Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ahmad Aydein Is TWO!

Aydein sweetheart,

Happy 2nd birthday, sayang! I am glad I have been given the chance to live yet another day to celebrate this meaningful day with you :) How do you find toddlerhood so far, kiddo? Must be pretty darn cool to be able to run, jump, climb, grab and demand just about anything you want eh!

Has anyone ever told you how you first got to this world? I think I might have told you about it somewhere last year, but in case you don't remember, let me refresh your memory okay? Believe it or not, you were conceived almost right after your papa and I got hitched! Just a month after we got married, to be exact. You must be a pretty darn good swimmer, aren't you? :P

When I first knew I had another life inside of me (that's you!), to be honest, I was caught off guard. I thought I couldn't manage, I thought I was not ready. But God is fair. He gave me 9 whole months to prepare myself, and when it was nearing the due date, I was actually eager to see you!

Did you know that you've been a very good sport all the while before you were born? I never had morning sickness you know, and I honestly thank God for that! And when it was time to deliver you, you proved to be a good sport once again! Delivering you was one of the sweetest experiences I have ever had. It was painful definitely, but smooth-sailing. Painful because I had to endure 2-3 hours of unbearable pain, and smooth-sailing because I did not even have to use any kind of drug to get you out to this world! Yes sayang, I gave birth to you the natural way. :)

When I first held you in my arms, it was magical, almost surreal. All the pain that I was battling with moments before just instantly disappeared when I looked at that angelic face of yours. So peaceful, so pure.

After you got to this world, both me and your papa always try our best to raise you to become a good khalifah, and provide you with the best that we could provide to our only child -- that's you. It saddens me for not being able to to fully breastfeed you up till 2 years, but I always, always try my best to give you the best for everything else, and that, you have to know.

And now, look at you! All grown up, handsome and strong! A little stubborn too, but I guess that's a trait you got from me, eh? :P

I am sorry there won't be any huge birthday party for you this year like you had last year when you turned one. Trust me, I had it all planned since January! However, after discussing with your papa, we figured that it's best that we hold a birthday party every alternate year, so do look forward to next year as you can expect a big surprise coming up for you next year!

Meantime, you can look forward to a getaway trip that we've planned for you soon! Yes sayang, we're taking you out on a birthday trip soon! We're thinking of a trip to an island, what do you think? We could build a sand castle together! I am so excited about this trip I even bought this for you! :D

Comels kan! Don't worry, this is not your birthday present. :P I know you've grown very fond of toys lately, so we've decided to take you to Toys 'R Us this weekend where you will get to choose whatever you want at that store okay! :D See how lucky you are? You might not get to have a party this year, but you get vacation + small birthday celebration with family + present of your own choice instead! :)

Last but not least, happy 2nd birthday again, Aydein sweetheart. May you be blessed with success and goodness in life and the hereafter. I look forward to seeing and hugging you when I get home later! I love you, little munchkin!



amirah said...

Happy 2nd birthday Aydein darling! Can't wait to see you!

And I guess the birthday wishes should have been specially dedicated to you too, dearest friend. The one who delivered the handsome young boy into this world..

**Hugs and kisses from the land down under**

Anonymous said...

elelelelele.sweetnyer kakak aku nih.auu!

Nabilah Najmuddin said...

comel...sweet entry :)

Fara said...

happy birthday to the boy!

semut-terbersin said...

happy 2nd birthday aydein! ur mommy is super cute! cute entry dia kali ni..

fatin syamimi abdul rashid said...

aydein sgt comell . geram . !! btw happy birthday little aydein :) u r so lucky young boy


"Whatever from Toys 'R Us??"
Aydein pls use it wisely young boy!
Neway Aydein.."Happy big 2"..

Cepatnye masa berlalu,mcm baru je pergi Aydein 1st bash..
n this entry is so sweet..as always..
cant wait to see u this weekend too babe..;)

Thara said...

amirah :
awww u're very sweet la babe. betol betol. bukan senang nak keluorkan 2.75kg baby out from uknowwhere :P if u have a twitter acc, u cud've followed my update smlm -- rentetan pengalaman i nak bersalin sejak kene admit. confirm bedebor! hahaha :P

thanks for the lovely wishes babe. we can't wait to see u too! it's been too long!

Thara said...

raqib :
heeeee itu sudah pasti! :D

nabilah :
aww thanks! and thanks for dropping by! :)

fara :
not-so-baby aydein says thanks!

Thara said...

semut :
not-so-baby aydein says thanks! oh, and since it's 1st june today, happy birthday to aariz! :D look forward to see u next week! :D

fatin :
hi kak fatin! lama aydein tak nampak kak fatin dkt sini! thanks for the lovely wishes! come back for more updates from me soon ok! :D

Thara said...

nadia :
hahaha. auntie jgn risau, aydein pembeli yang berhemah (mama aydein je yang tak :P)

kannnn! rasa mcm baruuu je buat birthday bash & jumpa gang bola aydein masa tu. haihsss. miss chillin with em! takpe, insyaallah nanti kita jumpa this weekend ok! thanks for the wish auntie! :D

airin diana said...

Aydein dear, Happy 2nd Birthday! dont be naughty ok? (eish eish.. terikut perangai stubborn mommy dia ke)
Anyway, may God bless you, dear.
wishes from both of us ~Auntie Airin & Lissa too~

ZuRin said...

Ahhh...sweet nyer letter dari mummy nie...:) Happy Birthday Aydein! Hope you enjoy your birthday trip. I like the idea of alternate birthday party. A small and intimate one would be just as sweet kan. I'm doing one for Aniq this year for his 2nd coming birthday. The 3rd one InsyaAllah will be a bigger bash :):)

mommaholicSURI said...

Happy Birthday Aydein!! =D
Terharu baca surat you Thara.Comel pun yer!! hihi.

Nadine said...

Awwwwh, so sweet mama Aydein.

Happy Birthday Aydein! May u grow handsomely, wisely, healthy and be a good son. Still remember the first time aunty and family get to meet u and ur family at your 1st b'day bash. time flies!

Have fun at the beach Aydein! Dont forget to ask ur mama to share the story with us :)

RieNa said...

happy birthday aydein!!

*bisik kat mama. ckp aydein nak adik. boring tau main sorg2. hahahahahahahahaah!!!

Mijoe said...

happy belated birthday Aydein!

be a good Muslim boy, be strong! Amin.

worryfather said...

Happy birthday!!

Time for Aydein to have adik? :)

Sherry Degarmo said...

Aydein sgt comel! :)

BabyBooned said...

happy belated birthday handsome boy ;)