Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sickly Boy

I used to wonder how it would be like if Aydein were to really fall sick. As far as I can recall, Aydein hardly got hit by the temperature since the day he was born. The only time he experienced a mild temperature was when he was really young, about 3 or 4 months, due to the jab. Even the recent MMRV jab that he got last month did not cause any fever on him. That is why, when he fell sick since the past 2 days, I got worried sick!

Aien and I were in the car on our way back from the office when I received a call from home at about 8.30pm. We were informed that Aydein has a mild temperature since morning. Aien drove as fast as he could, and reached home to find Aydein temperature hitting 38.5°! We were also informed that Aydein has been vomiting twice since morning. Without hesitating, we went to the Menara Clinic. Dr. Alan mentioned that it was just viral infection and prescribed some medicines for Aydein to take.

The next day, I worked from home just to monitor Aydein's temperature. His fever come and go. At times it's 38.5°, at times it's 38°. But last night, when it hit 39°, I had no choice but to wake Aien up, and with his help, inserted the Voren medicine from Aydein's back, stripped Aydein off his clothes, took him into the shower and bathe him with the cold pipe water at 3am in the morning! Aydein cried, and cried, and shivered the whole time! And although it broke my heart to see him like that, I knew it was just the right thing to do to bring his temperature down as to avoid him from getting fit.

After drying him up and leaving him bare with just the diaper on, I asked Aien to go back to sleep. Then, I tried to put Aydein back to sleep by letting him to suckle on me. The moment his tongue touched my you-know-what, I could feel the heat from his body. I could not fall back to sleep, worrying if the temperature would fluctuate again. So I got up back again, looked for a fresh clean handkerchief, and started "sponging" him. Yes, I know now what tepid-sponging is! Or at least, I think that is what it is!

Anyway, Aydein HATED the sponging course! He cried the moment I put the wet cloth on his body. In order to comfort him, I did the only thing that I could think of. I let him suckle on me while I sponge him. After a while, it got so tiresome to fight, so he dozed off anyways. His temperature was much better after that, 36.4° to be exact, that I was confident to go back to sleep again, only at 5am.

The sickly boy who lost weight rapidly only after 2 consecutive days of fever :(

Earlier today, Aydein's temperature got back up again. But since it was just a mild one, I just gave him a shot of PCM and continued to sponge him. As expected, he cried his lungs out again!

But after a few coaxing, he was back to his normal smiley self again, and allowed me to gently sponge him with the occasional "ehek ehek". I believe that's just him being manja. :P

I thank Allah though, Aydein is such a good boy. Although I find him slightly clingy on me during this time, however, I can hardly find him whining or crying unnecessarily. He eats and drinks normally and still try to smile and laugh and make his funny faces asthough trying to tell me, don't worry mama, i'll be alright. :)

Aydein wrapped in a wet towel to bring down the temperature

I shall pray that you will be alright soon, dear. I love you too much!


RuZaNNa said...
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RuZaNNa said...

It must have been the season thara.. this time around imran sakit paling teruk.. paling cranky.. semualah paling.. sampai mommy die pun jatuh sakit skali..
Stakat i tak pernah mandikan imran in the middle of the night.. slalu sponge him aje.. my brother kata, to help the heat to go faster is as what you do, cuma letak Aydein dekat kipas, so the water evaporates with the heat faster..
Up until now imran still have the caugh& block nose.. but demam dah tak..
Don't worry babe.. as long as Aydein is still laughing, playing ad eats normally, then u have nothing to worry that much, except the temperature.. have a speedy recovery Aydein!

bintie said...

np aydein x ske bdn die kene lap dgn sponge? skrg dh ok?

Nadine said...

Alahai siannya Aydein. Plg sedih tgk the first photo tu :(

Masa Faaz demam haritu I pun sgt, sgt risau sbb Faaz mmg cam Aydein, rarely fall sick. Bkn stakat risau je, panic pun ye jugak. From this entry I can see that you were ready and know what to do. Well done, Mama Aydein! ;)

Good boy Aydein, you can still eat normally. Faaz masa jatuh sakit haritu tak lalu makan risau aunty. I know you are one strong boy. Rajin makan ubat and get enough rest ok. Aunty pray for ur speed recovery. *hugs*


Aydein first picture immediately made me recalled the first time i tepid sponging Oman. He was so cute dengan towel penuh dekat badan just like Aydein... cute sangat walaupun sakit.

