Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quadruple Celebration!

Being a Libra must be wonderful for my husband Aien, this year. What's not to like, especially when you're being celebrated 4 times for one occasion!

First, there was the advance birthday celebration with the officemates. Actually, the whole thing was my idea because I thought it would be fun for him to celebrate his special day with the crazy people we have in the office. You have no idea how tricky it was to throw a surprise for someone who lives under the same roof!

You see, at first, I planned to throw him a party at a private place decorated with balloons and streamers, something like this.

I don't know why, but ever since I organized Aydein's first birthday party, I am so into event planning. I am even considering doing it full-time! Unfortunately, I could not find any party shops around my workplace (not even KLCC and Pavillion) that I ended up arranging the little get-together at Kenny Rogers instead, and requested the staffs to put up some balloons at the place.

Once I got everything planned out, I told Aien to join us for a party, assuming the party is for Syikin's (our colleague) Farewell Party later that day. It was easy to trick him into believing this as coincidentally, that day was really Syikin's last day with Loveclients. However I told him I had to leave earlier because I needed to accompany my friend who wanted to get a pair of shoes for her wedding in KLCC, so we decided to meet each other at Kenny Rogers later.

Meantime, I went to KLCC with my friends, and looked for a cake for the birthday boy. I wanted to get an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for Aien, but there is no Baskin Robbins in KLCC. So in the end, I settled with Chocolate Strawberry from Secret Recipe which is actually very, very nice!

Once everything is set up, I lit the candles and waited for Aien to show up. And once we saw the glimpse of him, we all sang a birthday song to the birthday boy who clearly looked really surprise at first, but managed to regain his self control by smiling widely. Happy birthday, sayang!

Then, on October 3rd, Aien and I went for a movie together to celebrate his actual birth day. Once we are done with movie, we went back and picked Aydein up for a family dinner at Dome's. It was not much, but it was meaningful because we had the 3 of us together.

And that night, I called all of Aien's siblings and asked them if they could all gather at my in laws house for Aien's third round of celebration -- with the big family this time. I bought yet another cake from Secret Recipe (Pecan Butterscotch, which is just as nice!) and had a good time celebrating them with the bunch.

Finally, a few days later, my elder sister Sarah came over and we all went for the final celebration at Zanmai Sushi -- her treat! I wished we had the rest of my family around though, but it was still a wonderful evening because hey, sushi would make anybody's day! ;)

Happy 25th birthday, sweets! May you have another wonderful year of good health, laughter, happiness and joy!


worryfather said...

Everything looks so yummy!!!

Your husband just 25 year old? So young?

RuZaNNa said...

A ahlah.. baru 25 tahun?? ni yg i rasa kitaorg dah tua nih!!.. hehehe

Anyway, i bet Aien must be very happy to have such a thoughtful wife for arranging 4 different parties.. it's people that makes the party memorable biar pun takde great decorations.. heheh..

Totallly agree with you that event planning is so addictive!.. i pun one time naik gian.. tp sbb sedar budget takde.. so berangan aje lah.. heheh

lastly, Happy 25th Birthday Aien!

irradhil said...

hepi birthday to ur hubby... 25 thn ker???huhu...irra gak la akn memcecah angka 3 thn dpn.uwaaaa......

thara...u x survey kt ballonbuzz ker?i pn minat giler bab birthday planning ni tp apekan daya disini tiada servis tu.huhuhu.

aien said...
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aien said...

Thanks wifey for all the susah2! <3

Thara said...

worryfather :

everything WAS yummy! both of the cakes were lip smacking! :D and yeap, he's only 25 years old. doesnt he LOOK like 25 yrs old? :P

anne :

hahaha. age aint nothing but a number babe. what makes you young is whats inside! ececeh. :P

kan! seriously. to pull off a nice event, mmg kene pakai byk $$$. tapi event planning ni kene rajin search u. kene spend a lot of time googling for the best price quotation. masa bday aydein dulu, i spent months searching for the best cake and goodie bags quotation as well as ideas! tapi mmg very addictive. mungkin its women's nature to love all the priddy things kot! :)

aien :

the pleasure is all mine! :D

Nadine said...

Wah, 4 celebrations?! One lucky guy u are, Aien. Happy Belated Birthday! ;)

Thara, choc strawberry cake tu sgt menggiurkanlah. I tak pernah try lagi. Sedap eh? Ni yg rasa nak singgah secret recipe ni. Hihihi..

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

He does look like 25.. I am not lying.. :D
Just thought that since your son is 1 year old, he should be older.

Make me kind of feel old...

Thara said...

nadine :
babe, choc strawberry tu sgt mantap ok! yang left over lepas sume org dah makan tu, sume i habeskan hahaha. ok, maybe not all lah, but most of them, i yg habeskan! (mana tak montel mcm gini) :P why dont u try searching for the recipe, and buatkan. misti jadik, knowing ur touch! ;)

worryfather :
hahaha yeah, we got married early. and i conceived aydein just a month after we got married! thats why! :D

eh no lah. like i said to my friend up there, age aint nothing but a number! what makes you young is whats inside! :P


babe, choc strawberry tu buat I nak pergi SR petang ni k!
mase Adam 1st b'day, we bought the same cake too..mmg yummy btul!

neway..ur guys still young la..
baru 25 ker??
Happy belated b'day Aien..sorry tertinggal keretapi sket ni!!

Thara said...

nadia :

i know, i pon suddenly terasa nak pi Secret Recipe pulak! Secret Recipe dkt bawah je ni! now, should i or should i not? hmmmmmmmmm. :P

haha, tu la. kadang2 mcm tak percaya tau. baru 25, tapi dah beranak 1 and all dah! alhamdulillah :)

aien says thanks!