Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad, Bad Diarrhea

Aydein sweetheart,

Did you know that you got mama and papa worried sick a few days back?

You see, one day, when I came back from work, bibik informed me that you have been poo-pooing for about 5 times while I was at work. And later that night, you poo-pooed again for another 3 times, making it 8 times altogether that you poo-pooed for that day. This was very unusual, but I thought it was maybe something that I ate the night before that caused your unusual bowel movement. So I waited for another day to see if there were any changes in your bowel movement while avoiding any spicy food.

But then you didn't get any better, baby. In fact you got worse. I was going to change your diaper after you had your last bowel movement when you flushed out water out of you yet again. That was when I knew you had diarrhea. Your bum-bum was getting very red and sore from your frequent bowel movement too and it broke mama's heart to see you in pain everytime I touched the swollen area to clean you. Bad, bad, diarrhea.

I could not bear to see you in pain any longer so I took you to see your doctor the first thing in the morning as she prescribed some medicine for you to take.

She also told me to stop your formula for 2 days and in replacement, she asked me to feed you with rice water..

and loads and loads of oral rehydration salt (ORS) solution instead. I was very glad though, that you were able to take the two foreign solutions into you. And I think the ORS solution was quite nice too, because you seemed to like it very much and finished the 6oz I prepared for you. :)

But even then, no milk for 2 days? Poor you. :( But it was not all that bad, was it baby? After all you still had me to feed you my own delicious milk kan! :)

Did you know though, that you are such a strong boy? Although we knew you were going through a rough time fighting with your tummy ache, you did not make a scene, whine or fuss at all. You were just your usual self, smiling and laughing away everytime we played with you. We're so proud of you, sweetheart and we thank Allah that you're now well and healthy now. :)

Oh, look at the time! Mama needs to rush to the kitchen to cook dinner now before papa gets hungry. Until then sweetheart :)

Love love,


RuZaNNa said...

Poor baby.. get well soon dear! Growing up certainly is not easy, but a tough boy like you will sail through and that makes you even stronger :)

princess J said...

how is little aydein? better now?

semut-terbersin said...

alaa siannye aydein..get well soon aydein!

Thara said...

ruzanna, jay & ila :

aydein says - "thanks all. im now healthy as a bunny all thanks to your well wishes!"