Oh dear, Insya Allah Aydein will recover fastly. Agree with Anne, it must be the season. If Oman demam his temp would come and go too. Huhu. Just keep tepid sponging him, if he still active as usual (he may loss bit of his appetite), then you don't have to worry too much. Ususally mmg baby fall sick due to viral fever. However, if his temp raises to 39-40 degrees, visit his doctor again.. (minta-minta dijauhkan). Aamin.

Well, Thara, u take care too tau. In order to take care of your beloved Aydein, u have to be sihat sejahtera first. Muahs!! :)

RieNa said...

mmg kesian sgt2 kalau anak sakit. rasa mcm nak tanggung segala kesakitan dia.

bila anak sakit, dan kita sgt risau, k riena cuma terbayangkan mak-mak kita. yg risau dan sedih bila kita sakit dulu..

get well soon aydein! achik tau kamu hanya nak bermanja dgn mummy je..kan?kan?kan?;)


so pity lil Aydein..u, seddey I tgk Aydein muka nangis tu..
can feel how worried u are..
get well soon dear..
mujurlah last picture tu with smiley face..
I suka voren temp Adam cepat trn wit that things!
but u know on Mon, time I gie klinik sb demam tu, I check Adam jugak sb dah start flu..terkejut I doc check temp 38deg, tp dia relax boleh lari2 dlm klinik..
cekal sungguh...!

yeap..u too take care..

ZuRin said...

Salam Thara,

Guess what my son harith was down with fever too for the past 3 day. Alhamdulillah today baru baik and he goes to school as usual. Last two nites his temp shoots to 39.6 degree. Like u we decided to stripped him at 3.00 in the morning and bathe him. He did not refuse but agreed coz i think the temp is making him uncomfortable too.

Alhamdulillah it was the right thing to do as his temp starts to go down. Hope Aydein recovers soon. I wonder skarang ni musim demam ke as my nephew also just discharged from DEMC due to viral fever.

Take care!

Cherie said...

get well soon baby boy :) xoxo

irradhil said...

alahai kesiannyer aydein...

erm..bgusnyer aydein ssh nk sakit.ank2 irra sumernyer sng sakit.everytmonth mmg sah kne pegi klinik.huhu.

erm thara...mami irra sll bgtau klu ank demam mlm la kn...jgn mndikn ngn air sejuk tp ngn air suam jer.xtaula naper...mybe sbb suhu bdn mstu pns then air sejuk tu too cold...takut bby far irra ikut ckp mami la.xtau lk doc ckp cmner.u dh try tnya paed?

voren tu mmg penyelamat pd wktu mlm kn.klu siang irra just bg PCM gak.

so aydein...rajin2 mkn ubt tau.get well soon dear(sng x aydein mkn ubt?) n take care of urself too.

Thara said...

anne :
oh no, how is imran feeling now? hope he's better by now and same goes to you too! alhamdulillah, aydein tade flu, rash, batuk or anything as such. just panas badan je. and itu lah u. i pon tak penah mandikan aydein mlm2 gitu mcm tu skali. kalau kan i pon tak suka mandi malam buta, ape lagi baby setahun jagung kan. kesian sgt dgn dia mlm tu. but like u said, it was only the right thing to do, and alhamdulillah, surut demam dia lepastu. he's much better now too, alhamdulillah. just need to monitor his temp and sumbatkan balik all the nutritions yang dia muntah2 sblm ni sampai kurus kering! thanks for the concern babe. appreciate it much! :) btw, aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

bintie :
pasal badan dia panas, and kain tuam tu sejuk. so badan dia mcm tekejut la kot, tu yang tak suka tu. mcm u lah, elok2 badan tengah kering, org lap kain basah atas u. misti u pon tak suka kan :P hes much better now though, thanks! :)

nadine :
thanks for the concern, nadine. really appreciate it :) yeah, bila baby kita jarang sakit, skali sakit, jadik risau sgt kan! however, on the brighter note, at least i know now how to care for a sickly baby! :) btw, aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
hehe. im sure oman was really cute then, pasal when i did that to aydein pon i rasa aydein comels gilaaa! mcm gegirl tgh berkemban! hehe :P

yes babe, i think it's the season. lepas i post this entry and read all of readers comment baru i tau ramai rupanya budak tgh demam skarang ni. my nephews and nieces pon dah start demam2. yang peliknya, masa aydein kena, i tak bwk pon dia keluar pi mana2. tetibe je. tapi tu lah kan. this viral thing is airborne. so susah sket nak control.

