Thursday, June 30, 2011

iPhone Drama

There are 2 things in the world I can't live home without -- my purse and phone. Sometimes I even leave home with just my phone and I'd be fine. That pretty much shows how very important my phone is to me. So when my iPhone dropped and got stuck in the sewage, I was flabbergasted!

See I followed my colleagues out in a car to go to somewhere, and as I recall, I placed my phone on my lap. Once we reached my office building, being the clumsy me, I actually got up, totally forgetting about the phone and stepped out of the car, oblivious to my surrounding. Once we reached our office, the next thing I knew, my phone was gone.

I searched everywhere -- in my handbag, under the seat, in the dustbin, behind my laptop -- but I couldn't find it! Suspecting it might have dropped when I got down the car, I went down to search for it, but couldn't find it on the street. So I went up back to my office, and started panicking.

All the while some of my colleagues (Rina, Angie, JoAnn and Anne) were calling my number non-stop just to make sure it has not be stolen. They reassured me that my phone is still ringing, out there somewhere, and that I should keep on searching.

So I did. I went down back again, and asked my colleague to dial my number again. And then, I heard it! I heard this very faint familiar sound coming from.. under the pavement. I neared the sound, squatted down, and there it was! My iPhone under the seawage! It was so near yet so far! I could see it with my eyes, but my hand is not long enough to reach it!

And that's when it happened. Before that, let me stress on one thing. Malaysians really are a bunch of good people. We might be the biggest kepochi in the world, but definitely good at heart. Everybody there tried to help me out. Some, of course just stood there to watch.

At one point, there was so many people crowding the place, it felt like I was selling some minyak mujarab in Chow Kit Road or something. One by one tried to help me out. The more that tried to help me out, the deeper the phone went, until the phone was out of sight, and all I could see is pitch black!

I got even more frantic and even called the Bomba (fire brigade) to help me out! Like, seriously! They refused to help me at first, saying that they only help in cases that involve life and death. And at that point, my motherly instinct kicked in and I knew I had to do, say anything, to save my "baby"! I said, "Encik, this IS my life! If you could just send someone to help me over here, I would be eternally grateful to you. I'd even buy you and your guys lunch, I promise!"

See, I was desperate not just because that's a bloody iPhone that I cling on to every night and day in there. My life truly depended on it because all the important data, emails, and everything is in there! I'd be damned if someone got their hands on my phone!

I guess I must have babbled too much that the guy on the phone just cut me off and said, "Puan, kalau puan tak berenti bercakap ni, macam mana saya nak hantar orang saya tolong Puan?" AND I WAS OVER THE TOP! Hahaha. :P

The bomba actually came, but they didn't manage to do anything, because the next thing I knew, there was this Indonesian pakcik who actually went all out to help me, to the extend of opening the sewage concrete cover and going down into the drain to help rescue my phone!

After a few minutes, he came out of the drainage, all smiley and proud -- with my iPhone in his hand! He was the hero of the day! :D

See, that's one of the perks of having kepochis around you! They might just save your life! :D

Ps : I still can't believe I actually called the Bomba. Damn I'm such a drama queen!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Romeo

Have you ever caught yourself saying "awwww" and smiling to yourself when you stumbled across pictures like these?

So adorable kan! I am not sure about you, but I definitely enjoy looking at adorable baby photos and then imagining how my son's first monkey love would be like one day. :P Misti comels! :D

And then one day, as though hearing my thoughts, he decided to surprise me with something I'd never thought a boy his age is capable of doing -- flirting!

It was like looking at one of those adorable baby photos again, only this time, it's MY son as the main model! :P Uh, but just so we're clear son, I know I said it's cute imagining your monkey puppy kitty love and everything, but adorable or not, no girls allowed until you're at least.. uh, 18 okay? Good boy.

Oh, and before I go, here's a peek on how my cheeky son Aydein hit on a mat-salleh girl named Yaya. :P Watch out mamas, coz you have no idea what toddlers nowadays can do! :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Story

I've never really been a big fan of games. When everybody else was going crazy over FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and Texas HoldEm Poker, I was going crazy declining ALL the annoying invites to play the games!

Heck, believe it or not, I haven't even completed all the Angry Bird levels on my iPhone yet, let alone Cut the Rope! BUT that all changed when I started playing Fashion Story.

