Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Delicious Vampire & The Scrumptious Werewolf

If you have yet to watch this movie, I'm telling you. You need to go to GSC or TGV and buy yourself a seat NOW!

Some may not understand the whole buzz of this whole Twilight thing but me being a sucker for romance movies, I simply cannot resist! Hot hot hot. Love love LOVE! :D

It was so good that I stopped munching on the popcorn because the crunchiness sound that came out from it was too annoyingly distracting! I had my eyes transfixed on the movie screen the whole time and all I could hear was the beating of my heart everytime Edward came into scene. (mr husband, sorry ye :P) Oh and I had butterflies in my tummy and held my breath everytime Edward and Bella got "warm & cozy" too! :P You know, there's just something about them tau. It's how he whispers to her. It's how he looks at her. It's how he cares so much about her. Sighssss. My heart melted. :) :) :) Yeah well, what can I do. Gua jiwang karat ah beb :D

The funny thing is, I was holding on tight to my husband during this one suspense part of the movie, when suddenly a lady audience from the cinema tripped on the stairs and landed right in front of me! I let out quite a shriek and everybody turned to look at me! Malu ok! Haha. My brother who was sitting in front of me, turned around to tease me and said, "kenape, ingat serigala ke?" Hahaha. Bertuah punya budakkkk! :P

Anyway, if I were to rate, on the scale of 1 – 10, I would give it a 9 lah hehe. 9 because, at the end of the movie, I don't understand why Edward told Bella that he needed at least 3 years before he can finally make her his vampire? Another thing that I don't understand is that I thought Jacob said the treaty between the vampires and werewolves would break should any of them bite a human? The thing is, vampires have bitten a few humans now, haven't they? So why isn't the treaty broken yet?

But really, whatever it is, they're both very good actor & actress and I applaud Bella for pulling off the "dont-kill-him-ohno-im-going-crazy" look at the "vampires council"! Sighs. Definitely a movie worth every penny spent. and I cant wait for the next saga next year! fyi, i purposely avoid reading the book just so I can enjoy the movie heee :D (You know books will always be better than the movie, just like Harry Potter)

But after watching the movie, I now have conflicting emotions about something – Delicious Edward or Scrumptious Jacob? You tell me! :P


nad said...

i wonder y ramai yg ckp new moon ta bes.. wen i read the book, i got so eager about the movie tat i told mama over and over again about the whole story then she wud pull me a blank n puzzled look. hehe.

anyways im watchin it on wed! cant wait! n i am so in team jacob! =))

Syairani Norazlan said...

Can I be both? lol

yanasaja said...

Jacob Black!!!

Thara said...

nad :
sape that "ramai" tu? meh i sembelih diorang. or maybe they've already gone blind. tu yang tak nampak the hotness of the movie! and yes, u betta! tapi awat lambat sangat ha. anyhu write a review on ur blog about the movie tau! ;)

syairani :
hmm. tu lah kan. haish i am SO in love with both! wouldnt it be nice if Aien were a werewolf daytime, and a vampire nightime! auwww! :P

yanasaja :
haha. i know right! hotness! :D

Ivy said...

Wah! "Aien were a werewolf daytime, and a vampire nightime" ahem... cannot be so greedy :P

But I want to be Bella Swan ... then I can have them both...

I'm so excited on the 3rd and last movies so I'm getting a copies of the books.

LOL.. don't un why 3 yrs? Google it. The answer is out there.

As for this "Jacob said the treaty between the vampires and werewolves would break should any of them bite a human?"
>> This applies to the deal between Quileute and Cullens. Doesn't apply to other vampires. That is why Quileute (Jacob and his team) will hunt down vampires that feed on Human. :P

OMG! I love them both. Lets pay them a visit at UK? *wink*

Thara said...

ivy :

i see. thanks so much for the info! now i know what the treaty is all about. alaaa need to google for the other question ka? haihs. anyone else volunteer to help solve the mystery? :P

i know! i cant wait for the next saga too! but i dont wanna find them out from the books la. spoil the suspense! haha :P

pay them a visit in UK? lets letsssss! :D

Ivy said...

kaka....SY said the 3 years should be after Bella Swan finished her studies.. that will explain in part 3/4.. lol...

Ahem...better read books la... else u have to wait 2 yrs for the full story.. lol..

Lets save money now... and go pay them a visit on 2012 cuz we can go watch Olympic too! :P YAY!

Iskandar said...

Thara, I dont know which one is worst. U enjoying this movie or the fact that you rated it 9/10????

I can understand your fascination towards either Edward or Jacob but you even rated it 9/10??? This is a total miscarriage of justice in a cinematic history. I cant let this happens.

I found it to be very soap-ish and totally not worth all the attention it's getting. *sigh*

Horror/Romance movie has never been so horrifying after watching this and turns out, Bella was the actual vampire that all girls (and boys) out there should be scared off. Doing all those silly things e.g naik motor dgn rempit just to get his vampire bf to nag at her??? wth???

Sorry hehehe. I guess I was just really disappointed with the movie and I was so shocked to know that you actually like it. hehehe. But of course, I respect your view and opinion.hehehee

Till then, tc

Thara said...

Iskandar :

i baruuuuuu je nak ckp, "everybody is entitled to their own opinion" and nak argue MORE, pastu hati jadik sejuk balik bila u ckp "i respect your view and opinion,". ngehe. tau takpe. :P

anyways. nak argue jugak ni haha. yes it's silly of her to be doing all that, but honestly, being a girl, i know some of those who'd really do that just to seek for attention. it happens in real life, so nak buat mcm mana. girls can be that stupid when it comes to guys. when they're blinded by love. so help me god. and yes i know there are also critics out there who have about the same views about the movie as you do, but then again, it is something very subjective, just like beauty. and music. i cant go on and say im disappointed that u're "actually" into madonna becoz personally, i dont fancy her as much. right?

with that, i rest my case. :P

Iskandar said...


Let's agree to disagree okay? hehe

Btw,Im not dissappointed that you like the movie. Im disappointed by the movie. Anyway.. thats not important. haha.

Thara said...

iskandar :

okeh okeh. :D