Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Personal Favorite

Among the many cool friends mama has, I think the coolest of them all has got to be... Aunty Zatie, she's my personal favorite!

Not that I will ever stand a chance with her next to the macho Uncle Ejad, but you know, she has always been there every step of the way since the day I was born!

Auntie Zatie is the one on the left, in purple.

According to mama, she has been following my development since day 1 through this blog. Once in a while, she would drop a line and ask how I am. Not just that, she along with Uncle Ejad would go through all the trouble of giving me a little something now and then, each time they think of me!

You see, when they came and visit me when I was a newborn, they brought along with them a set of adorable clothes as well as a Lamaze plush toy that I named Dancing Tiger. Remember him from this post? I called him Dancing Tiger for a reason -- because you can pull the tail to make it jiggle/shake!

A few months after that, mama came back from work with another gift from Auntie Zatie for me. It was a cute blue bib that says "Thank Heaven for Little Boys". I really liked the bib, that I used it over and over till it gets worn out! Heee.

Unfortunately, when it was time for me to meet her on my first birthday a few months back, she was not able to make it as she had to attend her brother's wedding. But that didn't stop her from sharing that meaningful day with me still.

Last week, Auntie Zatie and Uncle Ejad swung by my place and surprised me with a post-birthday gift that comes with a special card!

It was a big gift for a small me! I got really excited and curious that I started ripping the wrapping gift open! Hmm I wonder what's inside?

And after a bit of help from mama, I finally managed to rip it open! Oh, look! It's a funky Shape Sorter!

Thanks Auntie Zatie, and Uncle Ejad! :D

Did you know though, if mama only knew about shopping, fun and games before she got hitched back then, Auntie Zatie on the hand, is already well equipped with motherhood knowledge like Medela, EBM and things that mama only knew after she had me! Isn't that awesome? :)

Mama said although Auntie Zatie is yet to tie the knot with Uncle Ejad, she has a good feeling that Auntie Zatie would be a good mother in a future knowing how well versed Auntie Zatie is when it comes to motherhood! So Uncle Ejad, make sure you waste no time and marry Aunty Zatie quickly so I can play with your future baby! ;)

Until I see the both of you again next time, take care! :)


Nadine said...

Waaa, ade post birthday prezzie lagi. Untungnya, Aydein. Aunty can see how excited u were, semangat sungguh buka hadiah tu..so cute! hihihi :)

Oh yeah, tell your mama, she look so sweet in the first photo. muka innocent jer :) and uh, the lady on the rightest side tu aunty Yan eh Aydein? Kawan aunty jugak tu ;)

Thara said...

nadine :
hehehe. semangat awal2 tu. tapi halfway dia koyak, mintak tolong mama tolong koyakkan the rest. :P

haa? mama looked sweet in first photo? mama was SO BOYAK then! T____T

and yes auntie, thats auntie yan in the picture! have u seen baby zubayr? hes so chubby and cute! :D

Nadine said...

I'm talking bout ur mommy's face.. betul sweet, mcm budak2 pun ade :)

Body tu boleh dimaafkan sbb dlm pantang. Aunty pun sama je masa pantang..hehe.

p.s: "boyak" means what eh? lebar? big?

Thara said...

nadine :

a'ah boyak is aien's family dictionary for gemok ya ampun! :P

p!nkerton said...

syoknye aydein dapat present lagi :D
*cop, zati tu zati az.hani ke?

Thara said...

pinkerton :

showered with gifts! gift yang dulu dpt masa bday dia pon tak abeh main semua lagi. :P

a'ah itu zati azhani la tu. kenal eh?


babe,again I tertinggal keretapi k..
I miss this cute entry!
so funny to see how curious Aydein was when he tried to open his big prezzie..so cute..;)

syiokkan dapat post b'day present, Aydien ;)