Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lulled To Sleep

Aydein is a very pampered baby.

As a newborn, he was never left to cry for a long time.
We would pick him up right away at the littlest noise he made just to convince him that everything is okay, that everything is alright. That he was not alone in this new world he has just been introduced to, and that we were always there for him, and there was nothing he should be afraid about.

And growing up, Aydein has got a little too comfortable with that very idea!

Therefore it's rather impossible to put him down and leave him to entertain himself now without having to carry him around everywhere. The moment we put him down, he would fuss and demand to be picked up and held in our warm embrace.

That's why yesterday we decided to try the Fisher Price swing to see if it could help him entertain himself. And as you might have guessed, it worked! He loved it that it even lulled him off to sleep! At first he was amazed at the sight of the hanging colorful fishes that he tugged on it and played with it for a little while. The next thing we knew, he was already in lalaland! :D

Of course, new broom sweeps clean. And soon, when he's bored of the same fishy friends swimming around him, he would be demanding to be carried around everywhere again. But until that happens, I'm off to catch on my beauty sleep because seriously, entertaining a 5-month-old can be quite exhausting okay - especially now that he's beginning to babble much and play much! Until then! ;)


Izdi said...

comel giler anak korg nie..:D
5 month dah ek...muka cam aien!!

Thara said...

izdi : hehe thanks. and tu lah. he's gettin a lot of aien's features lately. :)

Izdi said...

ada satu post thara yg baru tu muke diye sebijik cam saper tu anak kakak aien yg pompuan tu...comel semcm tu..

Thara said...

izdi : yg mane? iman? maryam? ayra? farah? 4 org ni je anak kakak2 aien. :P

Izdi said...

haa...Iman laaaaaaa...(akibat lama sgt tak jumpe dah jd pelupa):D

btw how is aien? sakit lagi ke?

Thara said...

haaa? iman?? dkt mana yg rupa mcm iman tu.. :|

aien is recovering well, alhamdulillah. thanks for visiting my blog, izdi! lama lah kita tak jumpa. mai lah ke rumah ;)

Izdi said...

ada gambaq diye duk atas aien tu..hehe so cute...diye senang ngan nk kat org ker? ke memilih?

insyallah thara :D..hoping to see u guys oso..aritu aien pon ajak...tatau bile leh dtg nie asik bz...