Sunday, May 27, 2012

Me Likes The Camera!

Okay I'll admit it. Sometimes, during my free time, I like to take some pictures of myself when I absolutely have nothing to do (read: bored). It's usually when I have to wait for someone or simply when I am feeling.. well, a wee bit vain at the time. 

But I MUST tell you that this doesn't happen very often because, well, I am just usually very busy most of the time *ehems*. But then again, tell me, which one of you here never once took a picture of yourself (read: camwhore) in your life before -- especially if you're a girl? :P Eh jangan tipu, jangan tipu! Tu bukak Facebook profile pictures tu. Tu bukan gamba syok sendirik tu? Ha? Ha? :P

Little did I know though, that there's another person in my little family who loves the camera too! He would silently take anyone's camera phone, snap a couple of pictures of himself and then, sweetly and innocently, return it back to the owner. The next thing you know, you see this..

.. all over your phone's Gallery folder! :P

And the best thing is, he doesn't only snap (vain) pictures of himself, he also have himself recorded... in a video! *gasps*

Sighs, anakku, anakku. Kuat berangan jugak kamu ye?

Oh well, mana nak tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasik, ye tak? Highfive, baby! :P