Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Things To Wrap Up 2012!

I know, I know. I've been neglecting this blog, yet again. Sorry guys! 2012 has been an eventful year for me, it made me wonder how I could have left so many things happened unrecorded in this blog! So here's my 2012 in a glance..

1. I Left Nuffnang Malaysia in June 2012

I don't know why, but I still get people calling and asking me about Nuffnang this and Nuffnang that, thinking that I am still with Nuffnang! One time, this blogger even called me and asking me if I would be at an event, 4 months after I left Nuffnang! *bangs head on table* Korang sayang sangat dekat mak eh! ;p So just for the record, I am no longer a Nuffie but Nuffnang will always hold a special place in my heart! As I like to say it, once a Nuffie, always a Nuffie! ;)

2. I Re-joined Exabytes Malaysia

That's right, I am now part of the Exabees again and very much happy with it! If you've been following me since before, you'd know that I used to be part of the team back in 2008. In 2010, I left them for Nuffnang, and here I am again joining Exabytes as the person responsible to manage all their social media channels :)  It will be my 3rd month with Exabytes this month, and hopefully many more months to come!

3. Aydein Is Potty-Trained at 3!

Yes, Aydein is now diaper-free -- well, during the daytime at least! :D There have been a few episodes of "accidents", of course (even now!) but he can now tell us when he's "going" and we'll assist him to the toilet! The funny thing is, he's so used to doing his big business standing that he'll even stand on the toilet bowl whenever he needs to go big! It's pretty worrying, so we've never left him unattended whenever he needs to do his business, big or small. Nevertheless, I'm proud of his big achievement! ;)

4. Aydein Is Now Bottle-Free

The little soldier also just made the bottle-to-cup transition recently -- at the age of 3 1/2 years old! :P It's a little late, but hey, everything's gotta start somewhere right? ;) One thing I noticed as soon as we bottle-wean him though; he doesn't drink as much milk in the cup as he did in the bottle before -- which is fine to us, because we want him to get more nutrition from adult food and drink less of milk like he did before. So that's a yeay to us; about time that we spend less on his milk eh! Save sikit duit papa, nak. ;p

5. Aydein Is Going To School

Everytime I think of this day (the day Aydein will start school), I get all emotional inside. Sigh, my baby's all grown up. In less than a week, the New Year will embrace us, and it will be the start of the new chapter in Aydein's life -- attending a school! His bag is ready, his water bottle is set, and soon, he will be putting on his uniform and begin his journey as a pre-schooler! Words cant describe the way I feel about it now; happy, sad, worried, proud. Oh well, I guess it's a feeling that all first-time moms get. ;(

6. I Am A Proud Owner of an Online Business

I've always wanted to run my own business. I mentioned this in one of my 2010 resolutions and alhamdulillah, together with my elder sister, Pretty Folds is born just a few months back. To be honest, it's really a fun thing to do and business was doing well for Pretty Folds, but the thing I learnt in business is that -- one truly needs to be commited in it in order to be successful! And at this moment, commitment is something that I don't actually have, hence the slowness in stock update lately hehehe. 

7. I Am Pregnant -- Again!

Well, some of you may have already found out about this via my social media networks.. but for those of you who didn't know... I AM VERY PREGNANT! I'm going to be 8 months next week to be exact, so you can imagine how HUGE I am now! :P The best thing is it's going to be a GIRL insyaallah this time, so you can imagine how excited I am! I'm already thinking.. headbands, tutu, pretty floral tops, pink, lavendar, polkadots.. WHEEEEE! ;P I'm going to write about this second pregnancy journey again in a different post, so lookout for it soon! :D

So here's my post to wrap up year 2012.. and I look forward to the wonderful things 2013 holds for me!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pretty Dress Gone Wrong

Dresses. They're supposed to make one look sweet, demure and stylish, right? Heh. Well, not all the time! Not when you trip the stairs when you accidentally step on the dress, or when your two fat legs get shown whenever there's strong wind, or in my case, when the dress get stuck at the side of the escalator! *gasp*

I am dead serious.

