Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aydein Turns One! (Part 2)

Phew! After months of money saving, careful planning, and website scouring, finally the day that my family and I have long been waiting for finally arrived! It was the day where all eyes were trained on my one and only prince, Aydein. It was Aydein's very first birthday bash!

Prior to the event, I spent a great deal of time working on Aydein's very first birthday website. Besides serving as something to remember, I wanted everybody to know the background of the celebrated boy and how he has evolved from a very tiny infant to a very handsome prince. Besides that, the website is also created to monitor the guests that will be coming to the event from the RSVP section. It was purely designed and built by my husband, Aien. The idea, content and images were all done by me. :P We plan to keep the website for as long as we can, until Aydein is able to manage his website himself :)

snapshot of

Next up, was the invitation card. Did you know that there are hundreds of amazing invitation cards out there? I spent a great deal of time on this one too, gathering ideas and inspiration for Aydein's first invitation card. And after loads of googling and researching, I finally came up with a design that I am very satisfied with. It has the same theme as the website -- exactly what I planned. Lo and behold, the e-invite that I designed myself for the event!

Anyways. The theme for that day was Black, Blue and White (BBW). At first, I wanted the theme to be just Blue & Brown. I've always loved that color combination. But I could not find any goodie bag that matches that theme color without costing me a fortune, so we decided to just go with BBW instead. :)

The event started as early as 2.30PM when my friend Ayu (from the Lamaze Class that I attended earlier) came with her husband Nizam, and her princess Nellilya, as the first ones to celebrate Aydein the Birthday Boy. Ayu was an air stewardess before she became a mom and Nizam is a pilot still! Best lah Nelly, hari hari bole terbang sana sini! :P Oh, Nelly is a fully breastfed baby and just 2 months younger than Aydein. :)

After that, more and more guests started pouring in ; from my officemates, to my University mates, to my schoolmates, to my relatives..

.. and of course, the blogger moms (with family)!

Remember them from my last entry on Mom Bloggers Unite? This time we had additional 2 members to add up to the crowd -- Irin Putri and Nadine (with their boys!).

It's probably due to their blog entries that I have been following religiously everyday, but eventhough it was my first time meeting the both of them in person, but it didnt feel awkward at all. Like Irin tweet-ed in her Twitter -- the power of blogs! It was such a pleasure to be finally meeting Raees and Faaz the chubby boy in person too! Raees (Irin's boy) is adorable as ever and Faaz (Nadine's boy) to me, is like a grown up trapped in a small chubby body :D

As for the rest of the bloggers moms (Anne, Nuurill and Nadia), they were as crazy and friendly as ever.

Their husbands were not bad either. Masing masing sporting & happening. :P

All of them brought their little heros (Imran, Adam & Oman) to make up a small soccer team! I purposely got the pool with loads and loads of colorful balls for the babies to play in. Actually, I wanted to invite the clown over initially, but felt like it would be quite a waste since Aydein would not be able to enjoy it much since he's still very young to understand anything. I'm glad I didn't though, because even without the clown around, the house was full of havoc already! :P

I too, did not miss to join in the fun! :P

And of course, the group photo!

the mummy bloggers (with family)!

I felt pretty bad though, that I did not get to catch up much with any of them since I had too many to attend! Many apologies u guys!

It was such a noisy and busy evening, with guests filling up the house, the kids and toddlers running around the house, and babies crawling and demanding their parents attention! SO FUN!

In case you're wondering, the guests were served with variety of food on that day, from Laksa Johor to Satay to Roti Jala to Cream Puffs to many kinds of fruits and asian delicacies.

Kids were not forgotten either. There were Singapore Bihun, cocktails, nuggets and the ever delicious (but sweet!) cupcakes, baked specially for Aydein by Sugar Rush Trading. The cupcakes were baked in two flavors, Chocolate (with chocolate ganache filling) and Vanilla (with caramel filling).

