Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stick It Out!

The old wives tale says that when a baby falls sick, it is a sign that the baby is about to master a new skill. So when Aydein fell sick a couple of days back, many assumed that he would be walking soon.

And although he can already stand without support for a few seconds and walk a few steps before toppling over, mind you, he has yet to master the walking skill.

However, nothing prepared us for this funny surprise. He mastered a new skill, alright. He mastered the art of ...

sticking out his tongue! :P

Not sure when he learnt it from, probably from his elder cousins, but this always happens each time he tries to be cheeky!

And the more you say "Aydein, no. It isn't nice!", the more he does it! :P

In the end, you'll surrender to his adorableness and stick your tongue back out at him, which he will gladly imitate by sticking out his tongue back at you! :P

Sighs. This little sweetheart never fails to crack us up! :P


Nadine said...

hahaha!! :))

you are supercute, Aydein!

so cheeky tau. leh geng ngan Faaz nie ;)


hahahaha...notty lil Aydein!
gelak aunty tgk Aydein buat cm tu...cuteness!

tk tahan siap dgn mata pun menjeling...ni notty mcm momma dia ke ape??

bintie said...

gambo last gile comel!!!


Aydein bukan sahaja master in sticking out hi tongue, tapi dia pandai lekukkan his tongue kat tengah kan? Alahai Aydein ni. Meh Auntie ciom sket Meh! :)

Thara, dulu i love to pakaikan Oman sleepwear yang tutup tapak kaki semua macam Aydein pakai tu (sangat comei ok sleepwear Aydein!!). Almost everynight. But when he started to walk, i found it kinda obstructed him from getting stable while bertatih-tatih tu. Plus, umah i x de carpet..so bila dia dah mula nak jalan, kinda slippery for him to walk with his tapak kaki being covered. Asyik nak terjatuh je. After that i change to pyjamas or sleepwear yang x tutup tapak kaki. :)

amirah said...

Omg,aydein ni sgt lah cute with his tongue sticking out!!!plus dah nampak chubby balik la skrg lepas baik demam.hehehe..ei,i can't wait to meet him in person later on..=))

Thara said...

nadine :
awwww thanks auntie nadine! bile aydein besa sikit, dah bole jalan, dah bole tendang ball, dah tough and macho sket and cheekier like abang faaz, baru bole gang! :D

nadia :
hahaha tu la nadia! so cute kan! everytime dia buat mcm gitu pon, misti i gelak2. :P haha kemana jatuhnya kuah kalau tak ke nasik! eceh! :P

bintie :
hahaha kan! geram rasa nak lempang je! :P thanks auntie bintie!

nuurill :
wah nuurill, u sgt observant! yeap, betol tu! dia bole lekukkan! tapi kadang2 tengok mcm dah sedia kala lekuk pon ade! haih ntahlah. kene pi tengok balik :P

actually kan babe, i terpikir jugak mcm apa yg u ckp tu. tapi i kesian pulak dkt dia malam2 tido beraircond nanti sejuk kaki. nak pakaikan socks every nite, malas lah pulak. thats why i tuka kan dia into body suit tu only before he goes to bed. but ure right. kadang2 pon i risau jugak takut2 it gets slippery kan, nak nak lagi skarang dia nak blaja berjalan. hmm. thanks for the thought, though! lepasni kalau nampak pyjamas best2, harus i beli! :P

amirah :
hahaha thanks mirah! dia dah pelan2 putting back on weight since haritu. and yes, we should meet soon! will u be back on farah's wedding nanti?

RuZaNNa said...

This sticking out tounge master is good at handling money as well huh?(refering to last picture).. sungguh comel!
But i can't help to notice his well-combed hair!! did you wear hair gel on him? nampak cam melakat aje rambut die tuh..heheh..
Kiss kiss aydein for me yea! geram tgk!

Thara said...

anne :
hahaha! ni sorang lagi. very sharp eyes! :P well i do hope he grows to be someone very careful when it comes to spending money -- unlike his mama! :P no lah babe, no gel whatsoever. it's either masa i sikat tu rambut dia basah from peluh, or basah dari lepas mandi :P

RieNa said...

eiii geramnyaa acik kat budak aydein ni!!

it's like he say, "alaa..buatlaa,aydein tak takut pun.." sambil jelir lidah. haha!
ni kalau main jelir2 dgn pak long sumi dia nih,elok sgt lah! hahahaha

worryfather said...

so cute!!
let him be.... :)

later he will stop doing it..

p!nkerton said...

hahhaa cute!
dia 'baru dapat' skill la tu, let him be, nnt dia dah dapat skill lain he'll stop doing it hehe.. mama dia, amik gambar buat collection byk2 k hihi :D

life songs said...

such a handsome boy...