Fashion Story
allows you to manage and decorate your boutique as how you imagine it to be. I have always dreamt to have my own fashion boutique. But since brick and mortar store is way too expensive for me to afford right now, running a "virtual" one pon jadi lah..

Playing this game is easy. When you start playing the game, you will be given a certain amount of cash in "gold coints" as well as "gems" to help you "kick off" your business. Then, you will need to order the items you want to sell in your boutique from the "Catalogue". You will see duration of hours under every item. That represents the length of time that you will need to wait before the item could "reach" your shop in order for you to sell it.

Ada item yang kena tunggu 1 atau 2 hari sebelum ready, and ada item yang ready dalam seminit pon ada! So once your items are ready for collection, simply tap on it, and place it at the rack or the counter at your store! Make sense so far? Don't worry, they do have a Help section that will help you get started, so make sure you go through it before kicking off your business alright! Err, if you plan to play this, that is. :P

Like most games, this game also plays by levels. In order to get to a new level, you will need to collect as many stars as you can. Once the yellow bar of stars is full, you'll be promoted to a new level! The best thing is, each time you reach a certain level, you'll get to order a new outfit! :D

And if you make enough profit to your shop, you get to expand it to a bigger one and renovate it to suit your own style! See when I started, my shop was a sad looking shop, with little items in it..

Now, my boutique is doing pretty well, it is big enough to have a lounge area, with 2 cute giraffe cushions at it!

I am telling you, this thing is so addictive, even my husband is hooked on it! :P

The only downside to it is that it is an online game and it requires Internet access. So if you are not subscribed to an Internet plan or suddenly happen to be at a rural area where the coverage is really really bad, then you won't be able to play this game :(

Also, in order to make your shop look pleasing like *ehems* mine :P, you might also need to spend a few bucks just to buy em "gems". Like, real bucks. See, there are some items that you can only get/buy using "gems".

So, if you do not have enough "gems", you will need to buy it. I guess this is how the TeamLava makes money out of this game. And fanatics like me, would actually BUY them gems, just to make our shops look.. well, pretty. :P Believe it or not, I actually spent a good RM40 to buy them gems!

It's so crazy because I never thought I'd spend a cent for any game! T_T Just so you know though, I am not the only crazy ones here as PinkStilletos and Mommaholicseries too, have their own virtual boutique! :D This game is available on iTunes, so download it now to find out what the buzz is all about! :D

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our World, Their War

Being a girly girl since before, my favorite movie genre had always been Romance. Try asking me to list down 10 of my favorite romance movies of all times, and I can give you the list in less than 5 seconds. But try asking me to list down at least 5 of my favorite action movies of all times, and I might just give you a blank stare. :P

That is why, when my husband took me out to see Transformers in 2007 when we were dating last time, I was rather skeptical. I gave it a shot anyway, and actually found myself looking forward to the sequel of it by the time the movie ended! I liked it -- I liked it a lot. :D Needless to say, when Transformers 2 was released in 2009, I was one of the firsts to line up at the box office counter! :D

As such, naturally I wish to be one of the firsts to catch the Autobots and Decepticons in action this time around too! Particularly because I am a big fan of the sunny yellow bot, the none other than the mighty Bumblebee!

As such if given a chance to transform into any of the Autobots, I would definitely choose to be a Bumblebee and help the rest of the Autobots team to save the world from the evil Decepticons by first duplicating myself into multiple mini-Bumblebees, using the magical Ultimate Movie Card.

And since "Bumblebee" is technically a "bee", I will then make sure that these version of mini-Bumblebees are equipped with explosive "sting" that will automatically and literally blow their opponents up the moment they "sting" their opponents. These super fast and super small mini-Bumblebees will then fly in swarm and attack the Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons with their sting which will result in HUGE explosion! And just like that, the victory is on our side! :D

Now let's say it together! Bumblebee and Autobots for the win! :D

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Day I Lost My Baby from Ectopic Pregnancy

I had my weekend all planned out last week. I was supposed to go to Johor to send my baju for tailoring, and attend the Nuffnang Trudy & Teddy Tea Party event to meet all the mommy bloggers right after I get back from Johor. Little did I know that God had other plans for me.

