Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wagyu Steak, Anyone?

How do married couples usually celebrate their 2 Years Anniversary? A short getaway at a hotel by the beach? Quality time with family at home? A treat at a fine dining restaurant?

As for me, I got all 3 of them! The moment we reached home that Sunday morning after our short vacation in Langkawi, we spent the whole day just chillin' at home with the little one, after 2 days of non-stop activities.

The next day, Aien took me to San Francisco Steakhouse that does not only have a very nice ambiance to it, but it is also near to our house! It seems like the perfect place to go for a once-in-a-while treat, so just after Maghrib, we swung by that place for dinner.

Once we were seated, we took our time going through the menu. Too many good food for our small tummies lah! But we settled with Cod Fillet, and Wagyu Steak.

While we wait for the main course to arrive, we were first served with bread and butter for starters. I loved the butter! However, although they were good, I do feel that they can't beat the bread and butter in Italiannies! :D

Once we were done with the starters, the waitress brought in our main course. Aien was served with Chilean Cod Fillet with Miso Paste.

I was served with my order, Wagyu Rib Eye Steak. I had mine medium-well done. Hey, how come fine dining dishes are always very little and simple looking?

A little on Wagyu Steak. It is said to be the most expensive steak in the world. The steak is made of the highest meat quality, that it even has certification from CAAB and MSA EQA.

Did you know however, these cattle only eat grain for 500 days, and they are so goddamn pampered, they live in an airconditioned room, not allowed to move around much, and believe it or not, they even get massaged!

Easier said, ini spesis lembu pemalas tahap gaban, rasa macam nak lempang je! :P But seriously. Lembu? Kena massage? Even I yang pi kerja kene naik turun bukit pon, bila balik takde sape nak massage okay! Balik rumah kena masak lagi ade lah! :P

Although the steak is famous for being exceptionally tender, juicy, and flavorsome, for some reason I dont know, I found it just like any other steak. It's juicy yes, it's very nice yes. But to me, it's just not worth the price. Aien's cod fish on the other hand, was so extremely good, and so much better, I would choose that cod over Wagyu steak anytime! On top of that, it is 3 times cheaper than my steak!

Oh, did I also tell you that they also have menu for kids? The menu for kids also look very appetizing that I plan to bring Aydein here the next time we dine here! :)

Whatever it is, it was needless to say, a beautiful evening and a night to remember, thanks to the man I fell in love with then, now and forever -- the none other, Ahmad Azarinurazie, the one and only. :) Happy Anniversary again, sweetheart!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Island Boy

I have only turned a year old, and already I have had experiences going to weddings, carnivals, going on a boat ride and up the hills, and to add to the list is, island hopping! Yes, it was such a good time going from one island to another in a boat last weekend in Langkawi! It was my first time there, and I experienced a whole of things!

It was a whole new experience for me, right from the start of the journey. According to mama, the journey to Langkawi from KL would usually take 5 hours by car. Since we did not want to waste time on the road and would rather use the time spent on the island itself, we travelled to Langkawi by airplanes.

It was my first time on a plane and I am telling you, the plane was so huge, and the wind at the airport was very strong that I actually gaped at it the first time I saw it. I can't even take my eyes off of it. It was so cool!

Once we touched down, we were greeted by the friendly people at the airport. Many approached us and asked papa if we would like to ride in their cabs. At last, papa agreed to ride in one of those cabs and then headed towards Meritus Pelangi Hotel.

Meritus Pelangi Hotel is a very nice place to stay. It is a chalet-like resort, perfect for families. Once we reached there, we were greeted by Tok Mak and Tok Ayah who were already there waiting for us, with the rest of Mummy Na's family. Remember them from my previous entry? After a little chit chat, we were told to go to sleep because there would be tons of fun waiting for us the next day!

After breakfast the next day, the adventure started with our trip to Pulau Beras Basah. To get to this island, you'd have to go through strong waves and wind that are much, much stronger compared to the ones in Putrajaya and Mines. Since the weather was hot, mama applied some sunblock lotion all over me! She said it's important to avoid myself from getting burnt.

Once we reached Pulau Beras Basah, I shrieked with joy! It was a whole new experience for me! I have never been to a beach before, let alone stepping onto the sand, but even then, I did not once cry. I found it weird at first - stepping on an uneven surface, but I liked it!

Then, we spared no time and changed into our swimwear to get ready to dive into the salty sea water.

