Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mama's Little Soldier

I am a happy mom today! Patience definitely paid off as Aydein finally met another milestone last night – creeping!

It was only a few days back that I read an excerpt from Baby Centre that by this week, babies at Aydein's age should now be able to rock back and forth in the attempt to creep or crawl.

And although I know there are many babies around his age that have long started to creep and crawl, I also know that it is important to never compare our babies to others, and savor every moment while letting them grow at their own pace. After all, every baby is unique, right? :)

This clip brings smiles to my face every time I play it. There is this part where I pulled my watch further when he almost grasped it, and when I did, he lifted his head and went like, aik?!

Notice how he is so determined to get the watch, (yes he is very attracted to shiny things), sampai terangkat2 kaki!

Hehe. He looks so much like a soldier bellying through the bushes, no? :P


semut-terbersin said...

clap clap for aydein!! tak lama lagik laa tu..sure berbunge2 riang je mama dia ni..

alin said...

Oh yeah. crawl and crawl, bile dah dapat masuk mulut. Haha.

Thara said...

semut :
haha jgnkan berbunga2 lagi, bermadu2 riang dah kot! :P yeah insyaallah tunggu dia crawl and panjat2 mcm aariz pulak ;)

alin :
haha yea tu la! semua pon nak masuk mulut awang sorang i tu. :P


big clap to Ayein dearie..
yeha..Aydein the explorer coming..
watchout Thara,nanti takut tak sedar dia dah smp dapur..hehehe..
pernah I leka kejap,Adam dah bawah tv..huh nak gugur jantun kejap..!

Anonymous said...

fuhh bagus budak ini telah berjaya!hahahahaha..lepas nih nah suruh dia grab my hp pulak lah.

hushuss said...

salam kenal to u too Thara! suka baca ur blog ang tgk ur son. Aydein is so cute.

btw, i dah add ur blog to my bloglist. i hope u don mind.

Thara said...

nadia :
haa itu lah kan. risau pon ade ni. mcm haritu, kejap je die reach out bende alah apetah nak masuk mulut dia. serious sgt risau. since die dah start creeping ni, i tend to have 4 eyes on him!

raqib :
hee tapi sblm tu, pi sterilize kamu punye handphone dulu ye. :P sekian terima kaseh.

huspa :
thanks huspa :) ive added u to my blogroll too! :D

maniscinta said...

its time to watchout! n be more aware of ur son..
my little eimran dah bnyk kali tergolek katil...huhuhu....

Thara said...

aimy :
ish ye ke u. risau nye! aydein dah penah 2 kali jatuh katil. lepastu kitorang teros decided to sleep bawah je. hish scary kan!