Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Heart Cameron!

It's been a while since my little family took me out on a trip. And since mama and papa have been to Cameron Highlands for a couple of times, they thought it would be a great idea to take me out to my first ever trip to Cameron Highlands last week, in order to get me closer to nature and get away from the busy city life.

It was so much fun because I got to visit so many places and learn so many new things! I was so happy, I kept laughing and smiling all the way!

One of the places that I can never forget was the "BOH" Tea Centre.

Oh the trouble that we had to go through just to get to that place! You see, to get to that place, we had to drive on a very, veryyy steep and narrow road that only allows one car to pass through each time.

See how small the road is? It was even challenging since we were in a big Alphard so you can imagine how our hearts thump each time we see a car coming towards us! Lucky for us, papa is such a good driver! So we passed each car smoothly without any trouble, alhamdulillah.

Nevertheless, all the obstacles and troubles that we went through were all worth it once we set our eyes on one of the most magnificent views ever. It is the beautiful "BOH" Tea Centre!

It is located at the peak of the hill and the place is surrounded with beautiful tea plantation scenery that totally took my breath away! I have never seen anything so beautiful, it made me wiggle with joy!

And from up here too, you can see the panoramic view of the tea plantation while enjoying a cup of hot tea and slices of cakes!

And since I am a big boy now, mama thought I could get a little taste of the famous BOH tea! I am not sure if it was the cool breeze up there or it was my thirst for water at that time, but the tea I tasted on that day was really, really yummy!

Before we left that beautiful place, mama grabbed a few boxes of flavored teas and I posed for the camera as a handsome Orang Utan! :D

The next day, we went to the Strawberry Farm. Did you know that strawberries are rich with Vitamin C? I didn't -- until mama told me that on that day. I learnt that strawberries are not only lovely, they are also able to prevent cancer!

My Mak Long who is a doctor didn't recommend mama to feed me with a lot of strawberries though. Because strawberries are citrus fruits and citrus fruits are quite acidic, so she suggested mama to go easy with the strawberries before my tummy gets upset. What a bummer -- because I liked it! Especially the chocolate dipped ones! Yum!

Mama went crazy with strawberries and bought everything-strawberries, from a whole load of fresh strawberries through to the strawberry jam, strawberry juice, strawberry fridge magnet, and strawberry stroller pads! Here are some!

Then, we also went to the Bee Farm! I saw a huge swarm of bees securely locked up in a huge box with a transparent screen. I think the bees can be harmful because the box says "Yes, can see! But do not touch the box and bee!"

But I was feeling adventurous and wanted to touch the bees because they were so fascinating but mama stopped me before I even got the chance to lay a finger on the screen. Sighs. No fun lah you, mama.

Can you see the honey comb at the top there? Did you know that we can actually eat the honey as well as the comb? It's true! Atok and Pak Lang told us about that fact when we there there on that day. See, I told you I learnt a lot during this trip! ;)

Before we went back, again we dropped by another tea plantation for another round of snack. This time, we went to Bharat tea plantation. It also has a great view and equally nice teas :)

One of mama's friends told us not to leave Cameron without tasting the scones which seem to be one of Cameron's famous delicacies, so we ordered some and I instantly fell in love with it!

Before we left Bharat tea plantation, mama went down to personally feel and touch the tea leaves. I could not join because it was already drizzling then, so I stayed with Atok and Opah upstairs while mama and papa did some Hindustani poses in the tea field!

Papa promised to bring me here again because we did not get the chance to visit many more places like the Cactus Farm, the Butterfly Park, the Flower Farm, and a whole lot more to explore due to the rainy weather while we were there. But one thing for sure, I definitely enjoyed my stay there and I can't wait for more trips like this in the future!

Oh and if you haven't already visited Cameron, you really should! Until then, hugs and kisses from me and mama! ;)


semut-terbersin said...

eh aydein ada tahi lalat eh kat bawah bibir die tuh? cam siti nurhaliza lah!! comelnyehhh!!!
haa i separuh jalan je nak ke boh tu..jauh gila nak masuk..dah laa seram je nak lalu situ..kene hon2 macam org gila..tetibe hon..hahaha

RuZaNNa said...

babe.. you should frame the last picture.. and the picture you&aein bermesra tuh.. heheheheh.. nice pictures.. and you look lovely as well :)

Btw, this kind of trip is more fun kalau pergi ramai2 kan.. kalau berdua aje blh tahan sangap gak la.. hehehe

*miszleen* said...

aydein, aunty leen pun baruuuu je pegi cameron. hihi

bintie said...

i ske gambo last...aydein dh beso... :)

Anonymous said...

awww he's a grown little man. so adorable! kau punyelah pandai gebang, u made cameron highlands look actually really appealing!

