Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Your Usual Honeymoon Trip

Unless you are a beach bum or a water enthusiast, I do not really recommend you to Tioman Island for honeymoon, especially if you are planning to stay in Berjaya Resorts with just the two of you.

Everything is expensive there okay. Check this out :

Hotel food. We were advised prior earlier not to have meals in hotel, but since I was craving for breakfast in hotel this one day, this is what we had to pay.

breakfast/person : RM45 (so, x2 = RM90)

Transportation. Unless you have won medals for your school’s “Merentas Desa”, don’t dream of finding a place to visit or lepak-lepak by walking distance. You need transport to move anywhere. Yes, the place is not mobile at all.

transportation/trip : van RM35 (so, x2 = RM70), motor RM15/hour or RM80/day

Food. Oh here comes! Get this. Although there is a nearby restaurant near Berjaya, takkan lah hari2 nak makan situ kan. And the place aint that cheap either. So if you plan to eat elsewhere, expect this :

just plain white rice/plate = RM2 (so, x2 = RM4!)

and.. are you ready for this?

telur dadar = RM7!!!!!

WTH! Shopping and other activities tak payah nak cakap la kan. haihs.
However, on the contrary side, the beach is just so breathtakingly beautiful – sangat biru & clean ok! Not the kind of beach you could find in Penang anymore. :P

And the fishes were beautiful, colorful and friendly! But since I am not much of an aquamarine type and would rather spend my whole day shopping rather than 1 hour of snorkeling (hehe), we did not really go all out into exploring more snorkeling spots. We spent much more time exploring each other on the bed instead. Whoops! Hehe. :P

I can’t wait for our second honeymoon in Club Med’s Pulau Bintan, Indonesia soon though. I hope it’s as priddy and blissful as I imagined it would be! :D :D :D

In the meantime, here are some pics all the way from Tioman, and until then, xoxo! :)

we swam with the beautiful fishes in the blue, blue sea!

"merepek betol lah. breakfast mcm gini je pon RM90? masak sendiri pon lagi sedap. urgh."

Golden sandy beach!

our chalet. . . and a little peek of the inside-room action! heehee. :P

Next update : My spanking new house!