Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahmad Aydein Is ONE!

The time is now 3.03PM as I write this and exactly at this point of time last year, I heard the most beautiful sound, more beautiful than Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On. :P Yes, it was my son Aydein's first cry.

I can still remember the moment vividly in my mind as though it just happened yesterday. The blood and sweat, the mighty painful contraction, the look and smell of Aydein's fresh from the womb. :)

Few seconds after delivery

Sighs. It's been 12 wonderful months and just with a blink of an eye, Aydein is now officially a TODDLER!

Picture taken just before I left for work earlier today

Seriously, rasa happy pon ada, sedeh pon ada -- because Aydein is no longer considered as a baby! Nanti tak lama masuk kindergarten. Pastu tak lama masuk school. Pastu tak lama masuk University. Pastu tak lama, ada girlfriend. Pastu nanti mama jadik No. 2. Pastu tak lama Aydein kawen! Tinggal mama & papa mengadap each other. Sobs sobs. :(

Eh, ni tak bole jadik ni. Mama & papa kena carik adik-adik-adik utk Aydein ni! :P

Anyway, at 12 months, Aydein has achieved all the standard milestones for babies at his age, except for walking. Hehe. He babbles so freaking much these days however, so I'm guessing the old wives tale is right - babies who are fast at talking will usually be slow at walking. :P But who cares lah. As long as Aydein is growing healthily, I am a happy mum! ;)

Oh just a short update -- Aydein has started to climb down the bed/sofas/elevated surface on his own since few weeks back, but I had no chance to update. So here's a clip of him climbing down the bed in the guest room all by himself at 11 months ++! :)

And before I end this entry, I would like to sing a song especially for my baby Aydein and it goes something like this :

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Aydein
Happy birthday to you!




Awwwwwwww... Aydein is now a toddler!!
Dun worry mama, aydein will be your forever hero. Tapi, kene dapatkan adik2 aydein tu pun betul juga. Hihihi :)

To Aydein, Happy Birthday Big Boy. Muahs!!

RieNa said...

aydein suda besar!! skit hari lg akan dpt adik..yeyeay!!

semoga terus membesar dgn sihat dan cerdas!

kuat membebel, sama lah dgn cik Nawal pun. :D

Nadine said...

Thara, Aydein lahir 3.03pm eh? Faaz was born on 3.01pm. :)

Happy Birthday cute little Aydein! Welcome to the club of toddlerhood ;)

p.s: i like the statement, "Mama & papa kena carik adik-adik-adik utk Aydein ni!" hihihi..

kunaz said...

hahaha! entry ni lawak pn ade. wahh ble aydein mau dpt adik nie? hihi... hepi 1 year old aydein! ble aydein mau jumpe irfan nie? hihi....


Happy 1st Birthday big boy Aydein..
mama cepat2 plan adik utk Aydein..nanti Aydein study overseas,mama duk berdua aje kat umah...hehehe..;)

btw,welcome to toddlerhood..many sweet suprises waiting for you dear..enjoy every single moment..

p/s:hows the b'day bash prep?mesti u tgh bz kan Thara..??;)

Thara said...

nuurill :

itu lah. kene dptkan hero & heroine cepat2 ni! skarang memang lah mama lah No. 1, mama lah ratu hatiku, mama lah segalanya. nanti bila nampak the real Ratu, mama ntah ke mana. sobs sobs. :P

thanks auntie nuurill!

kak riena :

thanks achik riena! :P tu lah. kuat sgt si aydein ni membebel lately. mengamok pon kuat juge!

nadine :

a'ah, he was born 3.03PM. :) ooh, ini baby-baby siang ni! :P how long were u in labor since u were first admitted?

thanks auntie nadine! a'ah mama & papa nak carik adik baru utk aydein psl derang takut derang diketepikan bila aydein jumpe awek nanti :P

kunaz :

thanks auntie kunaz. nak jumpe irfan! nak jumpe nak jumpe nak jumpe!

mommy nadia :

thanks auntie nadia. tu la aydein pon nak adik juge! nak adik gegirl lah kalini, psl aydein dah boboy! :D

ps : very busy! eventho dah plan dari awal, tapi still rasa mcm last minute je everything! :(

IRIN PUTRI said...

Happy 1st Birthday Aydein! Big boy dah dia ni. Sure can geng with Raees ;)

Thara said...

irin :

thanks auntie irin! misti boleh punya. nanti kita jumpa this saturday ok! :D

worryfather said...

Happy Birthday Aydein!

There is also old people saying that baby who can talk first before walk will have better life.. cause he can order papa and mama to do things for him.... hehe..

Don't worry... very soon he can walk and run.. then papa and mama need to kejar Aydein kat shopping malls.. :)

MDiana@UmmiZubayr said...

Happy 1st Birthday Aydein, Hooraayy \(^_^)/.

You have one candle on your cake. Be a good & charming boy ok. How time flies, from da cute and tiny infant now you are toddler. Don't worry mommy, Aydein will always loves you as much as you loves him ;-)

airin diana said...

Happy Belated 1st Birthday, Aydein!

I've been ur silent reader before. this time around i feel the urge to wish Aydein happy birthday. got link to ur blog from mommy nadia.

keep on writing coz i love to read it, ok? :)

RuZaNNa said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aydein!!
Can't wait to see you this weekend!

BabyBooned said...

happy belated birthday aydein sweetie!!

Thara said...

worryfather :

thanks uncle!

haha that's a good one! u know, he seems to be throwing a lot of tantrums lately. his early signs of ordering papa & mama around? :P

cant wait for the running bit! i wanna play ball with him! :D

yanz :

thanks auntie yan! amin amin amin. :)

airin diana :

thanks for the wish also for dropping by! glad to know u love reading my entries. keep coming back! ;)

nice knowing u btw :)

anne :

thanks auntie anne! cant wait to see u soon too! :D

babybooned :
thanks auntie nina! :D