Some of you may have known that I've (quite) recently celebrated my 27th birthday from this post, but what you didn't know is that I also had a small birthday celebration with my little family the very next day.

I wanted to look my best on my special day, so being the (tough) girly girl that I am, naturally, I chose to wear a dress. From PopLook. And if you know PopLook, you'd know that their dress is usually a little long for petite Asians like us.

I was wearing an Elara maxi dress from ThePopLook, shawl from Alhumaira Contemporary (AHC), and a necklace (with a gorgeous locket!) by my mother in law.

So what I usually do whenever I take the escalator is, I would lift up my skirt a little when the end of the escalator is near. But on that day, my hands were full somehow, as one was holding Aydein, and the other was holding the escalator for balance (I was also on heels!)

As I confidently stepped out of the escalator once it reached the end, the next thing I know, I was pulled back to the escalator and couldn't move an inch! I turned to look what was holding me back, and to my horror, I saw my skirt getting stuck at the side of the escalator!

Out of pure panic and well, embarassment, I tugged frantically on my skirt in hopes that the piece of cloth would break free, but no matter how hard I tugged and yanked on it, it just wouldn't break free! In fact, it made it even worse as the more I pulled at my skirt, the more it seemed to tear!

Luckily there was this lady who was quick enough to press the emergency button. Once the escalator stopped moving, my husband helped to tear the stuck skirt off the escalator and I *ahem* gracefully walked with my head held high again asthough nothing happened, although my skirt was short at one side!

C'mon, what did I tell you guys about confidence again? Yes, muka kena confident beb. Walaupun kain singkat sebelah. :P Heehee.

Once the drama was over, we went to Shogun to stuff ourselves with the yummy food over there and we laughed it off over plates and plates of sushis, oysters and noodles!

Oh well, so much for being sweet, demure and stylish, huh? :P But then again, I have to say, it was really a birthday to remember! ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Me Likes The Camera!

Okay I'll admit it. Sometimes, during my free time, I like to take some pictures of myself when I absolutely have nothing to do (read: bored). It's usually when I have to wait for someone or simply when I am feeling.. well, a wee bit vain at the time. 

But I MUST tell you that this doesn't happen very often because, well, I am just usually very busy most of the time *ehems*. But then again, tell me, which one of you here never once took a picture of yourself (read: camwhore) in your life before -- especially if you're a girl? :P Eh jangan tipu, jangan tipu! Tu bukak Facebook profile pictures tu. Tu bukan gamba syok sendirik tu? Ha? Ha? :P

Little did I know though, that there's another person in my little family who loves the camera too! He would silently take anyone's camera phone, snap a couple of pictures of himself and then, sweetly and innocently, return it back to the owner. The next thing you know, you see this..

.. all over your phone's Gallery folder! :P

And the best thing is, he doesn't only snap (vain) pictures of himself, he also have himself recorded... in a video! *gasps*

Sighs, anakku, anakku. Kuat berangan jugak kamu ye?

Oh well, mana nak tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasik, ye tak? Highfive, baby! :P

Monday, April 23, 2012

Twenty Seven.

Memorably sweet. That pretty much summarizes my birthday celebration this year and that has got to do a lot with the people I mentioned in my blog entry earlier. You see we hang out with each other a lot.

That is why, when they told me to meet at Delicious, Bangsar after work for dinner, I had no expectation that it was going to be extra special. I really thought it was just going to be okay-happy-birthday-this-is-your-birthday-dinner-let's-om-nom-nom because I knew we were there for my birthday dinner, but little did I know that they've taken some time out of their busy time to arrange something sweet for me :) :)

The moment I stepped into the place, my jaw dropped open when I saw this just behind my chair.

It might not be anything to you, but it means everything to me because I know how busy these people are! Just arranging balloons for me could have allowed them to send 2 emails to 2 different people!

