Friday, October 29, 2010

The Night We Got Robbed

I must have told the same story for at least 10 times or more now, but just in case there's any of you who have yet to know the story, here it is.

It happened around 9.50pm, we went to our new house owner's house in Sunway -- just a few blocks away from our current house, to settle some loan issues for our new house.

Aien pressed the bell and waited outside of the house for the new house owner to come out. I waited in the car with Aydein on my lap, while browsing through the net with the phone in my hand.

We were there for barely 5 minutes when suddenly the driver's door suddenly flung open, and I saw 3 indian men crowding Aien, one of them with parang and baseball bat in his hands.

I was confused. At first I thought it was the house owner's bodyguards, trying to tell us to leave the premise. But before I knew it, I heard Aien said "Eh, kenape ni!" and one of the men shouted "Jangan buat apa-apa ah! Jangan buat apa-apa!" while levelling the parang at Aien's face.

Then suddenly the door at my side flew open! Everything happened so quickly, I barely even had time to think. All I knew was that I had to get out of the car fast when the man shouted "Akak keluar sekarang! Akak keluar sekarang!"

Outside, I heard Aien told the men, not to hurt Aydein and I, so I wasted no time and got out of the car. I already knew right then that we were mugged and the best thing to do was to do what we were told to do (get out of the car) before anything worse could happen.

Once I stepped out the car, I saw the whole thing. How there were about 5-6 men on their motorbikes on standby with more parangs in their hands, and how they managed to conceal their looks by putting their helmets on.

After telling us not to say or do anything one more time, all of the 3 men earlier got into our car and sped off, while the rest of the bikers tailed closely behind them.

Aien and I watched in dismay as they took our Wira away, helpless and dumbfounded. Luckily there was a chinese man nearby, and he helped to drive us back home.

Shortly after we reached our place, the police came to get further details on the issue. And believe it or not, our car is the third car to be reported stolen that night!

And to make matters worse, a few hours later, we found out that my in laws house in Seksyen 11 Shah Alam got broken into the very same night while they were in Johor. Some valuebles were taken away, but alhamdulillah nothing major happened and noone was hurt.

What happened to us last night made me realize how dangerous the world is out there and that crime could happen anywhere, even if it is in your very own neighborhood, or your very own house!

Things could get worse than this, we could have lost a life last night, but alhamdulillah, Allah protected us from all that. I believe there is a "hikmah" for all that have happened, and I am just very grateful that all of us came out of it unharmed.

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Izdi said...

thara..thanks god u guys tak ape2...u guys sure trauma ni...sabar la bebyk..aydein cemane okay tak?
gugur jantung aku..sebaik korang tak ape2 ...

cik puan daun said...

Astaghfirullahh.. takutnyaaa.. Alhamdulillah tak ada apa-apa. Apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia ni. Serious buat I paranoid. :(

Waida said...

Luruh jantung I baca entry you kali ni.Thara!!!!!I AM SO GLAD that you and family are safe..Thanks to Allah for protecting you and family from being harm by those culprit people!!
Alhamdulillah syukur Alhamdulillah.
If you need help I'm just one call away.TAKE CARE of yourself and family..XXX

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah takde ape2 thara n family.
pls take care :(

-sofea jimmy yezzaaaa-

life songs said...

thank God, everything is fine. hows aydein?

Evana Rosylee said...

MasyaAllah thara.Syukur alhamdulillah you and family are safe.I nak nangis k bace.SCARY!and I bersyukur you and family selamat.Alhamdulillah.Do take care k..Semoga Allah SWT terus melindungi you and family.InsyaAllah.Ameen.*hugs*

mommaholicSURI said...

Ya Allah!! Sangat bersyukur you, Aydein and Aien are ok and x diapa-apakan oleh those crazy cruel creatures (xlayak dipanggil human!!).
I cannot imagine if were in your shoes. Kalau jadi Aien lagilah kan. He must be really worried that both of you would possibly be hurt by them. Owh!!
And i'm sorry to hear what happened to your in law's house at the same day of your tragedy. Yes Thara, hikmahnya pasti besar. Tabahkan hati yer. Take care, dear.

Nadine said...

Oh my, dkt kawasan perumahan, dpn rumah pun boleh kena. that's scary! btw, I've heard a similar case in PJS9 but it was 3 years ago, happened to my friend's neighbour. Tak sangka sampai skang pun it still happened!

