Thursday, October 14, 2010

What You Can Do I Can Do Too (Part 8)

It feels like a long time since I last updated on Aydein's progress. It's amazing how he has progressed so much from just rolling on his back, to creeping, to crawling, to cruising, to standing, and recently, walking. Just when I thought he could not surprise us with anything anymore, he would do something to leave us glowing with pride yet again. :)

Anyway, at 1 year 4 months, Aydein can do a lot more things as compared to before.

He can walk - very fast too if he wants to.
He can even walk backwards whenever he feels like amusing us!
He can also twirl his body round and round for the fun of it.
He goes to you when you say "come here"
He will get the thing that you point to while saying "aydein take/ambik?"
He puts out his hand at the sink when you say "wash hands"
He gives an object to someone if prompted, e.g. "give papa"
He puts out his foot out when prompted, "wear shoes?"

He can shake his head "no" and meaning it.
He knows the comb goes to the head.
He knows the toothbrush goes into the mouth.
He knows that the phone goes to the ear.

He gives you a big, wet kiss on the cheek, and lips too, if you pout your lips at him.
He can sleep through the night at times.
He can sleep by himself although at times.
He can eat by himself.

He refers "cat" as "auw".
He is overprotective over the people he loves, like.. ME! Hee!
He will clasp his hands at both of his ears while saying "Awaaba!" when he sees anyone performing solah.

He can now say papa clearly. Among others are : mama, ball, bye, bird to name a few.
He can express himself clearly by pointing to the things he wants.
He can "salam" and kiss your hand.
He enjoys handing objects to you.
He will also bend down and "sujud" when he sees anyone performing solah.

However, he has also picked up some habits/attitudes over the past couple of months that were nonexistence earlier.

He will roll and roll on top of me before he falls asleep every night.
He is very clingy, especially with me, nowadays.
He doesn't warm up to strangers as easily as before. Talk about stranger anxiety!
He knows now "bye" means leaving him so he'll cry each time we leave him for work.
He has a say to what goes into his system (fussy eater alert!).
He tends to throw a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.
He sometimes likes people to get things for him, instead of getting it himself.
He is possessive of his toys whenever his elder cousins are around.
He has a habit of handing over his bottle after each feeding.

Aydein keeps surprising us with all the little things he does. It's been such an amazing experience watching him grow up. He has grown so much and so fast over the past couple of months that sometimes I wish I could slow down the time so he will be my little baby forever. It's true what they say, no? Cherish every passing moment with your baby, because babies won't be babies forever!


bintie said...

hey dak kenit...acik bintie ske sme part kecuali psl tantrum tu. kecik2 ok, nnt dh beso jgn eh...jd dak bek tau bl dh beso nnt... :)

kiss sket...mmuah! :X

mommaholicSURI said...

It's so true Thara!!

Oh may, Aydein dah macam-macam dia tau. Teach him to say I Love you. Like Oman, everytime after shake my hand, kiss my cheek, he will say, "ailebu" .. hahaahaha.

I agree, It's really an amazing experience watching our kids grow up. No matter we are happy or sad, we never feel down when watching them becoming a man. :)

Cherie said...

oh oh..he sounds a lot like nunu!


cepatkan u, dah besar Aydein..
Its true..babies wont be babies forever..seddey plak ..
kdg2 tak sedar cepat sgt diorang besar..tuptup my Adam pun dah nk masuk 2yrs..;(

biasalah babe..bila dah besar bnyk tantarum diaorang..salah satu reason sb nak bermanja..the other one actually dia nak tgk how far he can go..somtimes pun nak kena berkeras..kalau tak asyik kena ikut ape diorang nak..susah u bila besar..

tgk kasut Aydein..teringat time Adam as this kaki Adam yg chubby, not all type of babies shoes can fix him..banyak shoes I beli tak muat..sian!

Cant wait to see u Aydein..;)

RuZaNNa said...

This reminds me of imran when he was at Aydein's age!.. imran panggil cat auk.. hahah.. lebih kurang dgn aydein la..
What i'm impressed the most that Aydein can sleep by himself!.. imran mesti nak kena lullaby.. baru dgr berdengkur.. hehhe..
Can't wait to see you end of this months little guy.. now you can join the rest of the boys :)

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

Wah.. Aydein is very fast. Know so many things.