And and, you know, the cupcake picks/toppers yang comel-comel tu semua i yang buat tau -- 90% handmade! 10% tak handmade pasal I print lah hahaha. :P Comel kan! :D It says "Happy 1st Birthday Aydein" and the other one has a prince image on it. :)

During the event, the children and babies were given one goodie bag each, which is filled with Squiggles cake, assorted sweets, party clampers, blowers, horns, noise makers and masks.

Just so you know, I did a lot of googling on goodie bags too because I did not quite like the goodie bags I saw in some of the party shops. Lucky for me, I got the goodie bags for Aydein's birthday at Dini Gifts at rock bottom price! You see, normally the same goodie bag will cost you RM3.90 at Memory Lane, Living Cabin, and such. But from Dini Gifts, I got it for only RM1.50 each! Very satisfying kan! :D

And then, it was the highlight of the event -- the cake cutting ceremony time. We had to push it a little later since Aydein was very sleepy earlier and slept an hour through the event. When he got up, he was slightly cranky and refused all the guests except for his mama (apelah Birthday Boy ni). But after a bit of coaxing, he was back to his normal playful self again and was ready for the cake cutting ceremony.

Everyone gathered around the Birthday Boy and as Aien lighted up the No. 1 candle on the cake, everyone started to sing the Birthday Song to Aydein.

It was so overwhelming -- the crowd, the song and everything that I can't help but to glow brightly like the candle! Haha. Mama je lelebeh, Aydein relax je. :P

And this I must tell you, the cake, is simply SUPERB! The moment it went into my mouth, I was like, this has got to be the best cake from heaven! It is THAT good. SO MOUTHWATERING! Everybody was talking about how good the cake is, and I can't help but to glow happily!

Prince Aydein with his crown

A little bit on the cake, I was actually very nervous of how it would look and taste like. And thanks to Nadibakes who baked it finely, it turned out to taste just as how I imagined it to be! I was just a wee bit dissapointed on how it looked however, but hey, like they say, you can't have the cake and eat it at the same time, right ;) So it's all good!

Overall, it was a very satisfying and enjoyable event. Tiring yes, but it was definitely worth it! Of course, it could have been better, because there were a few things that I planned to have for this birthday but it didn't work out well, due to the time and budget constraint. (Who would knew organizing a birthday party could take up a lot of your $$$?) :P But it was an enjoyable event nonetheless, and I look forward to arranging Aydein's second birthday party! :D

Again, thank you to those who have made this event a successful one, namely my husband, brothers, Syikin & Kent, as well as my helpful in laws with their bibiks. Thank you guys! Without you, none of these would have been possible!

And for those who have made it to the event, thank you so much for coming as well as for the gifts and I apologize for any shortcomings! I hope you enjoyed yourself last weekend, and I look forward to more gatherings like this in the future!

The happy Aydein in a pool of gifts!

More pictures of the event can be found in my Facebook later. Until then, love love from the Little Family (and Tok Ayah) ! XOXO.


eikieyn said...

Yeay!! Finally u upload the 2nd part. :D ni bace td tepat kol 6 okey!

RieNa said...

wahhh!! seronoknya kalau dpt join~!!!

kita yg excited, si Aydein tu tau main je..hahaha


Thara, reading this entry, it never fail to make me feel like i'm at that party again. Seriously, you are a great great planner dear!!!

Nice theme color pick, owh i love love love the cupcake picks/toppers. U know.. i macam nak rasa tapi kan i tgk cantik sangat so x berani. hahahahaha.

Well dear, Aydein is already 1!! get ready for long distance marathon once he gets his feet!!! Like me, Nadine, Anne and Nadia now... Hahahhaaaahha

RuZaNNa said...

Babe.. it was really a lovely party!.. you did a very2 good job to every detail of it tau!.. and the goodie bags.. they are just so cute.. ape kata you jadi part time party planner? sure ramai nak amik ok!