Anyway, syukur sgt2 you guys were unhurt. Itu paling penting. And I was relived when you replied my sms. I know u are strong dear, and so does Aien & Aydein. The trauma will go away eventually, insyaAllah. Do take care ok. I doakan you and ur family dapat hikmah yg baik disebalik semua ni, and I doakan those robbers, yg robbed you and your in laws dpt balasan yg setimpal both dunia & akhirat!

kunaz said...

omg omg!!! takuttttnyeerrr bace! smoga kte seme dilindungi pasni. syukur u n family ok thara

atfina said...

Allah ! Syukur pada tuhan, u and family tak de apaper.... semoga kita sentiasa di bawah lindunganNya.

irradhil said...

Ya Allah....takutnyer.mmg bnda2 camni la yg irra paling takut.berdepan ngn mereka2 yg dh sebijik mcm setan!!!mcm2 derg leh buat dlm sekelip u selamat.itu yg paling penting.nyawa lg berharga dr harta dunia.

thara...byk2 kan istighfar k.n kuatkan semangat u.

ZuRin said...

Syukur that u, Aydein n Aien tak apa-apa...i was speechless reading ur fb status that nite. Hope you regain ur semangat back and always be extra careful when travelling at nite. Make sure you look at ur surroundings before going out of the car. Sabar yer, i'm sure a hikmah disebaliknya. Semoga Allah jauhkaan kita dari orang-orang yg zalim...Amin. Take care...

worryfather said...

Luckily you all are ok.

This is scary and worrying!!!
So many of them and armed with parangs somemore.

Please take care and be more careful..
Hope you recover soon..

Thara said...

izdi :
thanks iz, we're all fine here thanks. :) aydein ok, cuma masa jadik haritu, dia senyaaaap the whole way. mungkin terkejut and heran kenape org laki2 tadi dok jerit2 dkt mama dgn papa dia kan. haihs. u take care ok!

cik puan daun :

itu lah. risau kan. but alhamdulillah we're all ok. it's been almost a week now, tapi i still trauma! everytime masuk kereta, still rasa tak selamat, mcm ada je org nak curik kete lagi :( mcm u ckp, paranoid! oh thanks for dropping by btw! :)

waida :
kalau u luruh jantung baca my entry, i yang kena masa tu lagi lah! mmg lah jantung benti sekejap masa kejadian! :S memang babe. i betol2 bersyukur sgt all of us came out of it unharmed. u too take care because this world is not a safe place anymore!

sofea :
alhamdulillah, syukur sangat2. u too take care, babe. always look around even if u nak masuk ur very own house. evil is everywhere!

Thara said...

jay :
thank God indeed. aydein is fine, thanks. he was awfully quiet the night it happened though. he might not understand what was going on, but he must have felt something was wrong from the parents body language. must have gotten the vibes from us!

evana :
babe, please take care of urself too! memang scary lah the world nowadays. i would never expect that thing to happen to me. sblm ni dgr cite org je. skali jadik pada diri sendirik, rasa mcm tak percaya je! tp alhamdulillah noone was hurt. thanks again for the beautiful prayer babe. u too take care!

nuurill :
they arent human! they're purely evil! sighs. pls do take care of urself, babe. like i said previously, evil is everywhere. kita hanya mampu berdoa utk keselamatan kita, and pls, be extra careful at ALL TIMES! thanks for the vote of confidence, babe. u too take care!

Thara said...

nadine :
YESSS! crazy kan! dlm kwsn perumahan tu! near to my house lagi! which got me thinking kan. benda ni bole jadik pada sape2 pon, even if depan gate rumah kita sendirik pon! haihs. this world mmg isnt safe anymore kan?

eh ye ke babe? i tak penah tau pulak abt that. tapi mmg i tau area sunway tmpt i duduk tu, mmg tak berapa nak selamat. sebab its not a gated area kan. but never knew it would happen to us! haihs.

thanks babe. really appreciate it. u take care too!

kunaz :
crazy kan kunaz! i pon tak tido malam when it hapenned that day, punyala takut nak tutup mata sebab takut derang pecah masuk rumah carik i and family pulak. haihs. gile paranoid! :( tapi alhamdulillah, we're all still alive and kicking today..

atfina :
alhamdulillah, i pon bersyukur. thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it :) u and ur family take care too!