My daughter still cannot sleep by herself at night. She will just play and play if we didn't sleep with her.

"He is overprotective over the people he loves, like.. ME! Hee!"
Who is he protecting you from? Your husband? hehee.. he can be jealous too.

Thara said...

bintie :
acik bintie, acik bintie kene doakan mama dptkan aydein adik cepat2 sket la. jadik aydein tak manja sgt dgn mama papa! :D

nuurill :

awww thats so sweet! nanti i cuba ajarkan aydein jugak. tapi jangan nanti dia ailebiu dkt gegirl lain nanti udah ler :P

yeah, our babies are our pride & joy indeed! :)

cherie :

really? at which part?

nadia :
exactly! cepat sangat derang besar! kadang2 bila i rindu masa aydein was just a helpless little newborn, I would dig up all the old pictures and videos pastu terkenang sorang2 :) I even played a video of aydein moving in my tummy last night! what a sweet memory :)

yeah, i read about tantrums being apart of development jugak. it's their way to test how far they can go. tapi mcm u ckp, tak bole bermanja sgt. nanti derang too much and susah nak control besa nanti kan! :)

awww. actually aydein pon dah lama tak pakai that shoes sejak dah kenal Crocs :P oh and aydein cant wait to see all of you too! ;)

Thara said...

anne :
ehhh really ke? so skarang ni dia dah bole sebut cat properly as "cat" dah? yeah, sometimes kalau i penat, i'll let him play by himself then i tertido dulu dari dia! hahaha. bila i tersedar, aley-aley tengok dia dah tido elok je sebelah i! hehehe. the trick for me is to darken the room, then close my eyes. kadang2 i buat2 tido tau. then i bukak mata sket then intip dia buat apa. he would toss and turn, toss and turn, then check kalau2 i tido ke belom. kalau dia tengok i pon dah zZzz, then he would stare at the ceiling, then lama2, doze off teros. :P

aydein too cant wait to join the little boys at the end of this month! :D

worryfather :

hehe. he's learning and taking everything in slowly, that i can tell you. :) hahaha. sleeping seems like the most pertinent point by all parents here! :P well, aydein usually knocks off by himself if he's too tired playing all day. try letting your baby play by herself. maybe once shes bored and tired of playing, she'll fall to sleep on her own! all babies get tired of playing at one point! ;)

oh yesss! he does get jealous over my husband sometimes! :P

Nadine said...

Thara, part roll on top of u b4 sleep tu sebijik cam Faaz tau! Pastu dia mesti nak tido on top of my tummy. Senak I. Tp tahan je la sbb tgk dia lena benar. Lepas dia dh betul2 lelap br la I transfer ke tempat dia.

Dah mcm2 dh progress Aydein. Ni yg tak sabar nak jumpa dia end of this month nie ;)

irradhil said...

eh...aydein sebaya ngn dina ke?dina 1yrs...aydein 1yrs 4mths kan??

wah...aydein dh pndai ckp ehh???jelesnyer....dina xpndai pn.suh ckp abii...die ckp appa.heheheeh.lawak tull.die cpt jln kot (since 10mths) tu yg berat mulut lg skrg ni.huhuhu.

bagusnyer aydein dh pndai tido sndri.irra sshla...sakit pinggang nk bfkan dina.huhu

dina n esya jumpe cat sure lari.hehehehe

Thara said...

nadine :
ye ke babe! i thought aydein sorang je yang ada weird habit mcm gitu. hehe. yeah betol, i pon biarkan aje. it feels good kan to have them so close to us. sometimes even when aydein is sleeping soundly on his own, i would lift him up and put him on me, just to feel his heart beating next to mine. :)

aydein cant wait to see both of u too! ;)

irra :
a'ah sebaya la baby kita. cuma aydein tua sket je dari dina ;)

aydein tak la pandai ckp lagi, irra. byk juge ngomel2 pelik2 dia tu. cuma he can utter a few simple words je, mcm i ckp tu. hehe. part tido tu pon, mcm i ckp, bukan la selalu. it usually happen when hes tired. kalau dia tak tired, kene juge melekat dgn i, baru bole doze off :P

ooh, dina dgn esya takut ke dgn cat? aydein pulak will get superrrr excited kalau nampak cat! :P