Friday, April 16, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 6)

It's 2 months away before my very first birthday and already I'm showing progresses that mama & papa are very proud of. You know, I am no longer a helpless little infant who can't do anything without them. In fact, I am now so brave and so curious to explore everything and anything, that mama always need to keep an extra eye on me, all the time.

Anyway, at 10 months plus, I can do a few more things as compared to last month. If mama used to go on and on and on about me not being able to crawl just yet, well now mama can quit worrying because guess what -- I have now started to crawl! Although I creep faster than I crawl, and although many babies around my age have long achieved this milestone, but hey, what to do, I have a heavy bumbum! Hehe. Mama said it is still a great milestone though, because i'm making a progress, and any progress is good, so i'm now on cloud nine! :D

Besides that, I can follow simple instructions, like "No!", where I will stop dead in my tracks, look at that someone, then, in a split second, back to my business again. Heeehe. Hey, I don't like people telling me what to do okay, it's not nice.

But I will be happy if you play with me. You know, I can do what adults do when they're happy too! Say "high-five!" to me while sticking your hand up in the air, and I will respond by slapping back your palm in return. Yes, I can now do "high-fives"! :D

"Aydein, give me five!"

Oh, and like I said, I'm getting increasingly independent and bold nowadays too. As I have mentioned before, I have started to cruise around the house by holding on something (or someone) for support. Pushing my body up to stand is really my new found hobby. I will try to stand and climb on anything I can grab. This includes chairs, sofas, mattress, stairs (dangerous, I know), and of course, mama/papa :D

Mama & papa think my mobility means the need for house childproofing, so be sure to look for mama & papa on their mission to find the baby-proof items at the baby outlets near you!

Aydein is his attempt to stand!
As for my eating habits, I now eat 3 times daily - morning, afternoon, and night. My diet consists of (chicken, salmon, corn, pumpkin, broccoli) homemade porridge and variety of fruits (apples, pears, bananas, mangoes (my favorite!), papaya, honeydew, watermelon - I can go on forever). Mama said it is important for me to have fruits in my system, as it is a source of vitamin to my body. That is why, she made sure she purees all the fruits, and serve them as my daily afternoon meal. Look at some of the homemade food stock I have at home! :D

Wouldn't it be nice to have this much of breastmilk stock at home too, no?

Oh, and I'm currently weighing 8.7kgs 9.1kgs by the way. I did notice that I'm not gaining as much weight and not as chubby as before. Tok Mak said it's due to my mobility, and a sign that I will be walking soon. Not sure how true this is, but we'll just wait and see, shall we?

In the meantime, let's go and harass mama, coz that's just what I just lohoveee to do nowadays! :D

Oh and did I tell you that I can also now wave goodbye already? Whenever someone says "Bye Aydein, bye-bye!", I will respond by sticking my hand up and wave bye-bye back to the person. :D

So here's waving you bye-bye for now. Until another milestone from me, bye-bye!

Aydein waving bye-bye.

-- update --

hello, this is aydein's mama butting in. hee. i can't help it, im just glowing with pride!

it's 1.29am, on 16th april 2010 as im writing this. so many good things happened to me today.

firstly, as you can see, i successfully managed to revamp my blog & blog banner! i personally think it's neater, cleaner and more "chic" as compared to the previous one, so yippie to me! (credit to mr hubster for helping out on the liveliness of the blog layout. much love! :x )

secondly, as you may have noticed, i have successfully labeled all my entries accordingly for easy reference. honestly, it gets pretty frustrating to had to go through one entry to another when i need to find one particular entry, so this way, it is way more organized! :)

thirdly (and most importantly), as you may have seen/read like EVERYWHERE (hehe), just a few hours ago, on april 16th 2010 at 12.10am, my baby aydein just gave me his very first kiss on my cheek voluntarily! when it first happened, i thought it was just coincidence. but when i said to him again, "kiss?" and turned my cheek to him, he moved forward and planted a kiss on my cheek - again! and i seriously melted. :) :) aien didn't want to miss the euphoric moment, either. so he rushed to us, did the same thing that i did, and again, aydein moved forward and kissed him on the cheek. :) :)

the thing is, it was just last night that i taught him to kiss, and tonight, he decided to make mama proud - again! i cant describe to you just how happy i am, but all i can say is, sighs, im definitely in cloud nine. :) :) :) alhamdulillah.



bebeh! i like your new layout, banner.. it's so chic and spicy..heheheh :)

Bestnya aydein dah pandai mcm2.. i pun dah lalui those and mmg over the moon betul bila dpt tgk development our babies depan mata!! :)

I suka betoi tgk aydein's meal dalam your fridge tu! Oman pun suka fruits. Bagi kat dia apple or grape.. xmo berenti!! :)


wahwah good job mama!new layout simple and yet very nice..:)

during this stage,baby cepat aje absorb ape kita ajar tau!so keep teaching him new things!best kan!
Adam kalau I ask him to kiss,he will kiss me on my mouth,but for his papa pandai plak dia kiss pipi aje..heheh :)

seriously sgt best tgk stock makanan Aydein :)
whats inside?bubur and puree??
so bila nak share menu with us?which recipe books u follow dear?
Adam loves mangoes so much!