Finally, the moment I have been waiting for finally arrived -- I jumped into the sea! Seriously, you wanna know what I think? I think swimming in the pool is way nicer because sea water makes my eyes hurt! They tasted really bad when I accidentally swallowed them while swimming too!

Mama noticed my annoyance, so after a while, she took me out of the water and played sand with me at the shore while we watched the rest of the family having a blast in the water.

Oh did I tell you during this time, mama and papa also took the opportunity to get on the "banana boat"? I watched in awe as the boat flipped over and dropped mama and papa in the middle of the sea!

Oh and I also made friends with some of the origins there too! Say hello to my new friends, or rather, enemies! They like to steal stuffs when you're busy swimming, so you'd better have one eye open while you swim!

Once everyone has had enough with the water activities, the adventure begun -- island hopping! It was my first time going from an island to another, so it was really fun! First stop, eagle watching. Mama told me the eagles were beautiful! It was such a bummer that I missed this part, though. I fell asleep because all the excitement at the beach earlier was making me real tired and sleepy!

While I was sleeping, mama told me that they all went for a refill at a beautiful, floating restaurant at Teluk Batu Merah. The restaurant's name is Rezeki Sangkar Nelayan and it is very new. It seems that they just opened two weeks before our arrival there. Besides dining, you can also feed the HUGE fishes there. I'll show you the pictures later.

This restaurant allows you to pick the live seafood of your choice, before handing them over to the chefs who will cook them for you the way you want them. We chose a few live fishes, crabs, as well as a lobster! The lobster is such a beauty. Look!

While waiting for the chefs to cook our dishes, the rest of my family went fish feeding at the back of the restaurant. This was the big tiger shark I was telling you about! Mama told me it was surprisingly tame that she could actually "pat" it.

There were also other fishes there too. Here are some of the smaller, beautiful ones!

Once the dishes are ready, they spared no time and stuffed themselves with the delicious food.

While they were busy dining, feeding fishes, and chatting away, I was busy dozing away. A few minutes later, Muqeet, my fellow cousin follow suit!

I got up just in time as mama finished dining, so I got a taste of some of the fish leftovers which mama fed me along with the chinese fried rice that she ordered and packed for me earlier.

After that, I was up and energized for more sight seeing. Next up, Pulau Dayang Bunting. Can you see the shape of a pregnant maiden there? That is why that island is called Pulau Dayang Bunting! Tok Mak said that it is believed that any ladies who wish to get pregnant could come and swim here and they'd have higher chance to conceive. I think it is just an old wives tale.

Then after by passing a few more island, we went back home to clean ourselves and rest.

The next day, we went to Muzium Laman Padi Langkawi. Here, I got the chance to see the different types of equipment they use to process rice paddy, from the traditional equipments through to the modern ones.

Then, we went to Makam Mahsuri as well as Telaga Mahsuri. Mahsuri is known as the most beautiful lady in Langkawi then. She was accused of adultery and was killed by stabbing. It is said that when she got stabbed, white blood flowed from the wound, signifying her innocence. This is her tomb.

Then, on our last day there, I had the opportunity to move about in the sky in a cable car! I am telling you, it is so freaking high up in the sky, it even freaked papa out!

Haha. But im telling you, the view from up there was so breathtaking, it was all worth it!

Langkawi was definitely by far, one of the best trips I've ever had! Next up, how about a trip to Disneyland, mama? ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mr Nebulizer and Aydein

The one thing about kids socializing with each other is that, they tend to pick up a lot of things from each other. They learned new skill from each other, they try to copy or imitate each other, and for Aydein's case, they also pickup bugs or viruses from each other.

It feels just like yesterday since the last time Aydein fell sick. And recently, he seemed to have caught one of those bad bugs that caused him to cough badly. He's been coughing so bad, that phlegm started to block his airways and there's even wheezing sound coming out from inside his body, like an asthmatic person.

I initially thought that it would go away. But after a few days, it got even worse that I had to ask my sister doctor to come over and examine him. My sister told me Aydein's condition is pretty worrying and that he needed medical attention asap. And since she didn't have with her all the right equipments then, we were once again forced to bring him to the nearest hospital, so the first thing that came to mind was, SJMC.

Just after subuh yesterday, we went straight to the doctor and Aydein was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis, not Asthma. More about Bronchiolitis here. He said that the only way Aydein could have gotten this is from other kids around his age. It seems that it is rare for adults to transmit this virus so I'm guessing that he caught this from one of his cousins that he saw recently.

