Monday, July 12, 2010

My Colorful Weekend

My weekends are never dull. Mama and papa will always make sure that my weekends are filled with fun activities, even if it means spending some time splashing around in the mini pool we have at home.

Two weeks ago, we all went to Rebung to celebrate Tok Ayah's birthday.

Does that place ring a bell to you? Yes, it is our celebrity Chef Ismail's restaurant!

We were very lucky that Chef Ismail was around at that time. Because he made us a special Rendang Tok upon the special request from the "Birthday Boy"! Tok Ayah was also given a free Pulut Durian -- on the house!

The good food coupled with the nice ambiance completed the luncheon. They serve local food there -- from various types of lauks, through to various types of desserts.

Needless to say, Tok Ayah was one happy "Birthday Boy" on that day!

And then, recently mama and papa took me to my second boat ride. The first time was at Mines. This time around we went on a cruise at Putrajaya! Although it was an enjoyable ride, I still feel the one at Mines was way better because I could see beautiful fishes swimming around! This time around however, I saw many monumental architectures surrounding me.

Oh did I tell you that Tok Ayah, Tok Mak and my cousins also came along? This is Mummy Na. She's literally my "mummy" because she is my milk mom (ibu susuan). You see, when papa fell sick last year, mama had to stay with papa in the hospital to look after him. So Mummy Na offered to look after me and fed me with her milk when I got hungry at night.

Mummy Na and my parents are very close, you see. We go to many places and do a lot of things together. Last time, when papa was a bachelor, he used to stay with Mummy Na in Bukit Jelutong because Tok Ayah & Tok Mak were still in Johor then. Even when I first got to this world, Mummy Na helped us a lot and threw in a lot of helpful advices as to how to handle me as a baby. She's a mom of four but still look like a bachelorette!

Anyway, all the the basking under the hot sun was making me tired and thirsty.

That was when mama tried to make me drink plain water using a straw. I didn't manage to get the water up to my mouth at first, but after a few tries, I got the hang of it and started slurping the water from the straw for the very first time!

Thank God the boat ride was just for 45 mins. After that, we were off to Floria Festival!

I have three words to describe this event : Beautiful girls flowers everywhere! Everywhere you go, you see colorful bed of flowers everywhere.

Some are designed into shapes of numbers, cartoon characters, animals, princess dresses, and a whole load more.

I definitely had a good time feasting my eyes there, that by the end of the day, Tok Mak even called me "Mat Bunga"! Heehee!

The day was filled with so much excitement that as soon as we got into the car, I knocked out straight away. It was nevertheless, a beautiful day out with my big family. :)

For those of you who have yet to visit Floria Festival in Putrajaya, you may still do so by this weekend! The festival is open to public till 18th July 2010, so don't forget to bring your camera and snap loads and loads of pictures! :)


RieNa said...

hye mat bunga!

kalau dlm family k riena lah, mat bunga tu = mat jiwang lah.hahaha

jiwang kah kamu ni aydein??hahahaha

kita tgk 20 thn lg ok!


I went to Rebung too last Fri..
huiih..bnyk betol lauk pauk..smp tak reti nk makan ape..
and Chef Ismail tu mmg friendly kan..
Adam pun enjoyed dancing2 depan malu langsung anak teruna I ni..semua org duk tgk kat dia gelek2 mcm Raja Gelek ;)

btw..mmg colorful betul ek..with all fresh flowers..I pun ada plan nak ke sana..bila tak tau lagik ;)

semut-terbersin said...

haha sama laa si aariz ngan aydein..mat bunga!
pantang nampak bunga..especially the red one..even corak bunga kat sofa/curtain pon die boleh suka..aiyoh..
agaknye sbb color tuh yg tarik perhatian derang kot ek?

Nadine said...

I mmg teringin nak pegi Floria lepas tgk my friend's photos. Lps tgk your photos lagi2 la teringinnya. Hihi. Tp I takut sesak n panas. Ok tak you? D day you went, was the crowd big?

RuZaNNa said...

I love the last picture of Aydien!.. so cheeky!!
Nampak cam best aje Floral Festival ni.. i sungguh la tak tahu ada pun.. but it's a great exposure to the little ones especially the colors kan..
Btw, what a big family Aien has there.. penuh dgn anak sedara.. makesure duit raya cukup this year.. hehehe

Thara Sofian said...

k riena :
hehe mat jiwang, taktau lah lagi. tapi, potential nak jadik mat jambu, ada kot! :P

nadia :
yeap, so many choices, i pon rambang mata masa tu! dah la selera i ni besar, mmg i bantai makan byk gila on that day! hee :p and yeap, chef ismail is really friendly!

babe, kalau u nak pi to the Floria, make sure u pi by this weekend tau. next weekend dah tade lagi!

semut :
betol tu ila! aydein loves red! mcm u ckp, i think bcoz color tu very vibrant kot. tu yang menarik sgt tu! ;)

nadine :
ooh u should, babe! org mmg ramai so agak sesak la, tapi the place is BIG, so tade la rasa panas ke apa. ntah la, prolly bcoz i pi petang kot. so tak rasa panas sgt. dah la masa sunset kan. mmg bertambah lawa lagi tempat tu! :) breathtaking!

anne :
hehe yeah he was really enjoying himself there! mcm u ckp, prolly bcoz of the very vibrant colorful flowers kot kan. and yes, twas a good exposure. u should bring ur family there -- dgn mak ayah sume angkat sekali! im sure ur mum would love it! sampai this weekend je tau, dont miss it! ;)


Seronoknye jalan-jalan..paling best dapat tgk all bunga2 tu. Dulu cita2 i nak jadi florist sebab macam giler suka dekat bunga. :P..kekekeke

eh u.. Sampaikan salam i untuk Mummy Na k. Sumpah i envy body dia babe. Macam anak dara! :)

Thara Sofian said...

haha u sound like a typical girly gegirl! :D rumah u misti penuh dgn bunga bunga kan! :D

itu la kan! shes my idol! u tau tak, her legs are like, HALF of MY big legs! slim gilaaaaaaaaa!


Hahaha.. itu dulu u...
Lepas tu terkubur kat situ jelah nampaknya. Kat rumah ni bunga dari 4 tahun dulu x tukar2 lagi ok. Hahahaha..

p!nkerton said...

whoah meriahnya wknd aydein!
err i yg dok putrajaya ni pun tak penah naik cruise tu lagi ;p floria penah pegi last year, best gak :)
& rebung tu mcm best je, harus try ni! :)

worryfather said...

Aydein looks enjoy at floria, but not so much for the cruise. lol..

Aydein dah pandai using straw, can buy him a small bottle to drink water himself.

Floria is very nice, too bad I am in Singapore.

Aydein must be very happy to have papa and mama to bring him around.

Thara said...

nuurill :
hehe. oh kalau camtu, bila kita buat trip to cameron nanti, kita borong bunga banyak2 okeh! ;)

pinkerton :
yeah hes one lucky boy! i cant rmbr my weekend being this "colorful" when i was little! :P floria tu cantik kan! i ter-miss last year, you. psl tu yang tanak miss lagi this year! :)

rebung tu mmg best. u should really go, babe! ;)

worryfather :
very true! the cruise was quite boring even to me, apatah lagi for aydein kan! dah la panasss!

yeap, im thinking of getting him a water bottle with straw too! see if he likes using it :)

aww that's too bad. but i LOVE singapore! i went to singapore last year, when i was 5 months pregnant. totally loved each and every moment i was there! singapore sgt cantik! and very systematic too! :D am planning to bring aydein to singapore zoo this year. cant wait for raya! :D