Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keeping The Spirit Up!

Can you believe it? In less than a week, we will be embracing another new year, Year 2011! It may be just another year for some of you as it has been for many years for me before, but this year, I am adamant to make some changes in my life.

This year, I have a lot to change. I have got so much to do, so much to achieve, I am bursting with excitement! This is my 2011 resolutions, and this is what I am going to achieve! (Ok, what I PLAN to achieve, that is. :D)

1. I am going to LOSE WEIGHT.

It SUCKS (SO BAD!) not being able to fit into the nice tops and outfits like I could last time. It sucks even MORE when you see there are MANY HOT MOMS out there that could still strut glamorously in their stylish stilettos and clothes while carrying their baby in one hand without losing their glamour.

I WANT to be THAT kind of a mom, not just because it will boost my confidence, but it is also a healthy lifestyle that EVERYONE should live with. That is why, I am going to make myself lose that darn 10kgs and get back my pre-pregnancy weight, if that's the last thing I would do! I am aiming to lose 1-2 kgs every month and I am giving myself 6 months to achieve it. I have actually already started working on it, and it's showing a really good progress so far. Let's just hope it stays that way for a very long time! :D

2. I am going to have an EXTERIOR MAKEOVER.

I love fashion & beauty. Truly. But ever since I had Aydein in my life, I just couldn't be bothered. Heck, I don't even care going out without a single dash of makeup on! But that's going to change. Although makeup is not necessary because my husband likes me "natural" the way I am, I still want to be more presentable, more in touch with my feminine side.

3 things I want to do :

1. Get my hair done.
It's been a long time since I did anything to my hair, so that's going to change.

2. Get colored lenses.
Simply because your eyes will look bigger, and more cantik when you have contact lenses on! I am going for either hazel brown or grey, whichever suits me better. Maybe even both! :D

3. Get new tops, shoes and outfits.
I am sick of wearing the same baju over and over so I am going to get some new tops (and shoes, and outfits) to go with the new me!

3. I am going to have an INTERIOR MAKEOVER.

Praise to Allah, I am blessed to have the family that I have now, at such young age. I am only 25 (26 next year), and already I am blessed with an understanding husband, a smart son, and 2 supportive families.

3 things I want to do :

1. Better wife to Aien

Unfortunately, I am a very opinionated person (since I was little!) so I tend to argue at anything that doesn't seem right to me. However insyaallah, I will try my best to listen more, and give in more. O Allah, please grant me all the strength and patience in the world to do just this!

2. Better mother to Aydein

I try, but somehow I have a feeling that I haven't given Aydein enough. Being a working mom that I am, I don't get to spend that much of quality time with him that a mom should. I need to find time, I must find time.

3. Better daughter to my parents and PILs

My parents have been complaining that I haven't been calling them much. Again, it all comes back to time. But that shouldn't be an excuse. Everybody is busy, but they still find time to call their parents every once a week, no? Again, I need to find time, I must find time.

4. I am going to work on getting my income raised

Easier said than done, but seriously, I am going to make sure I earn more than I did this year, no matter what it takes. How to live a comfortable life without that extra $$ kan?

5. I am going to start my own business

I have been dreaming to set up my own business for some time now. There are 2, 3 ideas that's playing in my mind, but now isn't the right time for me to execute it. When and if I finally launch it, you will be the first to know!

So those are my 5 resolutions for the year 2011 that I hope to achieve. Some say you shouldn't have resolutions, because resolutions are bullpoop. But I say it's better to have resolutions and fail after trying, than not having any and fail without even trying!

As George Bernard Shaw said "Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything". :)

Have a brilliant start to the year, everyone!


ZuRin said...

Very inspiring post. Two thumbs up. Some people just don't dare to put down more so post it on for everyone to read. Coz it's like a commitment when you share it with people. Will start to jot mine...)

Anonymous said...

be a good sister

Thara said...

zurin : thanks babe! its the reason why i put them up here pon. this way, i cant make no excuses and try my best to accomplish each and every one of them the best i could! its like my personal motivation! ;) hey its awesome that ure gonna come up with urs! in fact i think everyone shud have their own resolutions, made public or not. u dont lose anything by having new ones every year even if they dun turn out the way you want them kan ;)

raqib :
havent i been just that? ;) insyaallah, that too, without a doubt ;)


babe, u just inspired me to do better at 2011..yehaaa!!!
All the best to u dear..!!
Sure u can do it..

yg 1st resolution tu mmg best..
that day I saw one hot mom with 2 kids...and she still got a hot figure u,tak kelip u I duk tgk dia,smp my hubby boleh kata mak tiri budak tu kut..
mmg betul kagum u..
so hopefully after deliver this time..I really can reduce the weight immediately..kalau tgu lama2 lagik degil lemak2 tu ;)

p/s seriously, last time jumpe u..dah nak tegur tau..u betul dah slim skrang ;)
caiyook mama!!!