Poor baby had to be on nebulizer in order to get his airways cleared. He cried very badly. Very, very badly like I've never heard before. He was so very upset that he was forced to wear the mask and inhale the gas. He tried to struggle out of it, but we managed to hold him back. He cried and cried, and paid no interest even when we played his favorite Barney clip from his dad's phone.

Later that night, we brought him to see another doctor again the very same night, because he was not getting any better. This time, we went to Menara Clinic to see our regular Dr Alan instead, because we weren't very happy with the service given by the doctor we saw earlier in SJMC. Aydein was given another dose of nebulizer gas. That was when we know, how strong -- really strong, this boy is.

He pushed his body forward, wriggled left to right, just to free himself from the mask while crying out really, really loud. He was really strong, that he even managed to get out from Aien's grip and snatched the mask off his face. And when Aien held him back and I put the mask back on his face, he cried on top of his lungs and looked at me with that pleading look at his eyes. I felt really sorry for him, but I had to pull myself together, knowing that this is the best for him.

And this morning, we went to Menara Clinic again to follow up. Aydein has gotten much, much better since last night. There was very little wheezes, that the doctor felt that it was not necessary to put him on nebulizer anymore.

Aydein tired from crying

He advised that we come again tonight for checkup though just in case, because it tends to get cold at night and that's when the attack usually happens. Let's pray that Aydein recovers fast so there is no need for him to see Mr Nebulizer no more -- and save his tears.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

080808 - 080810 ; We've Made It This Far!

note : this is a delayed entry due to some technical problems.

Like I mentioned in my Wedding Website, Mr. Coulomb could not be any more right when he came up with the "Opposites Attract" Law. Because when north meets south, what do you get? A blooming love story of Aien & Thara! :P

2007 - Trip to Pangkor with the University

Really, it's amazing how we can actually get along well with each other sometimes. I, coming from the north, have thick penangite-slang to me. And Aien, coming from the south, has that distinguishable johorian-twang that he finds it hard to let go.

2007 - Prom Night

Since both of us come from a richly cultured family background and obviously different liking in food, deciding in most of the things would tiiiiiiny bit be a problem for us! Like, what to have for lunch – nasi kandar or nasi beriyani! :P

2007 - Prom Night

You've heard all about it. How we started to chat with each other in Yahoo Messenger. How he tried to ask me out on a date a couple of times before, but got turned down. And how it all began when he agreed to escort me to Disney's Princess on Ice.

2005 - First date to Princess On Ice

I can still remember that night vividly in my mind, as though it just happened a week ago. It was our first date and it was magical, almost perfect. It was, like I said, one of the nights when everything was so right, you didn't want it to end. But most importantly, it was a beautiful start to a happy ending. :)

Years gone by, and after 4 years of joy and pain, struggle and success, laughter and tears together, on 8th August 2008, with just one lafaz, Aien finally made me his rightful wife. :)

It was a very emotional moment! My dad cried, I cried! But one thing for sure, Aien was happily smiling and anticipating for the end of the event (if you know what I mean)! :P

2008 - Upacara Menyarung Cincin

Our receptions were celebrated joyously. I could still remember the night when I played dress up, trying on many different wedding costumes and posing away like nobody's business! :P It was so much fun, I do not mind doing it again! Next time however, they will have to make alterations to the dresses! :P Here's a clip of me on Malam Berinai, a day before the reception in Johor.

This Malam Berinai was specially reserved for close friends and families only. The next morning, I was all groomed for the reception in Johor. I could still remember the day. I was so tired from photoshoots, helping out with wedding arrangements, and not getting enough sleep (you know how busy a wedding week could get!), that once the day is over, I was completely worn out and down with fever! Here's a clip of me during the cake cutting ceremony, before I fell sick.

Behind the smiles, and the makeup, nobody knew I was actually already down with flu then! But if you look closely, you could see at some parts of the clip, I was actually sniffing! :P

Sure, like any other married couples, life is not always rainbows and butterflies for us. We've had our share of ups and downs. But one thing for sure, despite the challenges we faced, we held on to each other, through the good and through trying times. It's been 2 years since the day we became man and wife now, and alhamdulillah, we're still going strong, stronger than ever before, now that we have our little prince in our life. :)

2008 - Outdoor Photoshoot

Confidential to Aien, before I met you, I never knew I was capable of loving someone so much. You won me over with everything that you are; your generous smile and charming personality, and if I have to say this a thousand times over, I would -- I love you. :)

2006 - University's Library, not much studying done. :P

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maid With A Handphone. Good or Bad Idea?

