Thursday, September 17, 2009

What You Can Do, I Can Do Too!

Dear Diary,

I am slowly getting adjusted to this world. In fact, I find it beautiful, now that I can see. I can even now appreciate the colorful lullaby musical mobile at my cot that mama and papa have long hung them even before my arrival.

I can even now see the bright "Dancing Tiger" (as papa would call it) dangling at the back seat of our car! I find them very amusing! :)

When sitting with support or propped up against sofa or something, I can hold my head steady and erect! It's so much fun, because this way, I can enjoy TV with mama and papa! Yes, this is also my new-found hobby – watching TV. I can stare at the vibrant TV screen for quite some time as though I understand it. But really, I find it fascinating, the TV. My doctor told me to limit the TV-time to only an hour a day, though. Ish doctor ni. Tak sporting lah.

When lying on my tummy, I can now lift my chest and head up steady to about 45 degrees for several moments too. Mama said it's good for my neck muscle.

Oh and did I mention that I can now smile and laugh too? And it's so funny, because everytime I do, mama laughs too, and we'll just sit there and crack up together. :) Mama, I want to hear you make that funny noise again! :D

And I don't demand as frequent feeds as I used to anymore. I can sleep longer and take in much more milk (as much as 5ozs per feed now!) than before. :D

But lately I have been very grumpy. I have been drooling quite a lot too. I heard mama and papa said they saw something white at the sides of my gum last few days, so it may be that I am teething. Mama finds it quite amusing that I'm teething at 3 months. But it seems that it's quite normal, so I'm looking forward to biting you, and you, and you in a few months time! Teehee.

I cant wait to tell you what I can do next! Until the next milestone from me!

- Aydein

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