Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is It Zoo Time Yet?

When you have a baby, timing is everything.

There used to be a time when the toy car you bought meant nothing but something for him to chew on. Now, it's something that he can't sleep without. There used to be a time when playground was not even in his dictionary. Now, it's a place he wants to go to everyday. And there used to be a time when a hamster meant nothing but a furball to him. Now, the very sight of it would make him jump with joy!

Yes. Timing is everything. So when you see your baby shrieks with joy when he sees a cat, even if it means looking at cats' images from his papa's laptop, that's when you know, he's ready for a trip to the zoo! :)

Notice how he was too excited that his papa even had to pull him back from scratching the screen? Uh huh. This boy is definitely ready for the zoo! ;)


diana a.k.a melon said...

comelnye..geram betul aydein dengan cats tu yer.. plus baby talk dier yang sound sangat excited..hehe..

mommaholicSURI said...

hihi.. Yes it is, dear. I think Aydein is so ready now. Tengok je la his expression tu ha. Hehe. Cute!!!
I rasa kalau u bawak dia pegi Zoo.. mesti dia suka sangat. :)

Nadine said...

Aydein mcm nak terkam je cat tu! Hihihi..yes mama Aydein, ur son is so ready to go to the zoo! :)

p.s: What a coincidence, br smlm me and Fadzil borak2 pasal nak bawak Faaz pegi Zoo..

IRIN PUTRI said...

masa party tu i should've let him see my cats! all 5 of em..i wonder how he would react. hehe..

Thara said...

diana :
hehe kan! i pon geram each time i play back this clip! banyak betol mulut dia masa tu ngomel ngomel :P

nuurill :
hehe tu la babe! and itu belom lagi dia buat bunyik cat dia tau! kalau dia start buat "auw! auw!" dia tu, lagi cute! :P actually i dah penah bwk dia pi zoo dah sblm ni. tp like other things that he has yet to be able to enjoy, the zoo trip to him at that time was not as exciting. dia takde perasaan pon masa tu. i cant imagine how he would react now, though! and i cant wait to take him there yet again! :D

nadine :
haha thats whyyyy! aien had to pull him back many times tau masa tu. bcoz dia dah mcm nak terkam screen tu je. aydein ni kan, kalau nampak cat je, misti teros naik "sheh". hehe. penah skali, dia nampak cat, dia pi tarik the tail of the cat! bukannye nak takut dgn cat, siap tarik ekor cat tu lagi! cat tu yang lari, takut dgn dia! hahaha. :P

ooh ye ke? u know what, dalam semua zoo yang i penah pi, nothing beats the zoo in singapore! lets a plan trip! :D

irin :
oh yesss! i pon lupa u have cats! confirm aydein would love them lah! he goes crazy each time he sees a cat, like we girls go crazy when we see diamonds! :D

mommaholicSURI said...

Oh Thara, this is same with Oman. I brought him to Zoo Negara when he was 6/7 months but he didn't really appreaciate the animals. If he was excited pun, when he saw pish (fish) dia tu la. Haha. Bringing him to Revisit the zoo would be great at this point of time sebab diorang mesti enjoy gila sambil buat bunyi2 pelik sesuka hati meraka. hahaha

BabyBooned said...

yeah, i'd say go for it! ;D


I pun dah bawak Adam pergi zoo once..think around Aydein's age..
tp ntah lah..maybe sb cuaca panas..n most of the animals kat zoo KL tu suka duk lepak dalam tempat dia..Adam seems not to enjoy much..
Maybe sb dia tak nampk animals tu..
but when we bring him to Aquaria..alamak!happy betul dia tgk big fish!

but yet dear, its a gud place tgk animal dr dekat...Aydein sure to enjoy specially tgk big cat ek!!

Thara said...

nuurill :

kan! itu lah. things are much "funner" once they're all grown up :)

babybooned :

and we will! planning for a zoo visit this week or somewhere next month :)

nadia :

ye ke! itu lah, kalau nak pi, mmg kene pi awal kan, jadik tak panas. ooh Aquaria! that's a good idea. must bring him one day! tapi i tgk aydein ni, dia jenis yang lebeh suka the four-legged animals compared to the two or no legged animals! :P

RuZaNNa said...

Omg.. geramnya aydein towards the cat!!!.. hahah so cute..
You know imran masa mula2 jumpa real life cat.. malu2.. tp lepas tuh siap kejar sane sini.. penyet telinga lah.. tarik ekorlah.. ada one time tuh masa kitaorg tgh makan lunch at Rawsha, he went chasing a persian kitten all over the restaurant.. siap intai bawah kain org ok!.. malu gila..

So babe.. just bring him to the zoo.. i bet aydein will not stop calling the animals.. hehehe

Thara said...

anne :

hahaha. imran is so cute! siap pegi intai kain orang tu, tak tahan! hahaha. oh oh, aydein did the same too the first time he was a real cat at a restaurant! bukan intai kain orang la tapi, hahaha. :P but he actually pulled the cat's tail! last2 kucing tu lari! brave boy, this boy i tell u! i sendirik pon takut nak buat mcm gitu to a cat. tak masal kene cakar je nanti! hehe. but what do they know kan ;) tu lah. scheduling a trip to the zoo soon!

ps : eh, u pon arab cuisine fan eh? i banyak kali juge makan dkt Al Rawsha tu. but ever since i knew Saba, Rawshah comes second! hehe. :P

RuZaNNa said...

YES!! we're a fan of arab cuisine.. i tak pernah gi saba lagi.. kat mana ek? is it way better than rawsha? boleh la try nnt.. heheh

Anyway, have fun at the zoo trip!