Eh sape kate u tak sempat nak borak2 with you friends? you did borak2 dgn i ape? oklah tuh.. and don't feel bad about it because you have a house load to entertain.. totally understand..

Anyways, now boleh sit back and relax.. till Aydein starts walking!.. hehee..

Nadine said...

Yay! The second part is finally published. :)

First of all, thank you so much Thara for having us although we only keep in touch through the blogging world.. it's such an honour. Mama Aydein ni in live lebih comel dr photos tau! :) It was nice meeting you although we haven't got the chance to have a proper conversation. next time, perhaps? :)

Secondly, it was a wonderful party. I love every bit/detail of the party..nicely done. Especially the pool of balls, it was a great idea to get the children entertained and mingled while adding some colors to the deco. Well done, Thara! :)

Thirdly, the birthday boy looked so handsome that day. Aunty sempat pangku Aydein masa mama Aydein sibuk layan tetamu. Elok je duk atas my lap...until he looked up and realized, "eh, this is not my mama!". hihi. Faaz hopes Aydein will start to kick the ball soon, and will support Brasil in the coming world cup too. ehehe... :P

p.s: mintak Izin nak copies the photos from your FB nnti yer. TQ :)

Thara said...

syikin :
yesss, FINALLY, thanks to your encouragement! :P

k riena :
tu lah, i would be very nice to have u around! takpelah, there's always next time insyaallah, kan? :)

haha yeah, kita yang adults yang excited lebeh. yang baby bukannye tau ape pon :P next year buat baru betol2 best! :D

nuurill :
hehe. awww thanks babe. :) tapi, sayang nya u tak makan cupcakes tu, u! cupcakes are meant to be eaten lah haha :P sedap gilaaa tau! i love the chocolate & caramel filling inside tu. different than the normal cupcakes! :)

tu la, i cant wait! ntah bila la aydein tu nak dpt kaki. mcm takut2 lagi je nak jalan :P

anne :
aww thanks babe! hehe. actually kan, masa i dok planning2 bday party aydein ni kan, i ada jugak berangan nak jadik event planner. haha. tapi kena ada experience lagi kot. then bole ditimbang-timbang kan. :D

im glad u enjoyed ur stay at the party! i serious rasa tak puas borak2 dgn all of u!

and yes, still waiting for aydein to get his "legs"! :D

nadine :
babe, it was very nice meeting you the other day too! haha jangan puji banyak2 u, nanti i kembang! dah la dah kembang skarang ni, bertambah tambah kembang nanti kang ! :P

glad you enjoyed ur stay at the party and we really should meet up again in the future! i too noticed that u were a bit reserved that day, so we havta bridge the gap and get cozy with each other the soonest! ALL OF US! :D

sure babe! nanti i upload. banyakkkk sangat, tak terupload! latest by this week, i hope! wait for them! ;) and, thanks again for coming!


wahwah..excited tau bile tgk u dah post part 2 nye...

neway Thara..such a complete and organized birthday party..mmg boleh amik idea nanti kalau nak buat 2nd bash utk Adam boleh lah I contact u tanya sket2 kan...

correct as what Nuurill said..get ready to marathon with Aydein..I'm sure u will another kg..hehehe ;)

p!nkerton said...

happy 1st birtday aydein! :D bday party aydein pun nampak happening & meriah ;)
err thara, i penah sama 1 class dgn u, aien & syikin kalau tak silap. hihi :D very nice blog ;)

p!nkerton said...

and oh, the BBW theme cool gila! pandai u pilih kaler ;)

semut-terbersin said...

wow!!meriah giler aydein's party!! huwaaa so sad tak sempat nak datang..sori ek..bezznye kalo dapat datang..happy 1st birthday aydein!!

kunaz said...

eiii jelesnye x dpt join! delete laa entry nie. jeles jeles... haha saiko

BabyBooned said...