RieNa said...

ohh lama tak tgk Hj Sofian!
dah lama betul tak jumpa dia.
rasanya..err..mkn tahun jugak lah.

dan rindu mak long aydein.

aydein makin besar muka makin nakal, mcm Tiqah lah! hehehe

kunaz said...

nk buat komen kontroversi bleh x? ur husband cute la. wahahaha!

Thara said...

semut :
hahaha tak lah, ila. itu bukan tahu lalat. itu bukti kegelojohan dia makan chocolate cake sampai comot-comot! :P

ooh the next time u go, make sure u pegi tau! its really worth it!

anne :
awww thanks babe. u say the nicest things! :) i love the last pic as well! will take note to print and frame it! :D

betol! lagi ramai lagi best! actually, mana2 pi pon, lagi ramai lagi best! especially kalau kita bawak baby kita jalan2 skali to experience new things kan! :D

leen :
eh ye ke! ntah2 masa kita yang pegi tu sama tak! BOH tea centre to memang gorgeous kan! :D

bintie :
i pon suke! yes he's a grown handsome little man! ;)

Thara said...

anonymous :
i dunno who u are, but im guessing that ure my evil evil cousin! :P kan weh! dah besa panjang dah budak kecik tu. lagi besa, lagi banyak akal dia tu. banyak auta dia nowadays u know!

anyways really, u just have to go to the right places when ure in cameron! i dont even know about this BOH tea centre before, bcoz my dad nvr brought us here for the past few trips! but it really is breathtakingly beautiful! and there's also this place called Strawberry Moment dessert place which i plan to go on the next trip. so many places, so little time!

k riena :
haha yeah, ayah dah banyak white hair! ;) lagi banyak, lagi handsome dia kata :P

aydein makin besa, bukan muka je nampak nakal. mmg makin besa, makin nakal pon! banyak akal dia skarang tau! pening mama! :P

kunaz :
hahaha. pasal tu kot i kawen dgn dia, you! :P

Nadine said...

Wow, Alphard lalu jalan BOH plantation tu?! Ngeri tak bila bertembung ngan keta lain? I imagine pun dh ngeri. hihihi..

Bestnya! The last time I went to Cameron was like..5 years ago! huhu..
The photos are nicely captured and I can see how happy and enjoyed you all with this trip. Good for all of u! :)

Thara said...

nadine :
yeah, sangat ngeri ok! luckily we had a good driver in the house! kalau i yang bawak, confirm i turun kereta mintak tolong driver kereta yang satu lagi tu tolong lepaskan kereta i hahaha :P

yeah i pon dah lama tak pi cameron. tu yang excited gila pegi cameron trip this time, mainly becoz we have another new member in the family to bring as well! ;)

MOMMY NADIA said... je org M' pernah smp Cameron u!malu tau!..
tp dah bnyk kali smp2 jgak!
best nye..lagi buat I nk sgt ke sana..

u...kalau tunjuk kt Adam strawberry tu mesti dia menjerit.."wee wee"!! ;)


oh yessss.. ngeri gilerr ok jalan dekat BOH tu. Paling x tahan siap boleh bertembung dengan bas ok... bawak laju pulak tu.. ish ish ish... tapi bila sampai je kat BOH Tea cafe tu.. terus hilang semua rasa ngeri tu.. indah permai sungguh!!!! :)

Masa we all pegi sana, x singgah pulak Bee farm. Asyik banyak berenti amik gambo je.. mana nak sempat. ahahaha..

