Monday, October 19, 2009

My First Two White Caps!

Dear Diary,

Remember I told you in my previous entry about my parents suspecting that I was teething?
"But lately I have been very grumpy. I have been drooling quite a lot too. I heard mama and papa said they saw something white at the sides of my gum last few days, so it may be that I am teething. Mama finds it quite amusing that I'm teething at 3 months. But it seems that it's quite normal, so I'm looking forward to biting you, and you, and you in a few months time! Teehee."
It seems that they were right. I was teething! In fact, I can now see two gleaming pearly white teeth peeking through my gum! Look!

click on picture for larger view

That explains my heavy drooling, fussiness and sleep problem! Sighs.

Poor mama. She hasn't been able to sleep well at night these past couple of weeks. Even when it's not night time and it's just the two of us spending quality time together, I would still fuss for something to suck on. I didn't like the teether she bought me, and she wouldn't allow me to suck on my fingers, so she'd have to settle by pacifying me the good ol' way which I love the most – her tee to the teetee. If you know what I mean :D

Oh but here's the good news! Mama read that if a baby is an early developer, one may see the baby's first white cap as early as 3 months! That means I must be one of those early developers, so that's something for mama to be proud of eh! :D

Love, Aydein.


bintiegen said...

comeyl lagi!

Thara said...

hehe. ni masa tgh good mood. cuba tengok chomels ke tak lagi kalau dia dah start ngamuk. :P

RieNa said...

wah~!! dah ada gigi~!!

abisla mummy dia kena gigit pas nih..tmbh2 time nenen..hahahaha

Thara said...

haha tu la kak riena!

skarang pon dah terasa kalau die ketap kuat sket. hadoihs. :P