Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Food Shopping!

Aydein sweetheart,

Time goes by really fast and before I knew it, you will turn 6 months tomorrow. I am so proud to have you sweetheart, and watching you grow before my eyes is one of the best gifts God has ever given me. And yes, I am still very much in love with you. :)

Did you know that I have been doing a lot of readings since the last few weeks? Hehe yes baby. I read a lot when you were in my tummy, and I still read a lot now that you're out – all because I was so nervous at the thought of starting your solids in the next few days. But now that I'm all equipped with all the necessary information necessary to it, I feel much, much better now and can't wait to start on your solids! Just look at all the baby foods and cutleries I just bought for you the last few days back!

They look pretty delicious, don't they? That is why you were so eager to grab hold of it when I held it in front of you. I guess you knew that I was shopping for your food, huh? :) Smart boy.

Papa is very particular about your food ingredients, though. Notice that your food has no added sugar in it. Sorry boy, until you're at least 1 year old, no sweets for you.

I first planned to give you home-made food by mashing all different types of fruits and veges instead of this canned food. But I got so excited looking at the baby food that I had to take some and give them a try lah! Heehee.

I know I know. You'd prefer the ones made with love at home than the ones in cans, so as soon as you finish all of them, I promise it will be only home-made fruits and veges and porridge for you after this okay, sayang? :)

Until then, I look forward to feeding you with your very first spoon soon! :) Are you getting excited by the minute already, baby? I hope you are, because I definitely am! ;)

hugs & kisses,


RieNa said...

nanti dia berbunyi2 kalau kita lambat suapkan dia.nampak je sudu dia dah ternganga-nganga. kelakar!

slmt makan aydein! hahahaha

RuZaNNa said...

I was excited too when imran was about to have his solid food.. hehe.. i kumpul almost all baby food recipe that i could find and my SIL also lend her Annabel Karmel's recipe book.. the book is really useful.. sampai sekarang i still refer to it..
Btw, imran dr awal tak makan food from the jar sbb his paed mmg totally against it.. i religiously followed his advice until one day i decided to try Heinz fruits.. 1st jar was ok.. 2nd jar, and that was fruit salad, terus imran naik merah2.. kena food allergy sbb i didn't realize 1 of the ingredients was corn starch.. mmg kena lecture gila2 dgn his paed.. ever since that i mmg dah tak try any food from the jar.. takut kena marah lagi.. hehhe
Anyways, have fun experiencing food Aydein!!

ummi said...

dah belajar makan ek...nanti jadik cam izzah, start je mkn , perut terus buncit jer...

bintiegen said...

eh kenit! grrr.. (geram gl kat aydein dlm gambo 1st tu...) (sambil mengetap gigi).

Izdi said...

hahaha... thara apsal ngan aydein terpegun melihat sesuatu jer..(1st picture in your post)..

comel :D

Thara said...

kak riena :
hehe ye ke! hehe tak saba nak start ni! hopefully aydein likes taking 'em solids lah :)

anne :
ooh fruit salad was it? kene take note ni. i didnt know some babies are allergic to corn starch! tapi tu lah. niat di hati mmg tanak kasik food from the jar ni. tapi geram lah tgk the variety baby food in the market! nak try jugak hehe. thats why i amik sikit je. so that as soon as aydein finished all of them, i can start on homemade food already! ;)

btw, kalau u ade recipe best yg u nak share, lemme know tau! :D

kak an :
e'em nak start solids dah. boncit ke? tamau la boncit boncit. nak montel montel. :D

bintie :
hehe chomels je panggil aydein kenit :P sila bwk bertenang ye. :P

izdi :
hehe he's wishing upon a star tu! :P


Masa my baby start weaning pun, I intro him with jar foods..almost semua flavors Heinz I beli every weeks for my baby..after my aunt said dekat UK they all against this sb study said baby who eat Heinz specially, jadik i slowly stop and made my own bubur for him...Anne is rite..semua paed against jar better not to start since ur baby will surely like its flavor..happy weaning!

Thara said...

mommy nadia :

but those cute little jars look very tempting! hehe. (ni sape nak makan ni - mama nya ke baby nya?) :P


hehe..try tau!ada cm rs yoghurt gtu.!hehe

Anonymous said...

dia mesti rindu pak lang dia kan!!

Thara said...

raqib :
tu la. sampai die terngigau-ngigau malam2 "pak lang.. pak lang.. ehek ehek.. ehek ehek.. pak lang" :P

mai la KL lagi!

BabyBooned said...

bottled food is really convenient, we use it a lot when travelling. tapi memang kena careful. a nephew of mine got rashes from eating heinz sweet potatoes. so gotta be careful and try to introduce new food slowly (wait for the 3-day waiting period). i used to think making baby food was hard but it was dirt easy! all u need is to invest in a really good blender. we have a panasonic one and its so good, it blends ice finely too. philips is good too. we've got one kenwood one that is surprisingly lousy. so perhaps kena try your luck jugak.

Thara said...

yeah so i heard. hopefully aydein is not allergic to any of heinz products lah. i pon risau kalau2 die allergic to food from the jar. tu yang once he finishes whatever i bought him, (assuming no allergies develop), i'll start with home made food right away! (tu la haritu gatal nak beli jugak :P)

im planning to get a special blender just for aydein's food too. panasonic is a good choice eh? ok ok nanti i pegi tengokkan. thanks for the heads up, akak! ;)
and thanks for dropping by my blog again! :D