superb party, darl. looks like u did a great job! :D

yeahh those bday parties can cost a bomb right. kekekekeeee. takpe, paling penting, one day aydein'll look back and see what efforts his parents go through for his happiness!

irradhil said...

wah.....meriahhhnyer party aydein....
i likee party....hehehehe.esp kek ituuu.terliurnyerrr....heheheeh
irra suker la idea thara ltk pool tu...ermmm...leh tirula nati.heheeheh

pst:jelesss tgk bloggers mom with the prince....i jer princess.huhu

RieNa said...

irradhil --> jgn sedeyyy..akak pun ada princess jgk. mommies yg ada prince tu pun semua teringin nak ada princess.

jgn sedey ok. lps ni berusaha dan berdoa utk dpt prince pulak. ;)

Thara said...

nadia :
aww thanks nadia. tak saba nak attend adam's birthday bash nanti! bila birthday adam, nadia? coming very soon ke? sure, feel free to ring me anytime ok! ;)

cant wait for aydein to join the club! :D

p!nkerton :
thanks dear! i penah jengah blog u juge sblm ni :) ye ke kita satu class? class apa tu?

glad u like reading my entries. come back again! ;)

tu la, ila! kan best kalau aariz pon dpt join! sampai harini tak jumpa2 lagi kita ni, ila! bila nak jumpa ni? :P

kunaz :
hehe next time kene book kan flight ticket especially for u ni, kunaz! :P

babybooned :
thanks kak nina! and thats right, that's exactly why i did all this pon :) partly also because i didnt get all this when i was little! :P

irradhil :
hehe thanks irra. nanti bole lah ada ball pool for ur baby birthday jugak nanti! jgn lupa jemput i tau ;)

haha lawak la u ni. kalau camtu u kene ajar ur princess jual mahal, pasal nanti kitorang punye prince masing2 ni nak rebut ur one & only princess ni! :P

k riena :
betol tu! :P

irradhil said...

wahhh...kite samala kak...tu la hrp2nyer dpt boy la plk.buat temankan hubby yg kaki bola tu.heheheh

sure...u r most invited kena turun klate la yer.hehehehe.

erm....rsnyer doter i xjual mhl kot sbb die suker kawan ngn boys.heheheeh.jgn jd tomboy sudah ler.

pstt:i've oledi got 2 doters la.heheheheheh.

Thara said...

irradhil :
ooh dah 2 princesses ke! how wonderful! apa petua nak dpt baby girl eh? org kata mkn byk buah2an & manis2 masa pregnant eh? i teringin sgt nak ada girl tau, nak buat teman masa shopping, nak buat sanggul dkt dia, nak dress her up. :P uish mcm2 bole buat kalau ade baby girl ni! nak nak lagi dgn org yg kuat berangan mcm i neh haha :P okeh, jom berusaha bersama2 mendptkan zuriat yg diidamkan! :D

worryfather said...

Hi Thara,

Very nice party and very well planned. Think you spent a lot of time planning for it!!

I also like the colour theme very much and everything in the same colour theme... Very nice..

The aydein website also very nice. Aydein will be very happy to see the website next time.

Good job!!

Thara said...

hey worryfather!

thanks for dropping by again and for the compliment! :)

yeap, i did spend a whole lot of time (and money) planning for it! but it was worthwhile, so we're very satisfied :)

dont forget to invite me for your baby's birthday party! :P

worryfather said...


I will visit your blog quite frequently.. Quite enjoy your writing. :)

Well, I will be quite ashamed to tell you that, we are too lazy and stingy to spend big on kid's (or our) birthday.. We only had a small cake for my daughter when her 1st birthday last year. :)

PS: you want to have daughter, I want to have son. Hopefully our wish can come true. :)

Muna said...


I was blog-hopping.
Brilliant party you had here.
Handsome boy, Aydein :)


Thara said...

hi muna!

aww thanks for the compliment. a mama can only try her best! :P thanks for dropping by! :)