Thursday, July 29, 2010

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too! (Part 7)

Hello! It is 31st July 2010 and today marks my 14-Month birthday! Happy birthday to me! :)

I have progressed so much since my first birthday, alhamdulillah. If previously I can only cruise around by holding onto something, now, I can walk a few steps and stand without support for a few seconds before toppling over. I can also make people laugh by making lotsa different facial expressions. I like to squint my eyes really small and stick my tongue out whenever I feel cheeky!

And since I can already drink from the straw, I now drink plain water from a very fancy cup! Look! It has Elmo and Grover on it! :D

Besides understanding simple instructions like getting the ball when prompted "mana ball?" or getting the purple stuffed toy when prompted "mana Barney?" or bring my head close to someone when prompted "kiss kiss?", I can also now say simple words, like mama ("ma-mah"), papa ("baba"), bye, bird ("beh"), ball ("boh"), and last but not leat, Allahuakbar ("waaaba!")! :D

Weighing 9.5 kgs (it dropped when I fell sick recently :( )and standing at 75cm now, I will bounce up and down whenever I hear any music with tempo.

And besides being good at going down from elevated surface skillfully by getting my butt down first, I can also climb up so many things, from as low as sofas to as high as staircases!

I am beginning to be able to express my feelings out clearly too. I like to throw tantrums when I don't get what I want. I'll throw things given to me and cry really really loud and sometimes even hit the person I am frustrated at really really hard! So please don't make me cry. You won't like me when I cry!

If I used to be a really big eater last time and swallowing each and every thing given to me, nowadays I like to be in control of what goes inside my system. Yes, I am a very fussy eater nowadays, it drives mama crazy! Poor her, she keeps trying all sorts of things to make me eat like before.

But don't you know, mama? Babies this age tend to act this way. And because we tend to grow more slowly at this age, we do not need as much food. So chill, okay? I will eat when and what I want, and you can't force-feed me! Heehehehe. Peace, mama!

I am also starting to become really observant and try to imitate the things that adult do, like combing my hair. And although it drives mama up the walls, I just love making a mess about the room and explore everything and anything, from purses, to wallets, to toy containers, to tupperwares to.. yes, closets!

On top of all these, one thing for sure, if there's anything I am good at, it is growing my teeth! Hehe. My teeth grows rapidly that I now have 14 gleaming white teeth (6 at the top, 8 at the bottom) altogether! And the best thing is, I can now chew easily too because I now have 2 pre-molars at the bottom of my gum! LOOK! :)

Now how many teeth do you have? :P


RuZaNNa said...

Babe.. in the final pic, Aydein smiles like you lah!! :)
Love seeing many sides of Aydein.. he sure does have progressed a lot since we last met him..
Just to let u know.. imran's weight hasn't change since few months ago.. he lost weight too when he was sick recently.. skang tgh make him eat more..
Anyway, happy growing up dear,


Seronok tgk Aydein progress, from rolling, dah boleh jalan..congrats young boy!!
u are bigger now..Aydein!

commey muka dia at 1st picture..
skrang ur lil man dah sebbok tolong u kemas rumah ek??...wait n see after he starts walking, kalau I dh tak larat nak susun balik baju yg disepahkan2..penat u!!

Aydein so cute...geramm!!!!

happy growing dear!!

RieNa said...

oh aydein, bilakah dpt kita ketemu?
acik kenai kamu dlm blog ni sj. dr kamu baby sampailah kamu dah pandai 'mengemas' baju2 mama kamu. :D

cpt betul masa berlalu. T_T

and i really hope we can meet soon,this raya maybe? :)

farah said...

i like waaaba!

mama said...

cute boy u have here and we have the same aged baby except mine is a girl :) cuma she only got 2 teeth je :D and yes, my baby has been a really fussy eater since she turned 1 yr. Am wondering, how did u train ur son to use straw?

life songs said...

it's such a blessing to watch aydein grow via your blog... thanks for sharing hot mama =) makes us wanna have a little one of our own *blush*

Nadine said...

Awwwwh, Aydein is a big boy now! Happy 14 months old Aydein! Paling suka the first photo and the photo dia nangis cebik tu. Soooo cute!! :D

Nice set of teeth u have there, Aydein. Keep on smiling ok?! ;)

Thara said...

anne :
aww that's what i want to hear! thanks babe! :D

tu la babe. my in law ckp kan, babies this stage tanak makan pasal they need to lose some fat to walk. not sure how true with this, so we shall see! ;) but ive also read in some, that babies react this way because they're more conscious of their surrounding. also because they do not need as much food as before, because they do not grow as fast as did in their first year. so ive learnt to relax a lil :P

nadia :
kan, nadia! i pon tak sangka aydein cepat je dah besa. rasa mcm baru je gave birth to him. im a proud, happy mom! :P

hahaha. actually dia punye skill mengemas ni happened since a few months back dah. tapi lately ni semakin menjadik! cant imagine bile dia dah start berjalan nanti. hadoihs! :P

thanks babe, adam pon hensem juge! gebu ok, i like! :D

k riena :
e'eh come to think of it. betol jugak kan. dok dgr cite psl nawal dari lahir sampai sekarang, dari blog je. but i feel like ive known her forever, even tak penah jumpe! betol kan, blogs are really powerful! :)

insyaallah. kita beraya sesama this year ok! ;)

farah :
haha. me too! according to my sister, thats the clearest word he utters of all! :P

