Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Weekend With The Little Precious

For the first time after a very long time, we finally had the weekend ALL to ourselves!

No kenduris, no open houses, no GSCs/TGVs. It was just the little family (and bibik) enjoying every minute together at our cozy house!

I absolutely ADORE weekends. It's the only time where I really get to spend quality time with my little precious Aydein – something that I don't really get to do during weekdays since I returned to work.

Aydein has grown so much these past couple of months. He's getting real strong too. When I pulled him into a sitting position a few weeks back, his head lagged behind his arms and shoulders. Now, he can anticipate the direction, and his head now would follow right along with the rest of his body when being pulled! He can now grasp well and pass an object from one hand to another rather skillfully too. He has also started to talk his language, smile and laugh more often now. And did I mention that I can also now hear the occasional "ma" which would really make me glow with pride too? heee. :) Oh and his legs are getting stronger as well! This is a good thing, because he hates lying on his back.

Realizing this, we decided to surprise Aydein with a little something for his 5-month birthday. We have been keeping this little something since he was a newborn but decided to save it for later when he’s a little older in order for him to enjoy it more.

So here comes the surprise. No peeking, Aydein! Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three!

Surprise! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

look how curious he was, exploring one colorful toy to another!

Once he's had enough of the playpen exersaucer, it's papa-and-me time!

See how cheeky he is now? :)

At the end of the day, we were all so "happily tired", that we fell asleep just as immediately as we lay on our bed.

It was indeed, a beautiful weekend with the beautiful darlings I love. :)


RuZaNNa said...

I planned to get the same thing also last time.. tp tak jadi since my son didn't really like sitting at the same position for a long time.. but i think exersaucer is a good substitution for walker.. cuma die besar gaban skit.. hhehe.. have fun playing little one!

Thara said...

exersaucer! thats right! thats the word ive been trying to recall tapi tak ingat2. hehe. ooh so what did u end up buying then? thanks for dropping by btw :)

ps : imran is so comel as ever ok. gerammm tengok dia. :)

princess J said...

oh my gosh... he is sooooo adorable!!!