mmuah2 to Aydein, tak lama lagi boleh jalan lah ni :)

RieNa said...

aydein yg kachak!!

wah wah wah! tak lama dah nak boleh berjalan. sblm 31/5 ok?

mmg happy bila anak boleh buat apa yg kita ajar. tambah2 dalam masa yg's like,"oh,bijaknya anak aku!" kan kan?

proud to be a mother. sbb tu heran betul bila ada org sanggup buang/dera anak sendiri. T_T

Thara said...

nuurill :

thanks babe, i love it too! rasa tenang je kan, tak semak mata compared to the previous one. just fyi, ive always LOVED ur layout too. kemas and organized. just as chic, mcm owner dia! :D

yeah, its like one of the glorious moments ever kan! i was gloatinggg in the air smlm. cant wait to receive more of his wet, sloppy kisses (and hugs) in the future! :D

hehe tu la. i made it a point to make him homemade meals psl i dah rugi part breastmilk! ive never tried grapes for aydein. i should try soon! tapi tak masam for babies ke nuurill? psl aydein tak brapa minat buah masam. and ive never tried giving him citrus fruits (like orange too) for that matter. tp kalau mangoes, laju je dia. :P

nadia :

hehe thanks nadia. takde niat pon awal2 nak tuka layout, tapi i noticed that my previous layout tu mcm a bit semak lah with all the colors and designs. so i go for clean & simple this time :) btw, u perasan tak (i just did!) that my blog, yours and nuurill's semua ada motif burung comels! hehehe.

yeah, bubur and pureed fruits. alah nadia, i buat simple2 je. cedok idea sana sini (that includes yours) pastu jadik ler bubur yg biasa-biasa tu :P but since aydein loves sweet, i always make sure to add either pumpkin or corn to his porridge. kalau tak, lambat die nk habeskan. tp nanti bila2 i dpt menu yg best2, i will surely share ok! :)

kak riena :

insyaallah, aydein tgh cuba sedaya upaya ni! :P

yeah kak riena, rasa diri spt mama terhebat! (padehal anak org laen dah lepas pon semua milestones ni, kita je kecoh tak masal) :P

it just feels really, really special getting that kiss from ur very own son u know? like sblm ni, kita je yg dok kasik hugs & kisses to him, and finally, after 10 months, hes finally showing his love back to us! its just, priceless. sighs. :)

yeah betol, org mcm tu biar kene humban dlm telaga je. grr.

RuZaNNa said...

Ok Aydein.. nnt boleh main high five dgn imran.. hehhee..

Imran pun pandai kiss.. tp die pandai buat i geram sbb when i ask him for a kiss.. die geleng2 kepala pastu gelak.. at times when i don't ask for any die pulak voluntarily kissing pipi.. hehehe

Anyway, enjoy those development moments.. u'll be surprise on what else he'll pick up soon!!

Good job Aydein!!

Thara said...

anne :

hahaha awww comels je imran ni! yeah, i cant wait for more sweet surprises (and heart-attacks) like this from him soon! :)

thanks auntie anne!

Nadine said...

*Clap* *Clap* bravo Aydein! Smart boy :)

Im sure last night both u and hubby went to bed with a huuuuge smile! hihi.. :)

Thara, since Aydein loves fruits, you can also include avocado in the list. Nyummy and rich with vits that good for the skin. A bit expensive but worth the penny. Faaz's favourite since started solid tau. Alhamdulillah, dia mmg tak pernah kena diaper rash/skin rashes till now. Allergic reation due to protein dulu pernahla once. :)

Thara said...

babe, i mmg plan to give him avocado sblm ni, but my paed advised otherwise. she mentioned something that i pon dah lupa apa skarang. but memang that time, she advised me not to feed aydein with any avocados just yet. but that was 4 months ago. maybe now that aydein has started to take in more things into his system, hes well and ready to venture to more exotic food -- like avocados! getting some for him soon, thanks for the suggestion! :)

Asz said...

clap clap Aydein!! so many good progress ... no wonder mama glowing with pride ... Alhamdulillah, moga Aydein sentiasa sihat & membesar dgn sempurna ... Amin!

Nadine said...

Is it? I didn't know that...if that's the case better u check with her first lah dear.

Mcm I, mmg Faaz's Paed yg suggest :)

princess J said...

he's growing so fast, sekelip mata saja

Anonymous said...

lepas ni dia leh kiss pak lang dia pulak lah.haha

IRIN PUTRI said...

Woohoo Aydein! I suppose I will see you up and running soon. Hehe! Aydein, ask mommy to share how she prepares your food.

Thara, Raees has started crawling and climbing too! I'll write about it once I get a nice video of him ;)

Btw I couldn't read your post on my iPhone coz the background doesn't appear and it comes out plain white. So tenggelam your white font :(

Thara said...

irin :
alah nothing extraordinary pon. but i'll take note to share my recipe one day ;)

oh no really? ok will take note to change the font color soon!

cant wait to see raees's video! ;)