Thara said...

mama :
hey, thanks for dropping by :) good to know we have kids of the same age! do you also have a blog? would love to get to know your daughter :)

the trick is, to get him accustomed to using a straw. i used to introduce him to straw slowly by first dipping the straw in the water. then i would put my finger on one end of the straw to "hold" the water in the straw, while slowly releasing the water from the straw to aydein's mouth using the other end of the straw. i noticed then, that even when i was releasing the water into his mouth, he would also suck in the water from the straw into his mouth. i knew, because i could feel my finger being sucked into the straw as well! hehe. i knew then he was ready for straw.

then one day, i tried to make him sip water from a small cup of water with straw. the straw was short, so it was faster for the water to go up to his mouth. he tried a couple of times, and once the water got up to his mouth, he got it! ;) basically, the trick is to keep on letting your baby try sipping the water using the straw. and once she gets it up to her mouth, she'll then be really good at it, she can even sip water from a spiral straw! hope this helps. good luck! ;)

ps : i used to wonder the same too. until my SIL told me, "biar je dia try. skali dia dpt sedut air tu masuk, teros dia dpt tangkap,". ;)

life songs :
awww thanks, life songs. i get that a few times from some of my friends reading my blog too! :P glad to know my blog inspires some of you. so, go on and make a baby! but make sure you do it the legal way yea! haha :P

ps : do i get to know your real name is? or do i keep calling you life songs? :P

nadine :
hahaha me too! those are my favorite! :D cheeky tau dia skarang nadine! kalau i ckp, "mcm mana buat small eyes?" while i squint my eyes really small kan, he'd make that small eyes! hehe :P and gamba yang cebik tu was taken when he got up from sleep, feeling grumpy! :P

thanks, auntie nadine. mama brushes them for me tau. pasal tu berkilat kilat! :D

life songs said...

babe, jay here lar LOL =D

mama said...

thanks for the tips thara! just wondering what kind of short straw did u use? Mcm vitagen etc tu ke? Btw, I don't have a blog but i love to read blogs by all mommies :D

Thara said...

life songs :
laaaaaaaa. it's you ke! cheh. hahaha. ok mystery solved! :P

mama :
ure much welcome, babe! ;) aww ye ke. buat lah satu! would love to get to know ur daughter too! :)

umm i used the straw from the small cup mineral water. u know, the one that has a plastic seal on it? u can see the first time i introduced the mineral water with the short straw i meant, from my entry here :

ps : do i also get to know your real name? or do i keep calling you mama? :P

mama said...

alrite thanks! wait till i rajin n have the courage to blog then i'll sure link u :D oh, u can call me maleen :) Nice knowing u thara!

irradhil said...

Hepi 14th mths old Aydein....

cumilll jer gg die....dh penuh dh.hehe.dina 10mths br ader 6btg gg.dina pn dh start jln dh kalu merajuk sll jer rebahkan diri sndri suh kite dukung.alahaiii....manjanyer sdh berjangkit dr esya.huhu

haaa.....bab kemas baju tu plg best.heheheeh.penat jer kena sbrla....dina skrg ni bkn stkt baju....buku...alas meja sumer die tarik...huhu.aktif sungguh.

muasshhhhhh to aydein....

semut-terbersin said...

banyaknyehhhhh gigi aydein!! tersusun cantik je..bezznye..aariz 2 batang tuh je laa tak tambah2..tsk jelesnye..

Thara said...

mama :
nice knowing u too, maleen! do let us know once uve got ur own blog yea! :)

irradhil :
aydein gigi dia mmg laju je tumbuh, babe. his first 2 teeth at the bottom tumbuh as early as 3 months! tapi tu lah. psl gigi tumbuh cepat, bab jalan ni lambat sket lah. sampai skang tak jalan2 lagi ni ha :P but it's ok. im not gonna push. all babies develop at different rate kan. so its all good :)

ooh dina pon dah pandai "mengemas" ke? haha. bole gang dgn aydein ni!

semut-terbersin :
hehe tu la, ila. gigi mmg lah tersgt laju tumbuh. tapi jalan nye, tak jalan jalan lagi. baru pandai berdiri sendiri dgn lajunya. tapi tgh tunggu dia menapak sendiri lagi ni!

Anonymous said...

Omg sejibik muke adeena..