bagi saya, ini merupakan rezeki masing masing. bagi yang berkemampuan, tidak salah utk mereka utk mendptkan khidmat dari swasta, yang sedia maklum, lebeh selesa dgn layanan yang lebeh baik. sama seperti kereta. mengapa sesetengah kelompok membeli wira atau perdana, walhal kancil juga dapat menjalankan tugas yang sama baik seperti kereta2 laen? kerana kelompok itu lebeh mampu, dan keselesaan yang lebeh.

dari seorang ibu yang melahirkan anak di hosp private dan juga pernah melalui pengalaman di klinik kerajaan, saya memilih private kerana mereka lebeh prihatin dan tidak melayan kita spt kita ini "beban" kpd mereka. mungkin tidak semua hosp kerajaan begini, tetapi pengalaman yang saya lalui semasa periksa bulanan cukup utk membuatkan saya serik dan takut untuk berususan dgn hospital kerajaan utk melahirkan anak saya. apabila saya mengadu tentang hal ini kpd kakak saya yang juga seorang doctor kerajaan, dia terkejut & marah dengan layanan yang diberikan oleh klinik kerajaan tersebut. disebabkan kakak saya seorang doctor juga, saya banyak mendengar cerita2 yang tidak enak, membuatkan saya teguh dgn pendirian saya utk melahirkan anak saya di private. dan alhamdulillah, layanan dan servis yang diberikan, sangat memuaskan. mungkin kerana perkhidmatannya dibayar, tetapi apa yang lebeh penting, ibu selamat melahirkan anak, anak sehat, dan ibu selesa.

jadi, setiap dan sesuatu keputusan yang dibuat oleh seorang ibu, ada sebabnya, juga yang terbaik untuknya & anaknya. jangan ada perasaan hasad atau jelik kpd sesuatu keputusan yang telah diambil oleh seseorang ibu itu. hak dia, rezeki dia. terpulang kpd dia.

bagi yang mampu (dan mahu), kamu mampu membuat pilihan untuk ke private atau govt. bagi yang tidak (dan tidak mahu), pergi ke govt pon tidak siapa kata salah (kecuali bagi suara2 yang tidak menyenangkan, kamu mmg patut dikutuk).

pilihan masing2. lahir di govt atau private, bukan lah issue di sini. tidak kesahlah anak yang dilahirkan di hosp govt atau swasta, yang penting anak yang dilahirkan itu sehat, dan dpt membesar sbg seorang anak yang dpt membanggakan masyarakat & agamanya sendiri insyaallah. itu yang kita hendakkan & patut kita doakan.


Make sense to you? Think about it. :)

Ps : YES i CAN write in Malay too! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Talk

It has been a long time since I last buried my head under a good book, for hours and hours. I think it was a year ago. Or more.

You see, I love reading. And I found love in English reading back in my secondary years. Before that it was just Ahadiat Akashah or Kisah Pengembaraan 5 Sekawan or.. Doraemon!

But it was after this first English novel that I fell in love with the beauty of English.

Like Sweet Valley novels, Stephanie (Full House) is a book series with different story in each book. So you can imagine how I would pester my mum to get a new one, once I have finished reading the previous one. I was so addicted to it, that my mum decided to get the whole series in bulk! She would keep them in her room, and handed me with a new book each month if I do behave well. What a way to bribe me kan! Hehe. But being the cheeky me, I could not wait. So I would sneak into her room, opened her closet, and indulged myself in the pool of Stephanie books happily! (Aydein, I will keep my eyes on you, so don't even dream of doing this! No means no ok!) :P

some of the 33 books from Full House (Stephanie) collection

Since then, my love for English novels keeps growing and what started with an innocent teenage novel, blossomed into more serious, adult romance novels like those written by Judith McNaught.

some of McNaught's brilliant pieces

McNaught's pieces are brilliant. However they are more to heavy reading and I wanted something light, something for me to just relax and laugh my head off. That's when I stumbled upon this.

Since then, I found love in chic lits and I got so addicted, that I started getting all of Sophie Kinsella's stand-alone novels!

I have yet to complete her Shopaholic series though, but I plan to!

And recently, I have just finished reading her latest novel, Twenties Girl.

And as expected, this one is simply addictive and brilliant, like all of her other gems. I was so hooked with the book, I even found time to read it while I ate, worked and breastfed Aydein! It's true, where there's a will, there's a way. :)

Kinsella's Remember Me? has been lying untouched on my dressing table for days now. My cue to find time to finish another of her gem? You bet!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 5)

I know, I know. I have been a little quiet lately. But there are reasons behind my quietness, you see. I have actually been gaining more skills slowly and silently everyday!

At 9 months plus, I can do a few more things compared to before. If a few months back I could just bring my hands together and stare at them fascinatingly, now I can express my happiness by clapping my hands happily!

And my teeth! I don't know why, but they keep growing more and more (and fast too!) each day! My first two white caps sprouted when I was as little as 3 months young. And now, at 9 months, another 2 gleaming white teeth are beginning to appear at the bottom, making a total of 8 (4 above, 4 bottom) gleaming white teeth altogether now!

