Friday, July 4, 2008


guess what people? i was just doing my usual things in the office when suddenly, my boss dropped me an online message through MSN!
here’s the snippet of the conversation :

Mr Chan says : just to let u know I have passed ur probation period
Mr Chan says : u shall receive a letter shortly from KY
Mr Chan says : Congratulations and Excellent, Good Job for the past 3 months
Thara says : oh, thank you mr chan!
Thara says : this is great news! :D

Mr Chan says : I will raise ur salary to XXXX
Thara says : oh! thank u!
Thara says : i am actually rather overwhelmed, i dont know what to say! haha
Mr Chan says : those who work hard deserved to be rewarded well :)
Thara says : thanks again mr chan. i will double my effort, i promise! :)
Mr Chan says : good to hear that :)

and a few minutes later . . .

vooish! i am officially confirmed!

and confirmed = raise in salary. and raise in salary = more income. and more income = shopping time!

hahaha. the joy, the joy! oh Queensbay Mall, here i come! ;)