Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing My New Obsession!

2010 seems to be full of surprises for me. First, I received a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day from my colleagues. Then I received a chic tote as a surprise gift from Aien when he came back from US. And yesterday, he managed to get a crazy shriek from me again when he surprised me with.. this!

Okay, hold your horses, let me explain!

You see, on my last birthday, Aien told me that his gift to me would be a little late. He would not tell me why at first, but eventually he did (because I pressed him!), and that it would be an iPhone 4. When I heard this, I was dizzy with happiness! However, I realized that we are not from the rich and famous. iPhone 4 to me costs quite a bit, hence, I feel that it would be a waste for Aien to spend that much on me. So I told him to forget the idea and get me something else -- something cheaper, much cheaper that that.

I have gotten my eyes on iPhone 3GS for quite some time now however, I even asked Aien to get a second hand one for me, just so he would not spend so much on a new one for me. Honestly, I just needed something that I could use to update my blog and other social network applications. Even a cheap phone with that functionality works for me because the Nokia 7370 I was using then simply cannot do that.

The Nokia 7370 that I hang onto, for nearly 5 years

He kept saying things like, "No, sabar lah," or "We'll find one that is best for you," or "Let's just wait dulu", that I simply stopped asking or hoping.

And then, yesterday, while I was working in the office, I suddenly heard an unfamiliar ringtone coming from my handbag. I peered inside my handbag and was confused to see an iPhone with an unknown number ringing in my handbag. It took me quite a while before I lifted it up and by the time I did, it stopped ringing. Still, I held the iPhone in my hand, staring at it for a while, trying to make out, why the hell was the iPhone doing in my bag? And then, it slowly registered. I turned around, and asked Aien, "Oh, my god. Did you get this for me? Is this iPhone mine?!" When he turned and just smiled, I shrieked and I shrieked and I shrieked like crazy! :D

And when the chaos is over, I asked him, why iPhone 4? Why not HTC, or 3GS or any other cheaper phones? He said simply because it is the best phone for me. :) And oh my, the trouble he went through just to surprise me with this iPhone! He told me he actually went to 5 different stores at 3 different locations and had to even forge my signature in order to buy the plan okay! Long story cut short, he went all out just to surprise me with this sleek beauty! Well, what can I say? His effort definitely paid off because he really did manage to surprise me yesterday! :D

Again, sweets, if you're reading this, thank you so much for this wonderful post-birthday gift. Patience definitely paid off, because hey, after months and months of waiting, I am now the proud owner of the new iPhone 4! :D


mommaholicSURI said...

Your new obsession is definitely my dream bebeh!!

But since i have spent quite a lot with my current phone, so i kene hold on first to get iPhone4.

How lucky you are my dear!!!! :). Aien ni full of surprises kan? Ntah-ntah besok kan, dia bagi rumah pulak kat u.. diam-diam jer dia mana tau. :)

I nak copy paste link u ni kat Armi. Mana tau dia ter trigger something.. wahahahaha.

Anonymous said...


ZuRin said...

So i wish i could get these kind of surprises from Mr.EY for my coming birthday! *Sigh*... <^_^>. Have fun exploring dear!

Nadine said...

Awwwwwh, sweetnya Aien! Love the way he presented the gift too, creative :)

Babe, ur sooo lucky!! :) tell u before this sejak I keja ngan /// I mmg tak ambil pusing sgt pasal HTC ke, Iphone ke BB sbb every 2 years kitaorg dpt phone free. I pakai je ape yg ade. Tp bila my phone kena curik and one of relatives yg ade Iphone4 showed the applications to teach young kids kenal huruf and read terus I jatuh hati! tp waiting list dia lamanya nak kena tunggu. Huhu...

your patience definitely paid off ;)

Thara said...