Speaking of which, I am now able to add more vocabs to my baby talk, like "mama" "a-bah", "puh", "beh", "ehh", "ba-ba" and a few others that I can't recall at the moment. Papa is still waiting for me to say “pa-pa” though. He keeps going like, paaaaaaaaaaa-pa? Baby, paaaaaaaaa-pa? Hehe.

Oh and I am very mobile now. Very mobile and active to be exact. If a few weeks back I was struggling to get something which is just a few feet away, now I can creep from one end to another effortlessly and quickly!

This helps mama on her effort to lose her weight! Because every now and then, she would shriek and run towards me to stop me from getting into the kitchen, toilet, under the table and all other forbidden parts of the house! One time she almost fainted when she found out that half of my body was already inside the toilet, trying to grab the shower handle! And another time, her eyes almost popped when she caught me at the door grills, trying to reach out and put the slippers into my mouth! And there was another time, she shrieked again when she found me creeping to the dustbin, and trying to mess with the rubbish inside! Poor mama, I think she's going to get heart problem soon.

Oh and just in case you're wondering, I have not started to crawl yet. In fact, I am not showing any signs of crawling, so mama thinks that I may be skipping the crawling part altogether and leap straight ahead to walking. Not sure how true this is, but I am definitely showing interests to walk. I love to stand at every chance I get and have started to pull myself up in my effort to climb on something (or someone).

I can now place my steps properly and can definitely walk like everybody else when mama or papa held both of my hands too!

Mama thinks of getting that Push & Walk thing, like my friend Aariz has. What do you think? I'll bet it will be so much fun!

Before I go, here's a clip of me clapping happily away. Until the next milestone from me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


You've heard of sleepwalking. Heck, you may have even experienced it! I definitely had! I remember banging into a wall and immediately woke up when a sudden burst of laughter rang through the hall. Yes, they were my dad's, mom's, and elder sister's. Tak baik kan! They purposely let me walk in my sleep and bang into a wall – without a warning!

Tsk tsk.

Anyhow, have you ever heard of sleepthinking?

You see, I am an avid reader of Irin Putri's blog. Yes, the TV3 reporter (come) TV3 host (come) mummy to a baby boy Raees Aryan.

One of her entry last week caught my attention. She captured a picture of her baby.. sleepthinking! I can't help but to feel excited because believe it or not, I had a picture of Aydein with the exact same pose when he was 6 or 7 months old!

I still remember the night when I snapped it. I squealed at my husband, "Yang! Tengok! Comel kan! Heheheee!"

But really, it's just so funny and adorable to look at him sleep in that way! :) Sighs. Babies. They just don't stop mesmerizing us kan. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama's Or Papa's Boy?

When Aydein was a newborn, everybody keeps telling me that he looks a lot like me when I was a baby. Even the makcik that came to urut (massage) me during my confinement days told me that Aydein was like a photostatted image of mine. From his nose, to his lips, to his eyes, to his face shape. Easier said, memang sah-sah anak mama lah. :D

Until recently, as he grew older, his features began to change. More and more people started telling me that he's looking more and more like his dad. Among the earliests to notice this were my blogger friend Anne, from this entry.

Although deep down I knew they were right, as usual, being the stubborn me, I was living in denial. I still feel that they may be wrong, and that Aydein still has a lot of my features.

So when I found out about this site, without hesitating, I thought, hey, this is where I could prove them wrong! And the result is..

Huh? Can't be right. There must be a system's glitch. Let's try it again! (With a different picture again this time!)

No no no! The system is playing tricks on me. Maybe the picture of Aydein just now was not clear enough. Let's try it again!

What? No, not again! Hmm. It MUST be the angle. Let's try another picture!

Ahh, THAT'S more like it. I TOLD you it was the angle! :D

** If it's true that he looks a lot like my hubs, which part of it? He definitely has my eyebrows. And my nose too. So what say you?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Snappy Side of Aydein

At 9 months, Aydein has started to show a side of him that we never knew existed behind that adorable, innocent looks of his before – his snappiness! It happened a few times when we tried to take something away from him. So one day, when it happened again, I quickly grabbed the video cam nearby and recorded this adorably funny (yet snappy!) video of him - just to remind him how "garang" he was, even at 9 months!

Not sure where he got the temper from – his mama or papa, since both of them are pretty hot-headed. Ngehe. But from the way he said "EH!" every time he gets snappy, I'm guessing that he picked it up from the both of us. You see, ever since he mastered the art of putting things into his mouth and getting the prohibited things into his mouth, it will immediately followed by the infamous, "EH, no!" or "EH, Aydein!" or "EH, stop that Aydein!"

So I'm guessing, this is his way of saying, "EH! (stop disturbing me!)" Hehe.

Oh and speaking of which, Aydein has learnt to hit whenever he's upset too! This usually happens when I passed him over to my maid. He will usually stomp (cycle?) his little feet in the air (when being lifted from me), smack smack smack the poor lady's face and cryyy his heart out. Not bad for a 9-month-old eh? Kecik kecik dah pandai throw tantrums ye. But really, I kesian my maid! And mind you, his slaps are usually hard! Sighs. My mother instinct tells me he's being pampered a wee bit too much. Time for some disciplinary action, don't you think?

Anyhow, enjoy the clip & have a good and CHEERFUL day, everyone! :D