Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too (Part 2)

Dear Diary,

Remember I told you the many many things I could already do at 3 months from the previous entry I posted.. about 2 months ago?

Well guess what? At 5 1/2 months now, I amazed myself again when I made a good flip and rollover my tummy over and over again, everytime mama puts me on my back! Heehee. I didn't know rolling would be so much fun! And you know, everytime I make a good flip, mama would clap clap clap and say yeaaaaay, so I would return her enthusiasm with my BIGGEST GRIN to thank her! :D

I am so proud of myself you know! And I think mama and papa are proud of me too because I heard mama squeal in delight and saw papa grinned to the sides of his ears when I surprised them with my super flip! Heeee.

Oh oh, and did I tell you that I can now say ma-ma too? :D Papa kept telling me, "say papa, boy. paaaa-paaaa?" I want so much to please him, but err, not so soon lah papa. One step at a time lah. Besides, i'm mama's little precious, remember? Hee :D

Anyway, in case you don't already know, I'm all good and recovered from the bad, bad diarrhea now, all thanks to your well wishes. And last week, I went to see my doctor for a checkup. And you know, I would have liked her even more if she doesn't always use the bad, bad needle to poke me everytime I see her.

It really hurt you know. And eventhough I tried my mighty best to be all cool and macho, the bad, bad needle got the best of me and I had to let out a cry. But mama was quick to comfort me so I was all smiley again after just a brief second. Besides that, the doctor said I'm growing very well! I now weigh 7.63kgs and am 65cm long. :D

I can now curl myself up and touch my toes too! It's just a matter of time until those cute little toes of mine go into my mouth, so watch out mama! Hehe.

Oh and I also find everything very yummy lah nowadays! That is why, whenever mama or papa gives me anything for me to hold, it would usually of course, end up in my mouth. Heehee.

Oh and look, my teeth are getting even more obvious from the last post I shared with you a couple of months back too! I absolutely love my teeth! It makes mama go crazy everytime I grit them together whenever she nurses me. Heeeheee.

Oh well I cant wait to tell you what I can do next! Until the next milestone from me!

Love love,


RieNa said...

wahh! gigi aydein!!

aydein demam x lps kena cucuk? turn nawal minggu dpn lah. nervous dah nih.hehe

Thara said...

haha tu la dah panjang kan. sekali die ketap, pergh. :P

aydein tak demam alhamdulillah. lepas cucuk haritu, doctor suroh kasik die makan ubat demam as soon as we get home, even if die tak demam. so alhamdulillah die okay.

my hugs & kisses to nawal! :D

SY said...

Wow Thara!

It's just a matter of time until those cute little toes of mine go into my mouth, so watch out mama! Hehe.

>> You know about this too? I thought it's just some beliefs from Chinese. Haha..

Anyway, he is cute! So is your blog post. Gosh..Haha..You are writing as tho he tells you all that. Hehehe

*miszleen* said...

wow..aydein dah besar ek~

btw, everyday aunty leen lalu depan umah aydein..tapi slalu tak sempat nk singgah. bile la i nak jumpe anak you ni thara..

aydein da besa ni die makin encem ^^ geram betul leen tgk ;p

anyway, your blog ni dah jadi one of my fav tau, heee *hugs*

Thara said...

sy :

haha thanks sy!

leen :

hehe ye ke. glad to know u enjoy reading my entries! :D and tu lah. lama dah aydein tunggu auntie leen ni tak muncul2 lagi tau. mai la umah cepat!