thanks for the tips, babe. will take note of that into mind! ;) btw, aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

k riena :
itu tersangatlah betol! kalau lah ada alat drp doraemon yg bole transfer penyakit, mmg tiqah awal2 dh pakai dah. sighs. kesian budak2 besa ni. sakit, tapi tak reti nak bitau :(

thanks k riena. aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

nadia :
yeah betol! actually according to my sister, Voren & Paracetamol tu are exactly the same. cumanya, it takes longer time for the Paracetamol's effect to kick in, pasal nak kena masuk kot mulut, turun ke esophagus, ke tummy, etc kan. kalau kot bum-bum, cepat serap masuk. that's why kalau pakai Voren cepat turun :) wow, naseb baik skali harung check Adam! tapi badan adam masa tu tak terasa panas ke eventho dah 38deg? btw aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

Thara said...

zurin :
oh no, really? glad to know ur son's up and about again! aydein is also much better now, alhamdulillah. :) ish harith must be very strong to be able to endure the freezing cold morning+water! but memang kan, bila dah mandikan derang, alhamdulillah temp derang turun kan, altho kesian tgk derang shivering pagi2. :( yeah babe, i think it's memang the musim now. pasal like i said to one of my friends above, my nephews and nieces pon dah start demam2. tapi alhamdulillah none were admitted to the hosp. thanks babe, u too take care! ;)

cherie :
thanks cherie! aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :) let's meet up again once u touchdown!

irradhil :
ooh ye ke! nak ikutkan, i pon awal2 pikir apa yang ur mami ajarkan tu. tapi masa pi doctor masa tu, dia ckp mandikan dgn pipe water je. tapayah kasik suam2 pon, katanya. dia kata, dgn anak2 dia pon dia buat mcm tu. dia ckp kasik mandi sejuk supaya turun panas badan. ntah la eh. but so far, alhamdulillah tade pape lagi. but to be safe, i'd better check with aydein's paed on the next visit kan? thanks for the reminder babe! :) yeap, siang2 pon i kasik PCM je. and to question, yeap, alhamdulillah, aydein suka makan PCM tu! siap nangis2 lagi kalau dah habes ubat tu, nak mintak lagi. dia ingat sweet ke apa! hahaha. :P mungkin pasal manis kan ;)

thanks babe, u too take care! btw aydein is much better now, thanks to ur well wishes! :)

BabyBooned said...

aww.. nothing hurts a mama's heart worse than seeing her child so ill. kesian aydein. dear, u did great. the midnight bath, the sponging, u did everything right! hope he gets well real soon..

izdi said...

aydein suke makan ubat? haha remind me when i was a kid..suke makan ubat sampai habis satu papan penedol bdk2 ditelan (sbb igtkan gule2)...sebaik parent bawak pegi hospital. Gambar last sekali tu comel la thara..gambar aydein senang hati ada mak ayah pandai jaga :)

kunaz said...

alaa syiannye aydein.. tp sakit2 pn menten comey. gud boy. get well soon yer yang..

worryfather said...

I think there might be some liquid medicine for high fever instead of the Voren.

Last time the Dr also prescribed one for us.
We inserted once and the face on my daughter was a total shock and cried loud. Then we dare not to do it again.

Hopefully aydein is ok now..

Thara said...

babybooned :
thanks, kak nina. im still learning, though :) i get nervous everytime aydein catches a bug! he's all well now alhamdulillah. :)

izdi :
hahaha ure so weird! panadol kan pahit tu! :P but thanks izdi. cant wait to hear your good news! ;)

kunaz :
awww thanks auntie kunaz! :) aydein's all well now alhamdulillah, thanks to all of your well wishes! :)

worryfather :
oh there is? what is it, if u can still rmbr? maybe next time i can consult the doctor on that particular medication :)

oh no, poor baby! maybe she didnt like the feeling of something foreign inside her :( i rmbr my mum inserting it in my bumbum too when i was little. and i hated it!

aydein's all well now, thanks to your well wishes! :)

worryfather said...

Not very sure the name, I think it is called ibuprofen. But heard there is side effect, so advised to take if above 39.5

(Touch wood)Next time can ask the doctor whether he has any of such liquid medicine for high fever or not.