Thara said...

irradhil :
kan irra! so scary! i punye lah menggigil ok masa tu. aien pon sama cuak. bukan apa, bole gila kan kalau apa2 jadik dkt aydein! kalaulah derang masuk kete then bwk lari

thara dgn aydein, or mintak aydein dari kitorang and bwk lari aydein, nau'zubillah! :( but alhamdulillah, we're all fine and thats all that matters. thanks babe. u too take care yea!

zurin :
alhamdulillah, we're all fine here. im much better now, tapi that paranoia is still there, lurking out every now and then :( betol tu u, sejak haritu i mmg extra alert and careful setiap kali nak masuk keluar kereta. we can never guess whats gonna happen next kan! haihs. it's sad to think what the world has become. :( thanks babe. u too take care ok!

worryfather :
now u should really be worried because as u can see, this world really isnt a safe place to live in anymore! if only we have another planet to live in, i'll definitely migrate! :( but since thats nowhere near reality, all we can do now is be extra careful and pray hard that we are under His good care. u too take care, lim!

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

It is kind of sad to know that the robbers in Malaysia are so rampant.

We have highest twin towers, planning for 100 storey mega tower,
but when come to safety, it is so terrible.

My bro's house was nearly broken into also few months ago. When they went to report police, police asked them "Apa tujuan?" The police seems like don't care at all!

I also have heard stories that same person has been robbed a few times on different days nearby her house. Reported police also no change. They were so traumatized. The family decided to migrate to other country.


owh dear..!
but Alhamdulillah they wont hurt u guys..tu yg penting kan..!
just in few minutes happened kan..
Itulah.. mcm2 dgr skrang but tak sangka it happened to u dear..
sabar ek!

no wonder u look a lil bit upset last weekend..I terlintas selalunye u bnyk ckp..but that day u diam je..
I thot b'coz I was so busy tak sempat nak borak ngan u..
Neway Thara n Aien...sabar ek!InsyaAllah ada hikmah disebaliknye..

Thara said...

worryfather :
ohno seriously? is your brother staying in malaysia? if yes, which state of malaysia? kl? hope he's all well now.

yeah it's worrying how the govt wud rather waste their money on things like that than improving d weaknesses of this country. they cud put the money for better purposes, e.g. safety, protection, even LRT system bcoz our commuter sucks -- BIG time!

goodness, and where was this lady staying b4? is it in malaysia or s'pore? thats crazy! poor her. whoever tgat did this to her and family shud be shot in the head! haih. u take care of urself and family now, lim!

Thara said...

nadia :
yeah, actually i dah tade mood dah nk buat anything tau. rasa mcm nk dudok rumah je. sbb i takut! jadik phobia pulak tk masal. haihs. tp adam punye pasal (and mama adam punye pasal) ku redah jua laut bergelora! eceh. hehe. tak lah, i pikir sampai bila i nk layan perasaan tu kn. life must go on. sbb itu beranikan diri keluar jugak tu, altho still all the time berhati hati! :)

u take care too ok! bahaya la skarang ni. mana2 pon bole jadik. haihs.

worryfather said...


My bro is in Penang. It was lucky that the break in was not successful.

The lady's case happened in Penang too, if not mistaken. Sometimes ago.

Hopefully there will be improvement.

you take care too.

ijannina said...

oh my thara takutnya!!! alhamdulilah everyone was safe, especially your baby. We also drive Wira, and I always have this feeling that Wira have lower risk of being mugged. But you have proved otherwise and means we have to be extra careful ALL THE TIME!!! Kena banyak2 doa dgn Allah semoga kita semua dilindungi...

BabyBooned said...


MasyaAllah, thank goodness nothing happened to you three.

these things are happening too often nowadays. nowhere is safe anymore.. even in our home. how scary is that?? its just too upsetting. moga Allah lindungi kita.

Kelly Chantek said...

alhamdulillah semuanya selamat.

my brother pun kena rompak jugak baru-baru ni, cuma caranya saja berbeza.

selain dari ambil langkah lebih berhati2, amalkan baca ayat Qursi setiap kali lepas solat, setiap kali nak keluar rumah, sesambil nak kunci pintu dan pagar rumah. InsyaAllah, nyawa dan harta benda kita dan orang tersayang akan selamat.

amalkan juga ayat-ayat pendinding dari Al Quran.