My husband mmg nak ajak pegi lagi sana tau u.. tapi sebab dia nak try main golf kat situ.. boleh? cais!! xpe..xpe.. i ngan Oman boleh enjoy petik strawberry.. hahahahah

Thara Sofian said...

nadia :
laa ye ke u! u really should! its SO MUCH FUN! im planning to go there again in the near future. jom la kita plan pegi ramai2 with the rest of the mummies! nak tak nak tak? :D

ye ke u! aydein i tak berani kasik byk sgt, sebab takut dia sakit perot lak. pasal masa pegi tu pon mmg aydein tak sedap perot pon. so takut jadik terok pulak!

nuurill :
wah armi pandai main golf ke! my husband bwk golf buggy bole la kot! :P

omg jom jom JOM! seriously let us ALL plan for a trip together ramai2 pi cameron skali lagi! pasal i tak dpt nak pi byk tempat haritu due to the rainy weather! and we do really plan to go again pon! bila yang armi nak pi lagi tu? JOMMMMMM!

ps : im not sure if strawberry-picking is charged at all places, tapi masa i nak pi pick strawberry dkt that farm haritu, dia ckp, entrance free is RM20! pastu bila dah pick strawberries, kena bayar for the strawberries lagi. teros kitorang tak jadik nak petik! :P


Armi bukanlah pemain golf yang tegar. Dia baru2 je nak main balik. Bila dah mula main smula, mulala gian kan. Tapi i lagi suka dia mai futsal ke, badmintonke, foorball ke, sebab i leh ikut jadi pompom girl sama.. kalau golf..xleh..sebab nak jadi pom pom pun kene bayar.. x termampu i hokei!!


Well, nanti i tanya Armi. best gak kan buat trip ke Cameron reramai nih. Tapi i xmola ikut jalan tapah lagi... ikut simpang pulai ok! hahaha :)

Thara Sofian said...

hahaha okeh cun! haritu i masa pegi, ikut jalan tapah. balik, ikut jalan simpang pulai pasal my mum tak tahan. even masa pakai jalan simpang pulai pon muka dia kelat je all the way! haha. poor mom :P

ok, keep us posted! excited ni! :D

irradhil said...

wah....besnyer g BOH plantation tu.hubby ira xmo naik sampai ke sana.huhu.last time ira pegi pn ms ader trip kt uia.bes btul kitorng posing kt ladang tu.siap angkut bakul teh tu lg.heheeheh

erm...psl self-plucking tu...yg ira pegi xder entrance fees tp aper yg kite petik tu die timbang.jadiknyer mahal la skit drp yg dh siap pack tu.

irra nk join jgkla kalu korg nk pegi.....leh kenal kan.hehehe.hubby irra penah g main football kt sana.dhla hujan...punyerla skrg xsesejuk dl kan??coz tgk aydein xpakai sweater pn.bju pn short sleeve.heheeheh.

Thara Sofian said...

cameron mmg best kan! i tak penah jemu pegi situ eventho dah pegi berkali kali :D

eh ye ke! i silap masuk farm la ni kan. rugi je! anyways. will let u know if we plan on a trip together! ;)

Gallivanter said...

I was there too last month...absolutely loved it!

BabyBooned said...

great pictures! cayalah aydein had teh! hun, next time u must try the fruit scones from The T-Cafe! sedap la teramat!! errr i think they're changing their name to The Lord's Cafe though... ehmm..

Thara said...

gallivanter :
hey daniel! thanks for dropping by. cameron really is gorgeous, isnt it. :)

babyboon :
oh, thanks for the info. will definitely give it a visit the next time i go there! ;)

hidayah said...

salam ,

hai..saya google pasal cameron sebenarnya..

then terjumpa blog anda nih..


sebenarnya yang menarik perhatian saya untuk follow anda yelah
sebab saya tengok anda sangat
baik..reply komen ..hehe..

kebanyakan orang jarang reply komen
pengunjung kan..?

dan lagi satu sebab anda tulis dalam english..

dan saya mudah faham..

hehehe...saya tak berapa pandai
berbahasa inggeris macam anda
(sekolah dulu malas belajar, sekarang padan muka diri sendiri)

nak sambung google pasal cameron lagi..
nanti kita jengah2 blog awak lagi yek...!


Thara said...

hidayah :
awww thanks! dulu i lagi rajin reply comment and tulis entry di blog saya sebenarnya, tapi lately dah tak dapat curik masa nak do all that sbb terlaluuuuuu bz! but lucky for you, harini i agak free jugak so, there u are! :D

thanks for dropping by, do drop by again in the future!

ps : nak pegi cameron ye? :)