Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's Go To The Zoo!

By now, you probably know my love for animals after watching the video that mama posted. I get super excited when I see cats, dogs, even cows that Mak Long, mama and papa thought it would be great to bring me to the National Zoo now that I appreciate animals better! I was so pumped up and ready to go, I even volunteered to walk alllll the way!

When I was at the zoo, I saw many animals along the way. Monkeys, birds, hippos, even crocodiles! But you know, among all, this particular one interests me the most! Guess what it is!

Hehe yes, the goats! Don't ask me why, though, mama thinks it may be because I smell like them! Ape lah mama ni..

I also went to the reptiles section to see all sorts of snakes! Mama told me they are poisonous, that's why they are kept in tanks. Did you know that there are also "albino" snakes? If you look closely, you can see an albino burmese python in the tank. Wicked!

Too much of walking was making all of us tired. Thank goodness for us, there was an animal show happening nearby. We took this chance to give our feet a little break while being entertained by the smart, well trained animals. Look! The sea lion jumped so high!

I had a good time at the animal show but it seems that the fun never stops at this zoo! We then stopped by at the "petting zoo" where I got to feed the goats, calf, and donkeys! It was so fun, I tell you!

Oh you know, when mama first gave the carrot to me, I thought it was for me hehee. So when mama asked me to feed the donkey, I refused and protested! Sorry donkey, I thought the carrot was for me! :P

After that, we went to say hello to the tallest animal in the zoo -- the giraffe! The giraffes aren't just tall to me, they are also very pretty! Look at the beautiful patterns on their body! Cantik tau!

We also did not forget to swing by and greet Mr Elephant! They're so huge, I wonder how much this one weigh?

All the walking and sight seeing was making me tired. I saw too many animals in one day, it was giving me a headache! I wonder if there are still many more to see? Help!

But before I knew it, I was already dozing away in lalaland.

It's such a bummer, because I didn't get to see the king of the jungle "in person"! Luckily papa was kind enough to take a few shots of them as well as the tiger and shared them with me! Both are my favorites, and I actually missed them! Grrr!

It's okay though, I'll make sure I'll catch them again next time! Thanks Ma, Pa, Mak Long, Pak Long and those who were there with me on this zoo trip. I had a great time! :)


semut-terbersin said...

wah aydein dah sampai zoo! aunty plan nak bawak aariz, until now tak bawak2..
bezz eh pergi zoo? sampai tertido2 kepenatan..

RieNa said...

aydein suka kambeng sbb mak long dia bela kambeng dlm blog. hahaha!

mommaholicSURI said...

Wau Aydein!!! those pictures really tell that you're enjoying the day. =D
Ahahahaha.. your personal favorite is Mr goat? Aunty wonder why.. must be the mbhekkk mbheeekkk? ahahaha.

Oh, those pictures of you are so comel2 you know... and your mom, wau!! tell her she looks so pretty in that pink hijab. Peewit, Thara!! =D

Anonymous said...


irradhil said...

besnyer aydein.....dh sampai zoo.u r so lucky tau...dpt papa n mama yg sudi bwk.esya n dina pn xpenah pegi lg.heheheeh.

ooo...aydeain suker goat yer.mehla dtg umh papa cik irra.ader goat,ikan keli,cacing.huhuhu.cik irra pn xpenah jenguk masuk.hehehe

btw...mmg aydein suker animal yer...coz baju pn ader gmbr jaws gitu.comeyyyyy.

hushuss said...

Aydein, such a long and interesting story. You looked so excited to see the animals. Aunty is planning of bringing Hazrat to see the animals in zoo too. It would be a great experience for young heroes like you. Psst > Comel betul tau Thara post, mcm Aydein yang type.

Thara said...

semut :
hehe takpe, kalau centu bole include "going to the zoo" as itinerary hujung minggu auntie ila! :D tapi mmg puas hati, auntie ila. aariz misti suke! sbb ada part feeding tu! a'ah sgt best sampai tertido sbb sblm tu dok excited sgt lari sana lari sini :P

k riena :
hahaha. in fact, salah satu kambing haritu memang sebijik rupanya dengan kambing dlm blog mak long tu! :P

nuurill :
aww thanks auntie, i really enjoyed the day! it was tiring, but it was fun nonetheless! :) mama said thanks for the compliment too! tapi she said, takde ape nak compliment pon. bese-bese je tu :P

Thara said...

RS :
aww haha. tu la mai la KL selalu! bole bawak berjalan sana sini :P

irradhil :
aww haha. nape auntie belom bawak esya dgn dina ke zoo lagi? misti bz sgt eh! hehe. takpe takpe, mcm aydein ckp, kalau centu auntie ade la program utk di buat utk hujung minggu ni -- the zoopalazoooooo! :D

hahaha masa tu sebenarnya goats tu yang paling dekat dgn pagar. sebab itu aydein excited kot, sebab dekat, boleh sentuh. animals2 yang lain sume jauh2, tak bole pegang. tu yang kambing jugak menjadik pujaan hati tu haha! :P

baju aydein ni kannn, papa yang beli tau! heeee thanks auntie! :D

Thara said...

huspa :
aww thanks auntie huspa, i really enjoyed my trip to the zoo then! it really was a great experience! yes, u should bring bobot there! im sure he too is sure gonna love it! :D

ps : hahaha thanks. saje beralih selera :P

diana a.k.a melon said...

yeay!!!finally mama brings aydein to da zooo!!!!mesti best kan melayan soalan2 pelik y keluar dari that cleaver little boy..hehe..