Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Girl's Night Out

As much as I love spending time with my two superboys, somehow there's just something about chilling out with my girlfriends that makes me feel so young and carefree again.

So when my friend suggested that we throw a small bachelorette party for our colleague Fareeza not too long ago, I was all for it!

This is Fareeza, the celebrated one. Don't we just look like sisters? :D

Anyway, before heading to KLCC, being the "girl" that we are, we stopped by the Ladies for a quick refreshment. Biasalah, dah kata perempuan kan. :P

Once we were ready, we headed down to KLCC to hunt for our best-est friend in the world that never fails to let us down even at the crappiest time -- ice cream!

For once I didn't have to worry about milk, diapers or foods flying on the table! All that matters were the delicious Haagen Dazs's fondue that we finished in less than 15 mins! It was THAT sedap ok!

Once our tummies were filled with the sinfully delicious ice cream, we went to Nail Parlor to get our nails done.

That's right, it was mani-padi time! I can't remember the last time I actually had this luxury to pamper myself, so after a long and stressful week, a little me-time was just what I needed!

My nails were neatly trimmed, buffed and polished, it was honestly heartbreaking to see them getting smeared with the nasty turmeric powder from cooking! But it's okay. Melawa-melawa jugak, responsibility kene buat jugak kan! ;)

Shortly after the manicure session, my friend and I had quite a blast singing out hearts out at a karaoke centre nearby. After belting out a few songs, we said our goodnights to each other and headed home with a satisfied smile plastered on our faces. It was definitely a great night out! :)

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Nadine said...
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Nadine said...

Bestnya Thara!

I wished I can have that moment too..(ntah bila la kan). Jeles..jeles..jeles! Hihi :)


wahwah bestnye!!
Ice cream tu tempting betul lah..;)
So far I can remember,my last time pergi mani-padi ni ..4thn lepas kut..lain sendiri potong n buff!hahhaa..

lucky u, mesti enjoy gile kan ;)

a.T.i.e.Q.a said...

cantik tudung u.. beli kat mana? ahahah

mommaholicSURI said...

i think my body needs some treatment too. Percaya x, i x pernah buat padi-mani? hahaha.
Well, it's true, sometime we need a space for ourselves too. Give our self some treat and then we come back home with better feeling and better service to our boys. kan? :)

hushuss said...

Thara, my first word to you for this entry "JEALOUS"! Susah tau nak dpt girl's day out mcm ni...Maybe we can discuss for a day out too. Tinggalkan anak-anak dekat thier daddies. I did mani and padi once 4 years back, lepas I did the treatment, jalan asyik pandang kuku kaki dgn tangan ja. Cantik sangatlah konon-kononnya...hahahaha

Baca post Nuurill, mcm ada double meaning tau. "Better service to our boys". Wahh...

Thara said...

nadine :

hehe memang best, babe! but really, i feel that we all deserve a little me-time once in a while tau. it helps boosting our spirit up again! :) so find time and have fun!

nadia :

haha, ice cream tu i panggil my "guilty pleasure". sebab lepas telan sume tu, rasa bersalah gila pada body yang telahpon gempal ini :P ooh actually, that was my first time! sebelum ni buat sendirik je. so masa pegi tu jakun jugak la haha. tapi lepas dah buat, rasa nak buat lagi! best org belai2 tangan kita haha :P

atieqa :
thanks. i beli dkt sugarscarf :) go check it out!

Thara said...

nuurill :
eh babe, believe it or not, that was my first time too! haha. sebelum ni (itu pon sebelum dpt aydein) i buat sendirik je. lepas aydein came into this world, mmg dah tade masa dah nak buff-buff fingernails tu. and betolll, ure right about that. once i came back from having a good time, mood semua jadik elok. bila mood elok, service to the boys automatic pon jadik elok. hehe. so yes, we ladies do deserve a little me-time once in a while! :)

huspa :

hehe tu la! lepas i buat pon, asek2 sebok nak tgk tangan. mcm u ckp, mcm la cantik sgt. hahaha. tapi mcm, puasss hati kan! :)

hey, that sounds like a good idea! jom jom! and kebetulan lately ni, i asek rasa nak melawa je pulak tau, tak masal. risau jugak ni apesal suddenly teringin nak pi buat rambut la, nak beli baju/kasut/tudung baru la, nak beli makeup la, nak pakai contact lense la. haha.