Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merry Go Round

There are many reasons why kids just love getting on rides. They are colorful, they move round and round (or back and forth) and they usually have catchy tunes to them while they move about.

Younger babies may not appreciate them all that much, but if you have an active 1 year old who is seeing the world differently now, rides seem to be something impossible to dismiss, especially when there are many of them at the shopping malls!

The very first time we put Aydein on his first ride was a couple months back, in Times Square. I guess he was still a little too young to appreciate the theme park back then, so it didn't look as though he was having as much fun then.

Not for long, though! Now, each time we pass by any rides, he would actually pull our hands, point towards the rides, and drain our pockets with the ride's fee every 5 minutes! (the ride usually only lasts for 5 minutes, you see.)

This was taken not too long ago, at one of the rides in KLCC. See how much he was enjoying the merry go round? :)

It's amazing how simple things like this could make a child's day. And if only we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, this world would definitely be a better place to live in!

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I dulu enjoy bila layan Adam playing with the kids ride..
but yet bila dah besar skrang ni..
we try as much as we can to avoid lalu tmpt ada bnyk kids ride..
sb dia tak nak stop main..he would request again n again...
so kalau mmg urgent to go somewhere, we will make 360deg turn avoid the kids ride..hahaha..sgt kejam kan!
tp bila ada masa kami layan jgak bila nak ajak gerak..dia akan nangis sekuat terus masuk keta lah jawabnye...

neway, can see excitement Aydein in merry go round tu..cute ;)
I cant see the video la...rugik!!

Nadine said...

Pheeewit, ade org dh start blogging through Iphone lah *wink*

Alolololo, comelnya Aydein dlm video tu, sempat lagi tata mama dia each time you called him, Thara. :)

You know, Faaz takut ok naik these rides. Sebab ape tau, dia takut dgn patung. Hihihi. Aydein lagi macho lah nampaknya :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Hihihihi.. Seronoknya Aydein!!! Betul Thara, when he has achieves the 1st year in his life, everything's especially toys, rides, for them are really2 interesting. Really can see it from Aydein's eyes. hihihi..

p/s: I'm very sorry to hear about last night's tragedy, dear. Hope you, Aydein and Aien, all are fine. When everything has cooling down, i nak dengar the story from you k dear. Take care.