BAD. Bad bad bad bad BAD BAD idea all the bloody way. There is honestly nothing good about it. Everybody knows the rule. When you have a maid, Rule #1 : Never to let them mingle amongst themselves. Rule #2 : Never, ever, let them own a handphone. Bad idea, bad bad bad idea.

Yes, I have always, always been against maids with handphones and my husband Aien knows that more than anyone. He knew about my stand long before we were even married. Hence, when my maid came along, we have always asked her to use our house phone instead. All she needs to do, is to let us know whenever she wants to make a call to her family, anytime at all, and we'll dial it for her, using the RedTone card we got her. This way it is much easier to monitor her call activities.

That is why, when my maid came to me just now and asked if she could own a handphone, I was dumbstruck. I did not know what to say. I looked at Aien, and we both ended up looking at each other, until finally, Aien broke the silence and told her we would think about it.

Now, why are we even considering? Let's see.

If we do not let her own a handphone, she might feel disturbed, and unsettled. She would think, oh, why can't I have one when the rest of the maids could have it?

Yes, you see, I have broken Rule #1. My maid have been mingling with other maids. It is, however, inevitable. Especially in my case. I see my in laws every so often, you see. So when we go to my PIL's, they have a maid -- with a handphone. And when we go to my SIL's, they too, have a maid -- with a handphone. So it is only natural for them to start talking, and one starts to point out, hey, why don't you ask your employer to get you a handphone? It is much convenient you see, you get to hang on the phone like a monkey all day, all night!

You see, this is the problem when maids start mingling. Yes, it is only natural for human to want to have companies, and mix and mingle. And I am not a cruel employer. I understand this perfectly, which is the reason why, I do not mind bringing her over to my in laws in order to let her stim out every now and then. But look. This is what happens. When you give a little freedom, just a little freedom, this happens. The more they meet, the more they talk, the more they start comparing, the more they demand!

Now, another option is, what if we do let her own a handphone?

Oh my, the possibilities.

You see, it is not that I do not trust my maid, but despite the positive progress she's been showing so far, I just can't shake off the uncertainties in me. One call is all it takes for anything to happen. Just one call.

I might have read and listened too much, but most of the cases involving maids nowadays happened because of the bloody handphone. I am not saying that handphone is the only cause for things to happen, but having a handphone makes things easier to happen. With the headphone, a maid can do a whole lot more. She may start making contacts and gather her network, she may call a stranger and invite him into the house, she may start hanging by the phone and neglecting her work (or worse, neglecting the baby while busy hanging on the phone), she may skim a plot even easier now that the phone is easily accessible, and a whole lot more!

Frankly, I am not a big fan of allowing maids to own a phone. Besides, I can't see the rationale why they, especially my maid, need a phone when I have specifically told her to use the house phone at anytime that she wants! All she needs to do is tell me! Lain lah kalau I forbid her to use the phone at all. If that happens, boleh lah kata I kejam ke apa kan. But no, I kasik dia pakai the house phone. Siap remind dia berkali-kali lagi suroh call her hometown each time. But she never did. Why, segan? Then is it my fault yang u segan nak tanya I? And now you're asking me for a handphone? For what? Privacy? What on earth do you want to talk about that you need privacy for? And all of this are made worse, especially when the employer (that would be me) is not around!

Seriously. I can't find any reason why I should let her own a handphone, except for the fact that if I don't, she will definitely feel uneasy and offended with us.

Aien thought we could consider letting her own a handphone, just for the sake of having a handphone. On 2 conditions, however. One, we keep the phone. Whenever she wants to use it, she will have to ask for it from us, and then return it back to us once she's done. Two, she can only make calls once for each week.

So now, I'm again, in dilemma. Do I break Rule #2 and let her own the handphone? Or should I stand by my stand, and keep her away from the dreaded device? And if I do, what reason should I give her?

-- ** update ** --

Hi everybody! Thanks all for your concern, advices, and ideas. Really appreciate it. My husband and I have talked, and we have mutually agreed not to let the maid have the handphone for many reasons. we have yet to tell this to her, but we will soon. However, if she insists on having one, we will get her one, on the conditions as mentioned earlier. Thanks all again for your generous advices and suggestions, they really helped! ;)

Ps : Will keep all of you updated once we have the big talk with our maid! Wish us luck! ;)