Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got Smokey Eyes?

Okay. This is a really delayed entry. I have been wanting to make an entry on this since way back but never got the chance to get my hands on it (sorry Anne!). Now that I have the time, I'm just gonna do it! :)

So you're flipping through the magazines and you see the celebrities' dark smudgy eyes and you're wondering, how the hell did they do that? Are they hard to do? Can I do it myself?

The answer is, yes! You can totally do it yourself! Sure, there are many ways to do it, but this is one of the easiest techniques ever and it worked fine on me! And because it is so easy, I can do it in the car and it really would just take me 5 minutes (or a little bit more) to get the whole look!

Many have approached me and asked me how I actually did it. So one day, I tried taking pictures of me applying the makeup with the step by step guide, but the pictures weren't so clear. So I thought that it's best that I share this video with all of you; it is exactly how I get my smokey eyes done really, and the fact that it is in motion would enable you to see it even more clearly. :)

This is one of my favorite daily makeups to the office. Once you've gotten the hang of this, you can start playing around with the colors. Just make sure you have the necessary makeup kit in hand, though! ;)

Oh and, if you love makeup and looking for more tips on them, here's a very good website for a start ; Makeup Geek. I can't get enough of Marlena! She's really good and she explains everything really well! Check out this very basic of applying eye makeup from her on YouTube! You're totally gonna love it :)

She also posted a video on how she does her smokey eyes, but I prefer Sandy's version of smokey eyes better somehow. :) Check this video out!

So have fun being pretty and happy trying, ladies! ;)


amirah said...

thanks for sharing babe!!!
nampak mcm senang ja..hahaha..
gotta start learning on how to do that quick!!=))
omg, aku tak pcaya lah weh!! membe dari zaman hingusan aku dah ckp pasai make up..dah tua kita rupanya.ngahahaha...:p

Nadine said...

Wah Thara, you can do it in just 5 minutes??! Tabik spring ok! :)

From the video tu tgk dia apply eyeliner lajunya, straight jer. I ni everytime buat senget je rasa. Tak pun rasa tebal sblah je mata :P Mmg makeup department is not my field lah.

Tp bestla the makeupgeek website tuh. Rasa nak try je bila tgk those tutorials since I adela jugak the necessary make up kits for eyes tu. Boleh kill some time when Fadzil have football match n Faaz sleeping and have fun on my own kan. At least takla my pallete n eyeliner tu x terusik. Kalau tak jadi pun takpela sbb sorang2. Hehe...thanks Thara for the info ;)

p.s: I was hoping it was you who gave the tutorials. :)

Thara said...

amirah :
pleasure all mine, babe! ;) hahaha. tu lah. dulu nak letak makeup pon segan. skarang siap kasik tutorial lagi! :P try it tau! mmg senang pon! im sure ure gonna look so gorgeous! ;)

nadine :
hehe yes, dear. once uve gotten the hang of it, mmg bole buat cepat je! ;)

how do u apply your eyeliner everytime? u "tarik" ke atas eyelid u kasik tegang and straight tak? bcoz kalau u tak buat, mmg dia jadik messy. and what kind of eyeliner yang u pakai? the liquid ones are harder to apply and they can get messy. i usually use the crayon/pencil ones. lagi senang nak control. ;)

i feel that we should all be priddy especially now that we have husbands. gotta let em know that we are still "hot" in pasaran, so kena jaga kita baik2 jugak kan! :P no problem babe. try nanti tau! misti gojes punye lah! ;)

ps : i cant. it's hard to record a video of me applying the makeup without seeing the strands of my hair!

RuZaNNa said...

Thanks babe!!
Akhirnya you tunaikan janji you.. hahaha.. seperti biasa la.. it look so easy when they're doing it.. and bila i buat, it will take AGESSS!! heheh
But practise makes perfect right.. cuma i ni sungguh malas nak tunggu lama2 depan cermin if nak make up to work.. but that shouldn't be an excuse kan..
Thanks again for the tips babe!


Ala..ala... ala...

I couldn't watch the video now. TM x bagi. :p But i'll definitely watching this balik rumah karang...

I'm not into make up sangat put. Xde tektik yang betul. Main taram jer. But the eyes part mmg paling interesting!!! can't wait to go back!! :)

I paling suka apply liquid eye liner when it comes to event. Konon mata i jadi cantikla kalaupun i x pakai eyeshadow. Wakakakakaka!!!!

bintie said...

smokey lamp u ske x? ihihi.


Ok i dah tengok!! :) Terpegun seketika ok. Sandy is so good in applying liquid eye liner too. !! :)

Thara said...

nuurill :
i pon tak berapa nak expert lagi bab makeup2 ni, u. tapi bila2 ada org nak makeup i sblm ni, misti i suroh derang kasik extra enhancement on my eyes pasal i rasa eyes are the most important part when it comes to makeup. mcm u ckp, eyes part tu yang paling interesting kan! it can make someone look alive, or tired! pasal tu i usaha jugak blaja buat smokey eyes ni, pasal minat sgt! hehe :P

ooh. then ure better than me! i tak pandai sgt apply liquid eyeliner pasal bila i apply, misti nak messy! so i usually go with crayon/pencil :)

ps : yeap, sandy's really good! cun pulak tu kan hehe :P

bintie :
smokey lamp pon i suka, lebeh2 lagi kalau dpt free from u! :P

Nadine said...


Lepas tgk video tu and lepas u mentioned br la i tau kena tarik the eyelid masa nak apply the eyeliner..hihihi. Before this org make up kan bkn I nampak pun kan. Mmg clueless la. :))

I have both, the pencil and the liquid one. The pencil one pernah la try2 guna, the liquid one mmg tak bersentuh! Itupun nasib la I dpt free dulu.

Tak sabar tunggu free time, nak cuba buat make up mata! wish me luck..hihi.

Thara said...

nadine :
hehe. there u go! the trick of applying eyeliner! ;) yeay kalau jadik nanti, lemme know tau!

life songs said...

thanks for the tips... love the look!

Thara said...

life songs :
pleasure mine! :)

irradhil said...
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BabyBooned said...

gahhh. i envy those who can carry thiss look! my raccoon eyes sooo cannot carry it. sighh

AlinYussuff said...

Sandy's way to make smoking eyes to just exactly sama macam how i did mine. Cuma, instead of brown eyeshadow, i slalu buat warna purple. Hihi terujanya knowing that some people share the same method.

Thara said...

alin :
hehe. me too! it's the easiest, and the most effective kan! ;)