Thursday, November 26, 2009

Soy or Milk Based Formula?

You see, I have always felt guilty about introducing formula to Aydein since the very first time. However, since my milk supply dropped dramatically after I returned to work, I had no choice but to supplement him with formula.

I know a friend of mine who started formula with her son ever since he was a newborn. And she was proud of me for not giving up on breastfeeding and advised me to continue it for as long as I can. She also told me something that is plastered in my mind to this very day. She said, "Bagus la you still breastfeed your son. Macam my son, formula dari baby, dia jadik buas sikit,"

I hear this quite a lot about formula-fed babies. But how true is this?

And then one day, I saw soy-based formula of the same brand in the market. So during Aydein's last doctor visit, I asked her the difference between the two of them; which formula is better for babies to strive stronger and healthier. The doctor said both formulas are at par. Both provide complete nourishment and the only difference is the source of protein ; one comes from animal, the other one comes from vegetable.

So wanting only the best for my son, I decided to try to change his formula to soy-based formula after consulting his doctor. Why go for animal based when there's alternative vege based formula right?

My little precious did not quite fancy the taste very much at first. He would push the bottle teat with his tongue to the side, then bite playfully at it, and eventually push it out of his mouth. However, over time, he got accustomed to the taste, and finished every 4 to 5 ozs prepared for him.

Until one day, I was informed that giving soy-based formula to male infants would flood their bloodstream with female hormones that could cause feminization in males when he reaches puberty later. Senang cakap besa nanti dia prone to become "lembut" la you know.

There are researches that I found that do support this fact, but then again, how true is this research? If it is true that soy-fed male infants would turn to be a "softy" in the future, then why didn't Aydein's paeds say anything about it?

I don't want to take the risk though, but what do you think? Should I continue or discontinue the soy-based formula? Can anyone support the fact above?

Ps : I thought I noticed a change in Aydein after he started taking the soy-based formula , though – no, he has not turned into a softy, mind you (hehe) but he is just not as chubby and montel as before! :(

-- * update * --

I received a few responds regarding this, and after a lot of thoughts, considerations and researches, I have made up my mind. Aydein sweetheart? Time to switch your milk back to your former formula! :)

Thanks all for all your inputs! Aydein would love to switch back to his former milk ; he never really liked the soy based formula anyway, so thank you ALL again for your inputs! :D

Ruzanna, I thought I saw your comment in my FB but I dont know what happened, it dissappeared.


popoyan said...

baby becoem not so chubby is not totally because of soy milk. My CHyi was so chubby last time (< 1 yr old), now become slim down even with same milk powder.
Doctor say is alright, when baby grow, they grow tally. as long as not underweight is OK d.

Nurhuda said...

that is quite normal when d baby reaches d age of 5months >>..then tend to look long as there is a progress in d baby's weight and height..x in terms of more chubby or not..abt d research, well..mybe it is x sure..wanna remind u, x all Drs updating their kwnowledge..they have so many things to be updating with..mybe she missed out abt that part..who knows.about budak jd buas, it is also determined by d parents upbringing i is how u mould ur child..x d milk mould d child's psycho progress...=)

Thara said...

ms ooi :
ooh i see. yes, aydein is not underweight. growing very well so far. it just occurred to me that him getting slimmer is prolly due to his new ability to flip over :P anyhu, thanks for the info ms ooi! :D

huda : hey thanks a lot for the info! i was hoping medical-based people like u would also help chip in your thoughts, and now that you did, im ever so grateful. thanks again huda!


Hi Thara..I saw u at Nuurill's and Anne's page..hope u don't mind I'm giving some comment for this entry..there r too many pro n cons for both of soy or milk based...hopefully u won't gv up for breastfeeding..dats is the best milk for ur baby..when the time my milk supply drop pun, i try to look for da backup too,tp my baby tak suka sgt f.m,so kn jgak find solution nak increase milk try to take supplementary to increase back ur milk supply..then u dont have to think bout all the -ve effect of soy or milk based formula..gud luck dear..:)

RuZaNNa said...

Waaaa.. my comment disappear ke? mesti ur FB tak suka i ni..hehehhe..
nways, i pun ada the same dilemma, cuma not due to worroying that imran might develop more of the soft side, tp cuma worried there's allergic reaction.. but my bro mmg against soy based unless mmg tak blh minum cow's milk..
Then again, nothing to worry, Aydein will always grow up as a handsome boy! heheh..

Thara said...

mommy nadia :

thanks for the advice! yes, i have not given up on breastfeeding. actually i pon memang sedeh pasal kene kasik my son formula. tapi kesian dia pasal kalau rely on my breastmilk alone, dia mcm tak kenyang. and he's got very big appetite for milk too! tapi tu lah. i still try my hardest to give him my breastmilk even if it means just a little everyday. better something than nothing kan?

oh what kind of supplementary are u talking about? ada mcm pills ke? nice knowing u btw. nak add u in my blogger link bole?

ruzanna :

tu la anne. sebenarnya mmg i notice tau. aydein punya rash jadik lagi terok lepas minum soy. tapi pelik jugak kan soy-based pon bole develop allergy. bcoz yg salu i dgr cow-based milk je yg salu develop allergies in babies kan. but thanks for ur input! i pon dah tuka balik dah formula aydein to milk based formula.


Hi Thara..nice knowing u too..glad u will add me up since I’m still new in blogging thingy..I’ll will link u to my blog too..:)
Since ur baby not start weaning yet, mmg dia big appetite for milk.."sgt2"
once he start weaning..u will have time to produce more milk..InsyaAllah..
actually I didn’t take any supplementary, tp kalau u take a lot of water, milk and don’t miss ur will help u to maintain ur milk supply..
tp yelah, its vary for every mommies..aight?
check out websites like sarakids and susuibu..they sell a lot of supplementary to
increase milk supply mcm organics soys (thumbs up!),herb tea (non caffeine) and some juices..
pills pun ade tp that one for emergency case la..mybe like ur case..
try to talk to their lactation const..they will help u..xoxo..

Thara said...

mommy nadia :
ive linked u in my blog :) haihs now is even sadder bcoz skarang kalau i pump pon dapat 1 ounce mcm tu je u. haihs. dah cronic gila dah ni milk supply i ni :(

ive tried taking the tea. ive tried eating all the leafy leaves, etc. tapi so far, it doesnt help much. i dunno lah. maybe its in the gene. my mom, my opah, my aunts pon sumer susu tak banyak. tapi atleast i alhamdulillah i dapat jugak teruskan BF sampai aydein dah 6 months ni. hopefully supply susu takkan kering teros lah :(