Last Friday started off like any normal days. I went to work, did my work like usual, even had quite a ball at the office as we celebrated our boss's advanced birthday at the office. Nothing was amiss.

But then just before I left the office, I felt the need to answer nature's call and that's when I noticed a little spotting. Since my Aunt Flow did not come and visit me the month before, I assumed she was just late and finally came to visit me that month. Oh hello there, I thought happily. Datang jugak kamu ye.

However, as soon as I reached home, the pain that I thought was just menstrual pain slowly kicked in. Mula-mula, it felt like normal menstrual cramps. Tapi, lama-lama makin sakit. Lagi tahan, lagi sakit.

When the pain got severe, I started popping the pain killers, still thinking it was a bad case of menstrual pain. At this point, I actually thought to myself, "oh macam gini la kot rasanya bila some of my friends cakap segugut diorang segugut yang amat dahsyat".

But when the pain killers didn't work and the pain started to become unbearable, I started crying. No kidding, I started sobbing like a little girl! I needed a stronger pain killer and asked my husband to take me to the nearest clinic.

When we reached the clinic, the lady doctor told us that she could not just simply give me a jab to ease my pain. She had to rule out all the possible threats that were causing me the pain. She mentioned that the pain could be due to UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), muscle pain or threatened abortion (miscarriage).

I told the doctor, it was impossible for me to be pregnant because I just did the pregnancy test about 2 weeks before and it came out negative. The doctor insisted for a second test just to double confirm and the next thing I knew, the result stood right in front of me.

I was pregnant... and speechless. I can't actually describe how I felt then, but I am sure it was a mixture of confusion, happiness and fear. Out of worry for my safety, the doctor advised me to see a specialist immediately for further examination. And that was when everything started.

As soon as we reached Sime Darby Medical Centre, we asked for Dr Delaila since she was the same specialist that delivered Aydein. After examining and performing a scan on me, she said that she couldn't see any fetus in my uterus which could mean early pregnancy, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

I didn't want to say it out loud, but deep down inside, I could feel that I was suffering from ectopic pregnancy. I knew because the intense pain was coming from one side only and it was throbbing.

Aien on the other hand, was being all positive about it. He kept on reassuring me that everything would be fine and that whatever the result may be the next morning, I was to keep an open mind about it and to accept it with open heart.

That night, I could not sleep because the pain was so painful, it made sleeping impossible! I spoke to my unborn baby, I told her to be strong. I told her I loved her, I told her to fight her way through. I told her if she were to make it, she would get to see her brother, and her papa. And somehow, the pain got better after that, and I was able to get a few hours of sleep.

The next morning, the moment I've been dreading for finally came. The doctor told me that the blood result confirmed that I was suffering from ectopic pregnancy and that the fetus had to be removed immediately to avoid complications. At that point, I felt my heart constricted. I felt as though I was crushed. In moments, I would be brought to the operation theatre. In moments, I would lose my baby.

Tears started to trickle down my cheeks as soon as the doctor left our ward. Aien kissed my forehead and told me it was going to be okay, that it was meant to be, and that I should stay strong. I guess Aydein could feel my remorse too, because he behaved really well throughout our stay in the hospital.

I was told to fast for at least 6 hours prior to the operation. During the waiting period, I had so many things in my mind. What if I stay awake after they sedated me? What if I stay unconscious after the anesthetic wears off? What if something goes wrong and I lose a lot of blood during the operation?

This was when I started feeling frightened and extremely down. But thanks to the support and words of encouragement from all my friends, my spirit started to lift up once again.

And then, it was time. I kept on reciting prayers on the way to the operation theatre and also the kalimah syahadah just before they sedated me.

And in less than 10 secs after they put the gas on me, I knocked off. The 1 ½ hours operation went well, alhamdulillah, because the next thing I knew, it was over, and the nurse showed me the fetus that was taken out from me. The fetus was still in the form of blood clot about the size of a red bean.

I just nodded but didn't say anything because I was still drowsy from the anesthetic. Once I was stable, I was brought back to my ward, to the smiling faces of my family.

And despite the pain from surgery, I thought to myself, O Allah, thank you for giving me the chance to breathe in the air one more time and to be able to see and appreciate the people that I care most about in life, even better. Verily, with every difficulty, there is relief.