nuurill :
wow, phone apa u tgh pakai skarang sampai spent quite a lot tu? :P i dah lama sgt pakai 7370, nuurill. dah terkopek2 dah pon some parts of the phone skin pasal dah lama noe. itu pasal dah sampai seru utk pakai phone baru ni. aley2 encik suami belikan iphone 4. alhamdulillah sgt lah kan. :P

uish u. harap2 la mulut u masin. skali dpt bungalow esok lusa kan, sapa tau. hahaha. amin amin amin! :P

haa bole bole. skali trigger, jgn kata iphone, kot sebijik Merce dia kasik dkt u buat ganti kemek kete haritu! :P

raqib :

zurin :
awww. u kene hint-hint la baru dia tau! kalau nak berguru dgn i pon bole, i kasik jampi baekkk munyaaaa. nak? :P

thanks babe, still a newbie at it, terkial2 lagi! :P

hehe thanks babe. itu pon dia kata didnt go as planned. sepatutnya dia nak tuka my ringtone mcm from my old phone dulu, skali tak jumpe settings. hahaha. pastu siap mintak my friend call, tapi i tak dgr initially, bcoz he silent the phone! pak lawak sungguh la my husband ni! :P

wah, lucky you! seriously, kalau i jadik u pon, i wouldnt bother. i pon bukan beriya sgt dgn iPhone ni. i mean, kalau ada org nak kasik, alhamdulillah la kan. tapi kalau tade, phone lain yang i bole guna to update my status online pon bole je. but kalau nak compare, i think i suka HTC lagi kot. im not sure if its bcoz i dah terbiasa with Nexus One ke apa, tapi aien has been using HTC Nexus One for quite some time now, and i like its user friendliness. lets see if iPhone can beat that! :)

oh babe, when aien bought for me, dia pegi je digi centre and beli. takde waiting list pon. cuba u go and check at the stores near u. i dgr maxis dah mmg out of stock. digi, selling fast. anyhow, pegi lah check, kot2 ada lagi stock kan. :)

yes it did! :D


I tompang happy for you..berbaloi penantian kan ;)
mmg sweet suprise lah..even I read ur comment bnyk halangan..hehehe..

huhu..myself pun dah lama pakai hp buruk I yg I gelar as "raspberry"..since I nak match with other BB...hahha..
lagipun I'm not a gadget person..
tp kalau ada org nak kasik sape tak nak babe!!

mcm Nadine lah..time kat flex dulu selalu dpt hp free, mcm tak yah beli baru..skrang dah takde org nak kasik huhuuu..kan Nuurill!!

enjoy the best pressie dear!!

semut-terbersin said...

wowieeeee!! syioknye!! jelessssssss!!

irradhil said...

wah...besnyer...besnyer....i'm happy for u dear.....

iphone mmg best kan.irra sempat pkai yg 3gs sekejap.mind u...not the ori one tau!!! tu pn dh kire best gilerrr.hrpkan kamera jer yg disbbkan ianya terjatuh dek ank dara mlm ry brni cpt2 bli yg baru.sambar BB trus.puas ati la skrg thara...dh xderla sesi utk i menggoda hubby lastweek die blikan microwave.mmg tersengihla bini die yg xpndai msk skrg semangat nk masak.kihkihkih

btul u ckp....masing2 bertuah kan....syukurrr byk2.semoga rezeki kite makin bertambah2.Aminnnn......

Izdi said...

thara jailbreak is out..seeks aien help..:D learn more about jailbreaking to make ur iphone even cooler :D

Thara said...

nadia :
hahaha. lawok la ur "raspberry" tu! hehehe. tapi babe, i pon tunggu 5 tahun baru dpt phone baru u! phone i yang lama tu pon dah tak mcm rupa phone dah tau! baruuuu dpt phone canggih sket. ni ntah bila pulak nak tuka phone baru lagi ni hehehe :P but yeah like u said, it's worth the wait! :D

semut :
jangan jealous! u pon baru je haritu dpt new phone as a birthday gift from ur husband kan! haaaa ;)

irra :
wahhh! kalau mcm gitu, u lagi best! ada chance to use both iphone and BB! nice! i pon terpikir2 juge masa tu, nak iphone ke BB. tapi aien dah belikan iphone la pulak. ape lagi. alhamdulillahhhhh! hahaha. :P

amin amin amin! :)

izdi :
ooh ye ke! tapi bagi i takde beza pon la u, pasal i bukannye main sgt game! hehe. balik2 Twitter, Facebook, and BlogPress app je! but hey thanks for the info though! ;)