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

No plan for another one in 2011? Hahah.. just kidding..

I also hope to start my own business, at least some side income. Hope it can come true. Maybe we can share in email.

Good luck to you and Happy New Year.

Thara said...

nadia :
awww im glad i did! let's both achieve something great together this year ok! ;)

kan babe! perasaan i ni membuak2 bila tgk those kind of moms la. anak bergelen pon, tapi still maintain! dpt pulak kakak ipar sume pon badan kempenggg je w/pun dah beranak pinak, haa ape lagi, mmg lagi membakar semangat lah! :P and for me, bahaya babe kalau tak start from now. sbb my gene mmg jenis yg senang gila naik. so i pikir, kalau i tetibe ter-conceive 2nd, fuiyo, i rasa mmg i tak dpt diselamatkan lagi! :P yes babe, u should! i nyesal gila dulu masa time pantang, i tak berpantang betol2. bengkung pon kejap pakai kejap tak. tak discipline langsung! so u make sure u jaga pantang elok2 nanti tau! boleh babe, bole!

hah?? ye ke u ni?? silap org kot! or mungkin ilusi optik je! i dok gabak lagi ni! :P

Thara said...

worryfather :
2nd one? hahaha. that's also in the plan, but i gotta achieve my #1 resolution first before i could think of having another one :P

hey it's awesome to know that u have a plan to start your own business too! it gets tiring working for someone else at some point kan? i believe that the best way to be successful in life is by running your own business. and i can't wait for this day to happen. let us know once you start yours! :)

thanks, and happy new year to u too! ;)

Cherie said...

Happy New Year, T! I hope next year will treat you better and the start of many great possibilities ;) xx

peah @ peps said... definitely 'bakar' my spirit now...thanks for sharing...

Happy New Year!!!

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Nadine said...

Thara, I positively feels u can achieve all ur target next year..u're looking good when we met yesterday (lupa nak ckp dpn2). Mesti dh byk kg shed off oredi ni kan. Good for you! ;)

Babe, u nak buat biz ape? terujanya! I punye 2009 resolution tu. Tercapai tp in 2010 terkubur..hehe. Biz was good but I sucked at time management. Huhu. I hope in few years time boleh buat comeback n get very serious this time.

All the best!! :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Thara, i just read this and guess what??? sama okeh azam2 kita esp tang yang first tuh!!! :) i memang nak buat an entry pasal all these azams but i thinki copy u punya jerlah boleh x? hahaha. i siap baca banyak kali tau. tiap kali baca mesti rasa semangat!! :)

Thara said...

cherie :
thanks, babe! amin amin ya rabbal alamin. u too have a great year ahead! xoxo ;)

peah :
im glad i did! let's make this year a great new beginning to all of us! let's do it! :D oh and, happy new year to u too! ;)

Thara said...

nadine :
awww thanks babe, ure too kind. i still have a lot to go! baru lost 2.8kgs ni. tapi lepas keluar hospital, naik pulak 800g sebab dok makan aydein punye food (he doesnt wanna eat ANYTHING, its SO WORRYING!) and just sit around in the room, doing nothing. haha. balik ni nak kene workout more! :P

ooh babe, yang tu i tak bole reveal lagi, sebab takut tak jadik. hehehe. nanti bila dah launch, baru i announce ok :P doa2kan jadik la business i eh! oh wow, u did start a business? what business? (eh i pulak tanye u haha) it's so awesome to know that uve started ur own business! start la balik babe. seriously, pada i, the only way to be really successful in life is through running your own business. i dah malas sebenarnya nak keje bawah org, nak2 lagi skarang dah ada baby kan. i cant wait to start a business on my own so i have a say to everything i do. most importantly, i will be doing something that i love, thats for sure! ;)

all the best to u too babe! let's do it!!

Thara said...

nuurill :
haha. im glad u found this inspiring! i think tang 2nd pon sama kot sebab i tengok lately ni u sangat updated when it comes to fashion & beauty! :P thats awesome babe, let's do this together! kan ke best kalau kita bole pi gym to workout together, then lepastu dah agak2 rasa slim sket, pi shopping for new clothes pulak together! haaa baru complete package! hehe :P

ala babe, masa semangat dok berkobar lagi ni la u should write your own tau. kalau nak challenge, u buat mcm i ni ha. share dgn sume org jadik ada reason kenapa kita kene try jugak to achieve em goals kan! dpt achieve tak dpt achieve, itu blakang kira. tapi yg penting kita kene TRY! betol tak? haha. ok i sound like a coach tak bertauliah. :P happy new year babe! ;)