I was dizzy with happiness, I didn't even realize the gifts that were laid there on the plate for me ; I actually thought it was the food menu! LOL.

Guess what did I get for my birthday from them?

That's right! A special birthday comic strip done by the ex-intern Joel and a beautiful gold leaf necklace from all of them! Thank you guys, I love them so much! *tears*

And then, it was time to order the food. There were so many delicious meals to choose from in the menu, but the best meal yet to me has got to be.. this meal!

I call it the ultimate birthday meal because the birthday girl got to taste all the different meals combined on the table in one plate! YUMS! :D

Heck, the birthday girl didn't only get to taste all 6 different types of food, she also got to blow candles on 2 birthday cakes! *grins widely*

After that, we spent hours and hours just talking, bitching, and talking, and then bitching again about the world! Oh and of course, a whole lot of camwhoring too after the dinner! :P

The birthday girl didn't miss the chance to be.. uh, "under the balloons" herself! :P I was wearing a maxi dress in fuschia by ThePopLook, bangles in turquoise by Belle and beaded necklace in turquoise by an unknown brand.

It was indeed a beautiful night with the beautiful people that I'd treasure forever. :) Here's to the beautiful friendship from now till years to come! I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pangkor Trip With The Lovelies!

Wow, I am finally back to update this woefully abandoned blog and am actually writing again for real! *pats self on the back* Things have been hectic for me lately. I've got so much to tell all of you, and I promise I'll try to find time to update them one of these days!

I wanted to update about my birthday celebration recently but thought of sharing something even more significant in my life before I go to that. I've been too busy minding my daily life I even forgot to introduce to you some of the people that do matter in my life lately. These are the people I see at office everyday, and the ones that know me inside and out (well, almost!), the ones I'd like to call my good friends.

Firstly, there's Anne, Miss Sunshine. 

Everything about her screams I-AM-MISS-SUNSHINE. She's so bubbly and full of life, I've even prepared an obituary speech for her for some strange reason I don't know. I imagine myself saying, "The Anne that I knew was a cheerful girl. She has the kindest heart, and a laugh that could scare even the scariest ghost away" Okay the last part was a bit exaggerated but really, she's so selfless, she would even sacrifice the bak kut teh offers for lunch everyday just so she could have lunch with her Muslim friends :)

And then, there's Sue, Miss Diva. 

The self-proclaimed diva whose life I would like to trade with. She's so easy going and doesn't give a hoot about what's going on in the world mainly because she has a world of her own and because most of her time is literally spent travelling every part of the world! I mean, seriously. As soon as she reached Malaysia from Chiang Mai, she was already talking about flying off to Korea the next month. And then again to Scotland the month after! Really woman? Really?

And then of course, there's Farah, Miss Grammar Nazi.

The meanest of us all (well, she appears mean to those who don't know her, at least) and the one that would pick up even the slightest grammar mistake in your sentence! I mean, really, I get nervous as I am typing this, worrying her head would pop up any minute from her monitor now when she reads this and go, "Thara, ayat ni tak sedap. TUKAR," LOL. Interns are usually afraid of her, but once you get to know her, you'd see that she's not as mean as she potrays herself to be. :)

Of course, these are just some of the many good friends that I have over in my workplace, namely Rina, Victor, Joel, and Junee, but if I were to write about all of them, then I will never get to share about my experience to Pangkor with these 3 clowns, no? :P

So as the title reads, I went to Pangkor with these 3 clowns and our partners recently.

It was actually the first time I ever went outside the state without Aydein, so it could be considered a daytime honeymoon for me and my husband on that day. Hooba-hooba! :P But then again, it didn't feel right to spend a night without the little monster with us, so Aien and I decided to make it a day-trip while the rest spent the night at a chalet nearby.

Although it was a short trip, it was definitely worth it. We had so much fun, quality time -- all of us! :) Alright enough talking already, let the pictures do the talking!

Needless to say, it was one memorable day out with my lovelies. Goodbye, Pangkor. Till we meet again!